Jun 2013

Welcome boy River!

This evening our first intern for this summer arrived at Reagan National Airport to spend two weeks with our Leather Family and learn more about the Master/slave dynamic. boy River is a 24 year-old trans man and graduate college student from Tennessee.
he is also a bootblack and just a week ago won the title of Southeast Leatherfest boy 2013 in Atlanta.

As part of his internship, he will attend next week the MTTA Academy’s Training Weekend for male slaves.

Trip to Philadelphia

Last Night we hold the MTTA Fundraiser for the Master/slave History Project at the Bike Stop Leather Bar in Philadelphia. The event was a great success. Good camaraderie and fun among friends of our Master/slave community and some newcomers. The fundraiser was successful and fun.

The whole household traveled yesterday afternoon in the family van after enjoying a succulent breakfast / brunch prepared by slave paul. We had two rooms booked at a hotel in Newark, Delaware. After some rest and a nice dinner at Friendly’s Restaurant, we continue the road trip to Philly.

Thanks to our MTTA Board Member, orja, and her right hand slave lori for all their hard work in putting together this event, to Master D for his work as DJ, Lord Brick for being our emcee and auctioneer, slave lara who took care of the raffle with other volunteers, my slaves for their hard work as always, Sir Stephen who oversees this project, all those who donated items for the auctions and those who bought them so generously, and all the attendees and MAsT members who showed up to support this event.

It was great to see so many good friends, in particular Master Steve and slave tami, who we have not seen in a while since before he has a major back surgery last year,

We all agree that it was a special event and we all have fun. And fun we had. It ended up being a fun family trip.

We returned home today.

slave mordecai's 21st Birthday

Today is slave mordecai’s 21st Birthday. Kind of a rite of passage for him.

We did go to Master Nick’s Birthday party at the Crucible where we were joined by Shady, a boy who has been visiting and training with me for a while now.

We both had the opportunity to see some good old friends ad we had time to play. slave mordecai got to feel the paddle 21 time. Then I tied both boys together and did some more spanking and gave the first taste of the flogger to Shady.. Then a good flogging with slave mordecai who has an awesome release.

Back at home, we got ready for the formal Birthday Dinner. We were joined by Master J, a senior Master in our Leather Family.

slave paul went out his his way cooking for two days to give the boy an awesome birthday dinner. The Menu: Beef Stroganoff with awesome cheese biscuits. And a German Chocolate LaSagna cake which was put of this world.

My present to the birthday boy was passing my Leather Suspenders to him. I have owned and used those suspenders for more than 15 years. slave david did a good job to clean and recondition them to look like new. slave mordecai was moved by receiving the first piece of leather previously owned and used by his Master.

Another great family day!

Capital Pride Parade

Today is the Capital Pride Parade in downtown Washington, DC. I have not attended this event during the last four yeas as I always have been in Atlanta teaching at the Southeast Leatherfest.

slave mordecai attended with me ad we marched with my club, the Defenders LLC, as part of the Dignity Washington contingent.

Weather was good but the soon picked up a little bit. It was a good day and slave mordecai enjoyed his first Pride parade.

After that we went for dinner and back home for some rest.

Then I took the boy to his first trip to the DC Eagle. His 21st birthday is tomorrow but the Eagle will let him in if we arrive after midnight. We checked exactly at 12:01 AM. ANd the boy got his first taste of the legendary leather bar in town

MTTA Retreat

This past weekend, MTTA held a Retreat for Masters and slaves. 22 masters and 23 slaves attending, mostly couples, some singles and two multi-slave households.

A unique event where the masters and slaves discussed separately a series of issues related to our relationships, including communication, punishment and discipline, service, families and poly and spirituality. A great formal dinner took place on Saturday evening followed by a vibrant speech from author Raven Kaldera. Saturday late evenings provided for an nice social time at the pool of the hotel with some cigar smoking, pool time and lot of networking and great conversation.

Thanks to everyone facilitators, staff and participants to make this event a great opportunity for education and networking. We have to repeat this event and make it even better!