Sir Silas is a 38 year-old heterosexual dominant from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is 5'10" tall and weights 150 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes. He has his good share of tattoos on his slim and smooth well-defined body.

In early 2011, Sir Silas felt the need to start his journey as a Master and after looking all over the internet, he decided to approach Master Taíno and asked Him to be His Mentor. After the initial process established by Master Taíno, Sir Silas was accepted as a mentee and the journey started.
His first visit to Master Taíno's home was the initial process for both men to get to know each other. Recommended by friends back home, Sir Silas asked Master Taíno for a Cathartic Flogging. After that intense first experience, Master Taíno and Sir Silas began a personal connection marked by an awesome exchange of energy between them.

Master led his new mentee to embrace the Master/slave community in the Hampton Roads area where he became very active right away. Eventually he met slave jaded who entered into His service. Master Taíno gave Sir Silas the title of Sir. Now he will have to earn the title of Master.

Sir Silas attended the Master Training Weekend at the MTTA Academy and finally received an invitation to join Master Taíno's Leather Family as a Junior Master. At midnight of September 2, 2011, during the Master/slave Conference, a private ceremony was held at Master Taíno's suite to welcome Sir Silas to the Family. Sir Silas received the vest with Family Crest and his name tag and Master Taíno passed to Him two pieces of Leather: a leather head bandana he wore for many years and the wrist band that he used that evening during the Opening Ceremony.

Keeping his own personal growth, in the fall of 2011, Sir Silas announced in FetLife that he considers himself "pansexual". He explained that he want to connect with people and not with their sexual orientation.

During the Family gathering for New Year's Eve at Master Taíno's house, Sir Silas presented to his slave jaded with her earned leathers, a new pair of boots.