Leather Family 2015

Master Taíno, Head of the Family
Master J, Senior Master
slave paul, Master Taíno’s slave

Sir Ross and slave tara
Sir Silas
Sir Fuego
Sir Robert and slave jenna
Herr Wes and slave celia

On September 3. 2015, we inducted two new members:
Master Francis and slave boo

Master Taíno’s 65th Birthday Celebration

Sunday, October 25th, 2015
at the Baltimore Playhouse
2:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Master’s Life in Video
Pot Luck
DJ Music by ONYX
Play Party in the evening

Enjoy 40 pictures of a Cathartic Flogging experience by Master Taino at Folsom Street Fair 2015 taken by a professional photographer Biron. Pictures can be seen at this link:

Master Taino’s Flogging



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Since 2014, Our Leather Family has lost three of our members.

Master Taíno's next trips and events:

-- San Jose, Costa Rica - September 11-18 (Presenting on September 12 at Escena CR)

-- San Francisco, California - September 24 - October 1 (Folsom Street Fair)

-- Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii - October 1-8

-- Baltimore, Maryland - Saturday, October 17, 7 PM - Presenting “Cathartic Flogging “ at the Baltimore Playhouse

-- Old San Juan, Puerto Rico - December 1-16 (Presenting on December 14 at BDSM-PR Munch)

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