Sir Ross is a 31 year old heterosexual dominant born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently He lives in Roslyn, New York with his slave tara.

He is 6-feet tall and weights 160 pounds. Sir Ross has bright dark eyes, short hair and a nice smile. He keeps his Bulgarian accent that most people cherish and like, similar to Master Taíno's Puerto Rican accent.

Sir Ross met Master Taíno at TES Fest event in the summer of 2009. He attended Master's class on "Transition from BDSM to Master/slave". The class resonated with him as he was exactly searching for the piece of his puzzle which was still missing. After the class, Sir Ross approached Master Taíno and they moved to the restaurant of the hotel to continue talking.

He explained to Master Taíno how his journey began in his teen years and at 27, he already has ten years of BDSM experience, but knew that something was missing, and the class helped him to embrace His Mastery. Sir Ross stayed one more day at the event so he can catch two more classes presented by Master Taíno. They continue talking more and agreed to explore the possibility of Master Taíno becoming His mentor.

Under Master Taíno's guidance, Sir Ross attended and volunteered at the Master/slave Conference 2009 and later the MTTA Academy's Master Training Weekend. At the Academy, Master Taíno bestowed on Him the title of "Sir" and Sir Ross was born. Master Taíno became officially His mentor and has guided his journey since.

On May 29, 2010 -- at a lovely gathering at Master Taíno's house -- Sir Ross was officially welcome as part of Master Taíno's Leather Family as Junior Master. Sir Ross became part of the family alongside slave paul. The gathering was attended by some of the closest friends of the Family including Lady Lynette and slave llamb, Ms Khiki and slave jez, Mistress Mary, Master Jake and slave laura, and Lord Brick and slave lara.

As part of the ceremony and following our most dear Leather Traditions, Master Taíno presented Sir Ross with his first set of Biker's boots, boots He was worn for almost two decades. According to Master Taíno's, "those boots have my history in them as I wore them to many leather bars and leather events across the country and Europe". Master Taíno followed the emotional passing of his boots to Sir Ross, by removing His Leather wrist band and putting it at Sir Ross's left wrist.

By welcoming Sir Ross to the Leather Family, Master Taíno is committed to continue mentoring Him and guiding Him in his journey. At the same time, Master Taíno wants to polish Sir Ross as one of our future leaders of the Master/slave community.

Sir Ross is a leader of NYC TNG group in New York City and a member of MAsT Metro New York and TES. In September 2010, he was elected for a three-year term as a board member of MTTA, Inc., and since MsC 2011, he has been in charge of Registration.

In August 2014, during the Master/slave Conference, Sir Ross’s slave tara was also inducted in the Family. She has been in service to Sir Ross since 2012 and attended the MTTA Academy in 2013, Sir Ross and slave tara are now engaged to marry as well.