Jul 2013

Pre-conference meeting

The Master/slave Conference 2013 is just one month away. We held today a pre-conference meeting with the full staff of the hotel. There are good vibes for MsC this year. The hotel staff is very excited and very welcoming. The main hotel is already full and few rooms are left in the second hotel, so we will have both hotels exclusive for our event.

MAsT Joint Meeting

Today we held our second MAsT Joint Meeting of the year at the Crucible with a class offered by Sir Eric Pride from New York City. We had a great time both at the potluck previous to the class and the class itself.

We had a great crowd and welcome the new chapter of MAsT Towson to the joint meetings. These joint meetings include two DC chapters, four Maryland Chapters and two Virginia chapters.

Onyx Club

Recently I was invited to be an Associate Member of ONYX Mid Atlantic, a Leather Club for men of color.

Last night I attended my second Bar Night of the club and today I attended my first meeting. I feel welcome for the new brothers of ONYX and I look forward to get to know the guys better.

Farewell to boy river

After two weeks visiting our Leather Family and household, boy river returned to Tennessee last night to go back to graduate school today. We all enjoyed his visit and he learned a lot about the Master/slave dynamic and about Leather Families. he also had the opportunity to attend the MTTA Academy’s slave Training Weekend.

he will be back in town for MsC and hopefully for another visit during a school break.

MTTA Academy's male slave Training

Our MTTA Academy hold its 49th slave Training this weekend. We had seven male slaves including five from all over the country (Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Tenessee) and two international slaves from Australia and Ontario, Canada. It was an awesome class and we were able to see the growth and impact it caused in this group of individuals.

This is the first Academy weekendwe hold since our chef, slave ashley, left town for Texas. My slave paul, with the help of slave jenna, took over the kitchen and did an amazing job.

Independence Day Cook-out

As it has become our Leather Family tradition, we held a cook-out to celebrate the Fourth of July, our Independence Day.

We have a small group of Masters and slaves over including Sir Robert and slave jenna, Herr Wes and slave celia, Lady O and slave charles and Master Kenneth and his slave. slave paul lead the cooking efforts with the assistance of the other slaves and boy river.

It was a hot day but we manage to spend a good time in our deck and enjoy the food and conversation. Herr Wess and slave celia, who arrive last night, will be staying a couple more days.