Jan 2013

Las Cruces, NM

Today we flew to Las Cruces, New Mexico, the last stop in this long trip. Two short flights first to Phoenix and then to El Paso, Texas. Sir Stryfe picked me up and we drove to his lovely home in Las Cruces. His slave/wife is determined to spoil me with Puerto Rican food. They have two lovely small children. Nice family.

I am teaching two classes over the weekend but I plan to relax and rest.

Exciting Day

This was an exiting day.

I met a fine young man and had a wonderful time and connection with him. It is just another of those straight slaves who crave to surrender to a gay Master. As I often do, we mixed an awesome connection in BDSM play with teaching him about the true nature of M/s relationship. I hope to hear more of him.. He has a great heart and so eager to learn. My kind of boy!

In the evening, I did have my second presentation at the Threshold Society. Master George was there. Unfortunately his slave bren has been ill and could not make it. Larger crowd than las night, but same interests and good questions.

Master Skip

At noon I drove to Master Skip’s home and we went out for lunch. I left his house close to 5 PM after more than four hours of just talking. I do enjoy talking with him. He is an awesome human being and we have so much in common in our lives journey. We talked about Butchmanns and MTTA, SWLC and MsC, our families - both bio and Leather, spirituality, Master Steve, etc. I cannot get tired of talking with him. Amazing man who I have the utmost respect for.

In the evening I had my first class, “Leather Families” before Threshold Society. It was well received and I got a warm reception and excellent questions.

Second stop: Burbank, CA

We flew today to Burbank, Ca, Bob Hope Airport, the second stop of this long trip. I will be teaching tomorrow and Wednesday at the Threshold Society.

SWLC - Final Day

I have to wake up early to attend theSunday brunch. My friend Patric Mulcahey delivered an amazing endnote speech about love in Master/slave relationships. He spoke his mind and anytime a speaker does that, it is a good thing.

After a mentoring session with Steve, we got ready for the Dance of Souls. Sir Greg and his slave aaron got the pierced hooks for the dance and I was able to be there to support both. That was a highlight for the whole weekend. It continues to enhance the bonds with them as part of my Leather Family.

Master David and I were able to spend some quality time with Master Alex Keppeler and Master Bert Cutler, two of the amazing elders we have in this community. I know them for over a decade but Master David did enjoy getting to know them better.

SWLC - Day 2

Today the day was highlighted with some playtime with pup zrai, who I have met before online and was volunteering for the event.

At night at the dungeon, I was able to flog both the pup and my roommate cary, and both experienced their catharsis, The pup had that experience for the very first time. Good boy.

The contest was a bit too long and too boring. Hey there were five couples. Master Obsidian and slavs namaste saved the day with a brilliant performance as emcees.

SWLC - Day 1

This was the first official day of SWLC.

Got a chance to sit down and talked with Master Curtis and slave wen, who are very close with my slave paul since their days in Maine. They attend our MsC every year and this weekend they were one of five couples competing for Southwest Master/slave Contest.

Master David, slave justin and I met at the nearby Papadeux Restaurant for a meeting of the MsC Education Committee to select the classes for MsC 2013. Good work and amazing seafood for dinner.

In the evening, I met with Sir Stryfe and his wife/slave from Las Cruces. I met him last year at SWLC and developed a good friendship. We both are Puerto RIcans. They will host me in the last part of this trip when I am teaching in Las Cruces.

It was good to see Steve from Tucson whom I have been mentoring since last year.

Arrival to Phoenix

Last night, I drove to Master David’s home in Pasadena, Maryland and spend the night. We woke up at 4 AM to head to the BWI Airport for our flight to Phoenix. We were surprised by a couple of inches of snow in the ground which cause a delay in departure as the plane needed to be deiced.

Long flight and my back was in pain most of the time.

Good to see right away Sir Greg and slavs aaron, the only other members of my familyy attending the event.

Upon arrival to the hotel of the Southwest Leather Conference, we began to greet many old friends. The big disappointment was when I saw kirk and learned that my dear mentor Master Steve did not make the trip as he told he was planing to. I miss that man. I really will have to find a way to visit him in Washignton state.

I contacted David, a kinky boy who is also an awesome massage therapist and he came over and gave me an amazing massage that got my back and body in shape for the 12-day three-city trip ahead of me. I recommended him to Master David and he also got a great massage.

