Gypsie has been an icon in the Leather Community in North Carolina, particularly in the Raleigh-Durham area. As a Leatherwoman, she reached out to the Gay male Leather community for many years, even before it was fashionable and acceptable to do so. Following her ancestry, she has deep spiritual convictions based on Native-American spirituality,

She and her then Master Rick are the Southeast Master/slave 2010 and competed for the International title in 2011. She is a former director of MAsT Raleigh-Durham. In 2011, she founded and produced the first Leather History Conference and has continued being its producer since then.

She has received many awards for her community service including:
* Sir Steve Community Service Award 2012 at the Master/slave Conference
* NCLW-UU 2012 Activist of the Year Award
* N.C.L.C. 2011 Leather Pride Award
* LeatherFET Community Service Award 2010
* Pantheon of Leather Southeast Community Service Award 2004

Gypsie formally met Master Taíno in March 2004 when he was invited to present to the SSC group in Raleigh, NC, even that they have crossed paths during previous events. Throughout the years, Gypsie has become very close to Master Taino, to whom she referred as her “Noshi”, a Native-American term for ‘Father”. She is an alumni of the MTTA Academy and has served on its staff as well. She also has volunteered for MsC.

In the summer 2012, Master Taíno surpassed Gypsie with a formal invitation to become part of his Leather Family. She was inducted on August 29, 2013, the same day of her birthday.

Currently Gypsie lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.