The Master's Leather Family

The slaves:

Currently, Master Taíno has two live-in slaves: slave paul since 2010 and slave mordecai, since 2012.

► slave paul, 52, is originally from Maine. slave paul moved to Woodbridge, Virginia in 2009. Living just few minutes away from Master Taíno, he became close to the Family. After attending the slave Training of the MTTA Academy, slave paul and Master Taíno decided to formalize a relationship in which Master Taíno became his Guardian Master and the slave is committed into the service of Master Taíno. he also is committed to serve the M/s community through Master Taíno's educational endeavors. he has several years of experience. he was formally accepted in the Family on May 29th, 2010, when he received his protection collar. In June 2011, slave paul moved to the Master's household and is now in 24/7 service to the Master. On October 8, 2011, slave paul signed his contract and became the collared and owned slave of Master Taíno. He received the slave Heart Heart Award at MsC 2015 and the Spirit of Service 2018 Award at the Southwest Leather Conference.

The Leather Family:

Master J - Senior Master

Master J, a close friend of Master Taíno for more than a decade, joined the family on October 9, 2011 as a Senior Master. She has been a leader in the Leather, BDSM and Master/slave communities for many years. In particular she has served as President of Black Rose, President of Brother Help Thyself and Founder of MAsT DC Pan. Master J has been a close collaborator of Master Taíno's educational endeavors, particularly as a member of the MTTA Board, Head of the Contest Department of the Master/slave Conference and as a faculty member of the MTTA Academy.

Sir Ross and his slave tara - Junior Master and his slave

Sir Ross is a 32 year-old heterosexual Dominant from New York City. He is a lawyer by profession and has been practicing BDSM since age 17. In the summer of 2009, He attended a class with Master Taíno which led the way to an instant connection. Master Taíno became his mentor to enable Sir Ross to start the transition from a BDSM practitioner into the beginning of his journey as a Master. After attending both the Master/slave Conference and the MTTA Academy's Master Training Weekend, He received the title of "Sir" from Master Taíno. During a private gathering on May 29, 2010 at Master Taíno's home, Sir Ross was officially accepted in the family as a Junior Master. As part of the ceremony, and following the Leather Traditions, Master Taíno passed to Sir Ross his first pair of biker boots, a pair that He has been wearing for almost twenty years. He also took his leather wrist band and pass it to Sir Ross. On Sir Ross' 29th birthday on July 3, 2011, Master Taíno passed him his arm band, the one he has been using for several years. slave tara was inducted in the family in August 2014.

Sir Robert and his slave jenna - Junior Master and his slave

Sir Robert and slave jenna have been Master and slave since 2011. Currently they live in Baltimore area. slave jenna attended the first female slave training at the MTTA Academy in February 2006 and then joined the Academy as a staff member. She met Sir Robert in 2011 and immediately encouraged him to attend the Master Training, which he did in July of that year. They were inducted into the Family on August 29, 2013 and got married during MsC 2013 the next day, August 30, 2013. Master Taíno had the honor to walk the bride down the aisle. Sir Robert and slave jenna belong to several MAsT Chapters of the DC-Maryland area and in the summer of 2013, they founded the MAsT Towson chapter. This summer 2014, Sir Robert is opining the new Baltimore Playhouse, a new playspace in Baltimore, MD.


Gypsie is from Durham, North Carolina and met Master Taino in 2004 when her group SSC invited him to present in North Carolina. They started a close friendship that has grown thru the years. She is the founder and producer of the Leather History Conference. She has attended the MTTA Academy and has staffed both the Academy and MsC. Gypsie was inducted into the family on August 20, 2013.

Herr Wes and his slave Celia

Herr Wes and slave Celia a a young couple living in Virginia Beach. Master Taino was instrumental to both of their journeys. The became close to Master and petitioned to be par of His Family. They both were inducted in August 2014 during MsC.

In Memoriam:

► slave tommy, who passed in 2001 at age 37, still lives in the heart of his Master and His Leather Family. he passed away on September 22, 2001 at 5:25 PM surrounded by his Master and his slave brothers dave and mike. slave tommy is an eternal member of the family.

► slave david, who passed September 1,2014 at age 50, served Master Taino for almost nine years from 2005 to 1014. he had a tragic accident on August 31, 2014 while driving his scooter back from work in Philadelphia and died the following day, September 1, 2014. He will never be forgotten.

Sir Greg passed on May 25, 2015 at age 47. His slave aaron passed on April 5, 2015 at age 34. Sir Greg joined the Family on December 31, 2011 and his slave aaron was inducted in August 2012.

Join the Family!

The Master is seeking new slaves to share His home in the Washington DC suburbs. Master will consider a 24/7 houseboy/slave, live-in and live-out slaves, and a Junior Master to join His household. Applicants can be of any sexual orientation, Go to the Join the Family page is you are interested in applying.

Interns and Visitors

Master Taíno welcomes visitors from all around the United States and abroad -- both slaves and Masters. Also he offers a "slave internship" for longer stays like summer or other shorter visits.

Family Gallery

The Gallery includes a broad range of pictures of the Family as well as events that Master and His Family have attended throughout the years.

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