Cary from Reno, Nevada arrived in the evening to be my roommate this weekend. I met him several years ago at Folsom and his pics being spanked and flogged are in the website. This is the second time he joins me for SWLC.

Happy Birthday, Master J

Today is the birthday of Master J, a Senior Master in our Leather Family. We all are so pleased to have her in out family. She has been an asset. As important, she is also cherishing being part of our family.

Last night, we have her over to celebrate her birthday with a nice dinner. This Master cooked a Puerto Rican dish and slave paul did an awesome job with two desserts: a “flan” and a “German Chocolate Lasagna”. Both were delicious.

Happy Birthday, Master J… We all love you!

MAL 2013

After 20 years attending our local leather event, Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL), I have to admit I am disappointed and saddened at the same time. As I have done for years, I like to flog boys at these events. Today I was flogging my slave mordecai at the lobby. That is something I do enjoy doing as people around like to watch and more than one learn something from watching.

This year I was informed by members of the club which organizes MAL that flogging in the lobby is not allowed anymore. Although the first member who approached me was rude and arrogant, the second was able to explain the change of policies in the events. My main complaint was that this was not mentioned in the website of the event, so there is no way for attendees to know. He promised to review their website. If an event changes the rules or policies from one year to another, it should let the attendees know about them. I was not happy that I - who am an experienced flogger and teach flogging around the country - was called my attention while other less experienced individuals were allowed to do the same because supposedly no club member saw them.

Recently there has been discussion on the social media and other Leather/Kinky venues on how our community has changed and how much we miss the good old times. And even as I can understand the changes in the community as I understand the evolution in my own personal journey, it is sad to see something so key to our lifestyle as BDSM has been, is now prohibited or considered dangerous, or simply, there is no interest in providing a safe space where to do it.

Our leather events have become a party where alcohol, sex, fashion and contests are all that matter. What is next? A slave cannot sit on the floor, or wear a collar, or lick his Master’s boots? The paranoia of liability -- even with insurance -- paralyze the organizers, and the essence of the events are lost. Historically leather and kinky folks have taken many risks to be themselves from the bikers after WWII throughout the decades that followed to this day. I never have heard of an attendee of a Leather event suing the event for being hit accidentally by a flogger, which in this case it is what is feared. I have heard many cases of drug overdose (including death), unsafe sex practices, drunk individuals, etc.

The same situation has happened in many of our Leather bars. I guess we have to accept it is the new reality of our times. Our events are turning “Leather-lite”.

Defenders Christmas Party

My Leather club - the Defenders Leather Levi Club - hold today its traditional Christmas Party in Hyattsville, Maryland. Good food, good conversation, and the last white elephant gift exchange of the holiday season. My three slaves accompanied me to the party as well as Master J. So five of the ten family members were in attendance. Sir Fuego missed the party as he is spending the weekend visiting his brother in New Jersey.

Finally today I published in FetLife and Facebook a picture of my first tattoo, which I did a month ago. I have been getting nice reaction and comments in the social media.

Ink for slave paul and Sir Fuego

slave paul received for Christmas from this Master a gift certificate for a tattoo with the Family Crest as his slave brother david has. He could not wait and did it today with Captain Gordon, who has become Master Taino’s Leather Family official tattoo artist. He has done slave david’s tattoo, mine last month and now slave paul. In addition, Sir Fuego had his own tattoo done today as well.

The Family Crest tattoo is a strong symbol that the slave has found his place and Family where he belongs.

New Year's Eve Family Reunion

The New Year 2013 began as it has been our Leather Family tradition. Most members of the Leather Family gathered in our home for the New Year’s Eve Dinner and Celebration of the new year.

Sir Fuego was the first one to arrived from San Francisco on Friday as he plans to stay for two weeks. The same evening slave mordecai came home to spend the month during his winter break from college. Sir Ross and Tara came from New York on Sunday for a three-day stay. Sir Greg and slave aaron could not made the trip from Indy as their city has been buried in snow and job complications. Sir Silas also excused himself as he had to work as well.

Master J mined the family for the Dinner last night, and we also had Master David as a special guest. He has been a brother to me during the past few years.

A traditional Puerto RIcan Holiday DInner was served and as always, slave paul did an amazing job in setting everything together with the help of his slave brothers. Then, amid good conversation and laughter, we waited for the midnight welcoming of the New Year 2013.

Sir Ross and Tara returned to New York today.