Sir Robert & slave jenna
Sir Robert and slave jenna petitioned to be part of the Leather Family in the Spring of 2013. They were inducted during MsC on August 29, 2014, alongside Gypsie. They live in the area of Towson, Maryland.

slave jenna met Master Taíno when she attended the first female slave Training at the Academy back in February 2006 when she still lived in the Norfolk, Virginia area. She moved to the DC area shortly after and started volunteering at the Academy and MsC. She met Sir Robert in 2011 and they started a Master/slave relationship. Following the advice of his slave jenna, Sir Robert attended the Master Training Weekend at the MTTA Academy in July 2011. The Academy experienced helped them to solidify their relationship.

The day after their induction into the Leather Family, Sir Robert and slave jenna got married at the Master/slave Conference 2013. The wedding took place at the beautiful terrace of the Crowne Plaza during the MTTA Academy Alumni reception. slave jenna, who had lost his father, asked Master Taino to walk her down the aisle.

In 2013, Sir Robert and slave jenna founded the MAsT Towson, MD chapter together, where they serve as the executive board and chapter director. They still continue to participate in several other chapters in the Baltimore - Washington area.

That same year, slave jenna was promoted as co-chef of the Academy, alongside Master Taino’s slave paul, and has become instrumental in the continuous success of the Academy. slave jenna and slave paul has developed a very close friendship. Her hard work for MTTA endeavors and the Kinky community in general earned her the Sir Steve Community Service Award 2013 granted at the Master/slave Conference.

In 2014, slave jenna took the task of producing the annual Charm City Fetish Festival in Baltimore The annual event is the top event of BESS, a Baltimore organization that Sir Robert and slave jenna are very active with.

Currently, Sir Robert and slave jenna are close to open the new Baltimore Playhouse in the Summer of 2014.