Aug 2013

MsC 2013 - MAsT 25th Anniversary

In our evening program, Our Traditions Live!, MsC paid tribute to the 25th Anniversary of MAsT. The evening became very special for me as we honored a very special friend, Master Alex Keppeler from Jackson, Michigan. He was the Executive Director of MAsT from 2000 to 2007 and responsible for what MAsT is today.

MsC honored him with the “
Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award” but just before that, MAsT International announced a new award called the Master Alex MAsT Service Award and granted him the first honor. This recognition was well overdue and I was so happy that he got not one, but two awards not on the same night for his contribution to our community.

The other award recipients were: Master Skip with the “
Master Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award”; Master Bert Cutler and slave nadine with the “Master Heart Award” and the “slave Heart Award”; Sir Brian with the “slave bill Volunteer Award” and slave jenna with the “Sir Steve Community Service Award”.

The evening ended with an awesome Cigar Party by the hotel pool.

MsC 2013 - Opening Ceremony

MsC 2013 is on its way with a record 516 attendees. The attendees are loving the hotel as we expected.

The Opening Ceremony was marked by a powerful speech by Gay Leather Icon Guy Baldwin.

The evening ended with the wedding of Sir Robert and slave jenna, the new members of my family. It took place at the Terrace during the MTTA Academy’s gathering. slave jenna asked me months ago to walk her down the aisle, something I never dreamed to do as I am the father of boys. Her father has passed and she wanted me to do the honor. And what an honor it was!

Induction of new Family Members

The attendees are flowing in the new venue for MsC 2003. At the end of the day, we had 230 people, close to half of the attendees, already registered and at the hotel.

MsC served as a Family Reunion as well. Besides me and slave david, slave paul and slave boy mordecai, Master J, Sir Ross and his girl Tara, Sir Greg and his slave aaron are all here. Only Sir Fuego and Sir Silas could not make it.

At 11 pm, we held the induction of three new family members: Sir Robert and slave jenna from Baltimore and Gypsie from Durham, NC. For the second consecutive year, the induction took place at the Carter-Johnson Leather Library.

For Gypsie it was a special day as her induction happens the same day of her birthday,

This time we hold a three-family event, as my brother Master David inducted four new members to his family: slave phillip and slave ashley, and Master Don and orja. Lady Lynette also joined by presenting boots to Madam Shadow, one of her family members.

Moving to the hotel

This year we are moving to the hotel earlier than ever. Right after lunch, the truck was ready and we headed to the Crowne Plaza Rockville to get started for MsC, two full days before we will open registration.

Lady Lynette, Sir Brian, my slaves david and paul, all move in and were joined by Sir Stephen and slave catherine from New Jersey.

Event Package Stuffing Party

We had over a good group of friend from the M/s Community who gather at our house to stuff the MsC event package. Thanks for the great coordination of slave paul, they did it faster that anyone expected and they did it while having a lot of fun. When over we have Pizza and Popeye’s chicken for lunch, Thanks to all who helped. We are getting ready for MsC.

Remembering Master Jack, four years later

Today is the fourth anniversary of the passing of Master Jack McGeorge, a dear friend who also was deeply involved with MTTA and the Academy, and a pillar of our Master/slave and Leather communities.

We miss his wisdom, laugh and advice.

Dinner with special friends

This evening I went out for dinner, an invitation of a group of friends, all of them recent alumni of the Academy: Miss Glory, her rookie slave lily and her Master Sir Azurine. They took me to a Korean restaurant.

The salmon was great, the conversation was better. It was good to take a little break from all the planning for MsC.

ONYX Bar Night

slave mordecai and I attended the ONYC Bar Night. it was just his second time at a bar since he turned 21 in June. And we had fun. This ONYX bunch is a good one and likes to do BDSM in the bar, so I came prepared and dis three floggings as well as spanked slave mordecai.

I have not have had so much fun at the Eagle in a long time. It was really reminiscent of the Old Eagle of the 90s when we use to play, spank, flog all the time.

Happy Birthday, slave david!

Today is slave david’s 49th birthday. To celebrate we have a formal dinner with Master J, a Senior Master in our Leather Family as our guest. Happy Birthday, slave boy!

I spend part of the day making calls as it is also the birthday of Lady Lynette, my sister in Leather, and my former slave neil, as well as my closest cousin.