Apr 2013

MTTA Academy - Masters

This past weekend the MTTA Academy held its first Master Training Weekend at a hotel, the Crowne Plaza Rockville. We have ten participants and a vibrant class. New logistics challenged the staff, but as always, we succeeded. It was an awesome class and each one has the tools to become authentic Masters.

New Family Members

This evening we had Sir Robert and slave jenna as our special guest for dinner. Recently they requested to be considered to join our Leather Family. They are a terrific Master/slave couple who has been together for two years. We know slave jenna for many years since she attended the very first slave Training for females at the MTTA Academy.

Master J, a senior Master in the family, joined us and we had a very good conversation on their interested to join. We then let them know that they are welcome in the family and an induction ceremony has been scheduled for Thursday August 29 at the Master/slave Conference.

slave paul put together another amazing dinner. Our table was full with eight people. Besides Master J and myself, my three slaves david, paul and mordecai, Sir Robert and slave jenna and boy steven who was visiting for the weekend.

We look forward to formally welcome Sir Robert and slave jenna into the Family.

MAsT Washington turns 14!

Our MAsT Washington chapter, one of the oldest MAsT Chapters, turned 14! We founded the chapter on April 1999, less than a month after I attended MAsT 99 in Atlanta, the event that changed my life and allowed me to embrace my mastery.

At our meeting tonight, we have a great crowd and we discussed the topic of the “Generation Gap”. Thanks for Sir Paul and slave thomas for joining me and my slave mordecai on discussing this topic.

My slave paul baked earlier a delicious chocolate cake for the celebration of the anniversary during the social after the meeting was over.

14 people attended put first MAsT meeting on the second Tuesday of April in 1999 at the DC Eagle. Since then, we have been meeting on second Tuesdays in different locations including DC Eagle, Tool Shed at the Green Lantern, Playbill Cafe and in two location of the DC Center.

MAsT New York City Joint Meeting

After going for brunch at a nice Italian diner on Chelsea, we presented before a joint meeting of MAsT Chapters of the New York City area (Metro NY, NYC, Jersey City Gay Men and Long Island). The presentation as always was at the LGBT Center and we had a full room of around 50 attendees, some old friends and many newcomers. There was a genuine interest in the topic and we have a great time. After the meeting, we had dinner at a nearby diner.

MAsT Central New Jersey

Today I drove all the way to Flemington, NJ for a presentation before the MAsT Central New Jersey chapter. It was at a home so it became a nice more informal conversation in a living room. After the presentation I was invited for dinner at a diner in Clinton where we had a great social time. Finally a long one-hour drive to Jersey City where Master Bear Robert hosted me for the weekend.

Presentation at Black Rose

This evening I returned to Black Rose for another presentation on their Tuesday evening educational program. We presented “Misconceptions about Master/slave relationships”, one of my newest classes. I was gladly surprise to see the room packed, and according to the organizers, many were new faces at BR.

Teaching is so rewarding. Being able to touch people and help them in their journeys, it is just amazing.