Feb 2013

Photo Session

This afternoon we had a local Latino student of photography taking some portrait pictures of our family for a school project and his personal portfolio.

All the photos were taken in our dungeon. He took some pictures of me with all my three slaves together, of each family member individually, of me with each of my slaves and some with me and slave mordecai in different ways of bondage.

We should get the photos soon and they will be added to our website.


Today was the Crucible’s Leather Fleamarket and Party (LF&P), a semi-annual Fetish Market. For the first time, it took place at a hotel - the Crowne Plaza Rockville - thanks in part to me. After Frazier approached me when I announced that the MsC will take place at the Crowne Plaza Rockville, I connected him with the General Manager and they reached an agreement to host the FL&P.

It resulted in a good crowd. I attended with my three slaves and had lunch at the hotel. I took some time to talk with the hotel GM and do some business related to MsC. Also I had the opportunity to talk with some of my vendors which were in attendance.

After dinner, slave mordecai returned to campus.

Nemo Blizzard

Even that the NEMO Blizzard is not affecting the DC Metro area, I had to cancel my trip today to New Jersey and New York, as well as my two presentations for this weekend. The Blizzard is affecting both areas and it just not a good idea to travel. So we are staying home.

slave mordecai arrived this evening to spend the weekend with the Family.

Finally, back home

This has been my longest kinky teaching trip. It included three cities in 12 days; Phoenix, Burbank and Las Cruces. 5 classes, a dozen flogging. I landed in BWI at 11 AM and arrived at my home at 1 AM. My slaves were already asleep. So good to be back in my bed!

White Sands

After two evening of presentations and floggings, Sunday was a day for some sightseeing.

I was taken to Mesilla, the two-century old little town who made famous to Billy the Kid. Just sitting down at that awesome old square while watching some Spanish music by a couple of Mexican singers was a treat.

Then later in the afternoon we went to the White Sands Monuments near Alamogordo. Beautiful dunes of white sands while watching the sunset. This place is historic as it was where the nuclear testing was done during World War II.

Back to the house, slave candy served a special dinner: a seafood paella followed my flan for dessert. I have ate so much Puerto Rican food this weekend.

Bordeland Kinksters

Another day in las Cruces. Another presentation. Another great crowd. And five more floggings.

This evening I presented before another kinky group from Las Cruces: the Bordeland Kinksters. The event was hosted at a awesome huge house, or maybe I should call it a mansion. My slave paul would have gone crazy with that kitchen.

The presentation “Transition from BDSM to M/s” went well. These people are eager to learn. A couple of friends who used to live in Virginia, Lady Golden and slave lou, drove all the way from Albuquerque. Finally got to meet another Puerto Rican kinky woman “Diosa del Caribe”, who I have befriended for several years in FetLife. She asked and got an amazing ‘cathartic Ffogging” experience.

I am going to quote here, but without mentioning names, some of the reactions to my floggings from last night and this evening:

I am a firm believer in the healing energies that surround us, and there are many different ways to channel that. Your flogging was one of them! I never discount a new way to heal others and this has definitely been a memorable experience.”

“Thank You sooooooooooo much! You took me to place i never thought i could go. A fear I have had for some time is now gone. When I let out that final scream, I knew I was now in a new place in my kink life! You allowed me to experience something i have suppressed for years. My limits have changed because of You!!!!!! I am Honored to say that I endured a flogging session with Master Taino and am better for it!!!!!!!”
“Thank you again for the wonderful experience. I know the experience was intense, both physical and emotional and it did in fact have a unique unexpected experience on my life. For Sunday, my body accepted the physical pain and was sore all over. …It may be that I normally don't express most of my emotions so the flood of overwhelming emotions all at once may been to much for me to handle at the given time. I do however feel more calm and at peace now. So I greatly appreciate the experience that I'm blessed. I no longer feel the physical pain nor emotional and continue to slowly express my emotions in small doses. It makes me feel human again, knowing how to feel and love in a way that I've never dreamed before. The experience gave me more energy, I'm pleased with that result and so is my love of my life, Angie. The negative energy that I once had is channeled within my body to form positive energy with
help of an old friend of mines. So I thank you all, For with the experiences from you, Master Taino. It's the morning after an eventful and amazing night. I woke up and something was nagging at the back of my mind. How can a person give so much of themselves and still conserve a sense of self? I was pondering on the after effects of a very cathartic flogging by MasterTaino when I realized something: he has a vest full of tears. I say that because as part of the aftercare Master Taino will hold the person he just flogged, thus many a tear will fall over his vest. Not only does he have a vest full of tears, no, he also has a vest full of laughter, a vest full of joy, and a vest full of anger. Residues from each and every flogging he has ever given. Yet, none of those tears bog him down, still he gives more and more of himself to the community. Still he comes to a tiny community to share his wisdom. He might get tired, but I see the passion he has for this lifestyle and for the people within it, and this, I believe, is what allows him to give so much of himself without losing that sense of self. We have many leaders like him in the community, but today I would like to say to Master Taino thank you for your vest full of tears.”

“Thank you so much for last night. You have awakened me that I must let go of everything I hold back. The connection you hold with the people you flog is amazing. When you did it to me last night I showed no emotion and when I finally decided to let go when you would catch me off guard. It was most vulnerable point. I thank you for taking the time to help me under stand what catharthis does to one person. You may use my stubbornness lol to express myself as one of your many stories and hope we shall cross paths again and meet each other again for I will next time will let go and thank you for showing me what releasing oneself is.”

Playroom Party

This evening we hold at Sir Stryfe’s home the monthly Playroom Party. I presented the “Calling” class followed by the ‘Cathartic Flogging”. I ended up ding three flogging that evening. Good crowd. Great people. Great questions.

This was quite an experience as this is a small town where the kinksters are not used to outside presenters. I am glad they turned in great numbers and showed great interest.

I ended up going to bed at 6 AM. I cannot remember when was the last time I did that.