Master J has been an icon the Washington DC BDSM and Master/slave community for many years. She has dedicated her life to build bridges among the hetero and gay leather communities.

She lives in Arlington, Virginia and has was welcomed as a Senior Master in our Leather Family on October 9th, 2011.

Master J, or Joansie as many people knows her outside the Master/slave dynamic, has been active in Black Rose since its inception. She met Master Taíno in the late nineties and gradually they built a lasting friendship as well as they teamed up in many educational and social endeavors.

After Master Taíno founded MAsT Washington in 1999, the first MAsT chapter in the DC Metro area, Master J followed by founding MAsT DC Pan. Very fast in 2004 they started to hold joint meetings building bridges between the gay and the het M/s community.

Master J has been involved in the organization of the Master/slave Conference since the beginning and she also was the first female to join the faculty of the MTTA Academy.

She is a member of many Leather or BDSM organizations;

For several years, she was the president of Brother Help Thyself, a DC-Baltimore area charity owned by the area Leather Clubs.

In August 2011, Master J expressed to Master Taíno her interest in joining His Leather Family, idea which was welcomed by Him.

On Sunday, October 9, in a intimate gathering of the Leather Family, Master J became the seventh member of the Family and was inducted as a Senior Master. She received the vest with the Family Crest and the name tag.

During MsC 2012, she was commissioned with a speech during the Tribute to Leatherwomen and she captivated the audience.