Mar 2013

A nice visit

This afternoon I have the visit of Ms. Glory, slave lily and her boyfriend, Matt. I met Ms. Glory and slave lily at BR this past October when lily “bought” my Cathartic Flogging experience at the Celebrity Auction. She later came with Ms Glory to have that flogging experience. We have an opportunity to talk a lot on that occasion about Master/slave relationships and Ms Glory ended up attending the November Master Training at the Academy and slave lily just made it to the slave Training this last weekend. The visit was to introduce Matt to me and to talk about him attending the next Master Training. And he will.

After some fun time at the dungeon, we invited them for dinner to end a very nice afternoon. All three of them are still young and early in their journeys but eager to learn. They give me hope that there is a new generation coming up strong.

MTTA Academy

Another amazing class at the MTTA Academy. Ten slave girls attended this weekend the Academy in our 48th slave Training Weekend since the Academy opened in 2001. My staff continues to amaze me with their dedication and hard work for put participants, both individually and as a team. The reward is incredible. Just to see the change in those slave girl lives through 72 hours. The journey continues...

MTTA Board Meeting

Long day at our new hotel for MsC, the Crowne Plaza Rockville. We began our day with a meeting of the MsC Executive Committee, continuing our planning for MsC 2013. At noon, the staff of the hotel gave the MTTA Board members a tour of the facilities of the hotel.

Finally at 1 PM, the MTTA nine-member board held its mid-year meeting and lunch. Over three hours of productive meeting! MTTA was born inn 2003 and it is now ten years old, and its growth and accomplishments are remarkable. The MTTA Board can be very proud for staying focused in our goals and overseeing our development as a non-profit organization. The Master/slave community is better off because of MTTA.

After the meeting, Sir Ross and Tara came home for the rest of the weekend. As usual, slave paul prepared a nice formal dinner.

Returning home

I flew home in the afternoon. slave david and slave mordecai picked me up at BWI. Today is was cooler inM Dallas than in Baltimore. We drove home and slave paul had dinner ready.

It is good to be home with all my three slaves.

SPLF - Sunday

We lost an hour to the new daylight time… yes an hour of sleep of course. And we had to wake up early for the Brunch and the Keynote Speech by Rick Storer, Executive Director of the Leather Archives and Museum.

In the afternoon, I presented my class, the Journey of the Master. My dear friends, Master Skip and slave Rick honored me with their presence in my class.

SPLF - Santurday - The Contest

Today was a very long day. I am one of the seven judges for the International Master/slave Contest. The morning was long with the interviews to all three contestant pairs. After a great lunch, we had the presentation of each contestant pair.

Then in mid-afternoon, I have to attend the meeting of the regional producers of the Master/slave Network events. Finally after 4:30 I was able to take a quick nap and rest a bit before the Contest in the evening.

The new International Master/slave 2013 are Master Morris and slave jonathan from San Francisco and the Northwest region. A great couple. I was very satisfied with the work of our Northeast Contestants, Master D and slave passion.

SPLF - Friday

Friday was highlighted by our dinner at Papadeux, my favorite seafood restaurant. The group included Master David, Master Dirk, slave caroline and Peter and Sir Stephen from the Great Lakes region. Lobster bisque and salmon with dirty rice. Yummy!

After the evening opening for SPLF, we attended the Cigar Party. Again, another opportunity to talk with old friends and make some new ones. A big surprise was the reencounter with Christian and his wife from Los Angeles. I have vivid memories of almost ten years ago when I attended Southwest Leather Conference and with him I have my introduction to the spiritual experience of the Dance of Souls.

Trip to Dallas for SPLF

slave paul took me to BWI Airport very early in the morning. Master David and I flew to Dallas to attend South Plains Leather Fest. This marks my eleventh consecutive SPLF and my 15th consecutive International Master/slave Contest. Since my journey began in that event in 1999, I have not missed one. This weekend also marks the tenth anniversary of my participation in the contest alongside my then slave neil.

The best thing about this event is to see so many good friends. The MAsT assembly was not that well attended but we did have a great time. The Meet and Greet was extremely crowded, the best in quite a while.

Bushes clean up.

Today I finally made a decision about the bushes in one side of my back yard. They have become out of control throughout the years and it was time to get rid of it. Called a tree removal company owned by a Latino man. I made a good decision as this is still winter and I was able to get a good deal. He brought a crew of latino young men and took care of the bushes much quicker than I thought.

Trip to Pennsylvania

slave paul and I drove to a small town in Southeast Pennsylvania, Amish Country, to see a large two-story shed that we want to purchase for our back yard. It was a great drive particularly the country roads that we had to take to get to the shed business. We were very pleased with what we saw. Great solid construction that will solve our storage issues. Now it is a matter of getting the permits and we should have our shed sometime in the spring.

On our way back, we stop by Master David’s home and had a quick pizza dinner with he and slave t. It is always good to spend time with someone a consider my true brother.

Coversation II

Today we hold our second “Conversation with Master Taino”, a small event held in my house in which I make myself available to answer all the questions of the attendees. We have a dozen Masters and slaves and a great conversation for six hours. As usual, slave paul and slave david did a great job getting the house ready, and preparing the lunch and snacks.