Master Taíno's Leather Family

Master Taíno, Head of the Family
Master J, Senior Master
slave paul, Master Taíno’s slave
slave boy mordecai
Sir Ross and slave tara
Sir Silas
Sir Greg and slave aaron
Sir Fuego
Sir Robert and slave jenna
Herr Wes and slave celia

Latest News:

In Memoriam

We appreciate all the support that our Leather Family has received since the tragic passing of our former slave david. We also appreciate the attendance of those who joined us at his Memorial and Celebration of his life.

slave david
August 2, 1964 - September 1, 2014
Member of the Family since 2005
In service to Master Taíno 2005 - 2014

* * * * *
Master Taino’s Leather Family welcomes its new members:
slave tara
Herr Wes and slave celia
August 28, 2014

Read Master Taíno’s Endnote Speech at “Behind Closed Doors”:
Building Bridges: Diversity in our Community

Master Taíno's next trips and events:

-- Washington, DC - November 18 (Presenting at Black Rose)

-- San Juan, Puerto Rico - December 3-17

-- Phoenix, Arizona - January 15-19, 2015 (Southwest Leather Fest)

-- Los Angeles and Palm Springs, CA - January 19-26, 2015

-- Dallas, Texas - March 12-16, 2015 (SPLF - International Master/slave Contest))


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