May 2013

slave mordecai's coming out

After few days visiting his mother and sister, slave mordecai came home with amazing news. He came out to his mother as a slave in service to a Gay Master. At still 20, this young man had the courage to do something that in my generation was so difficult or impossible to do. He is lucky to have a very understanding and supportive mother.

Two events cancelled

Today was supposed to be the start of a hectic weekend. I was going to travel to Baltimore to present at the Touch of Flavor Festival and continue a long drive to Norfolk, VA for Colonial Kink. In the matter of three days this week, both events were cancelled for different reasons. The result is a quiet weekend at home. I can use that.

TOF was cancelled because the new management of the venue decided a week before the event to cancel the event because they did not want kinky groups at the venue. The producers are taking the venue to court and I hope they win the case and this people learn that a contract is a contract. The event will take place at a later date in a different venue.

Colonial Kink was canceled by the producers because the local media was made aware of the event and it posed a risk to many attendees who come from the heavily military region of Hampton Roads.

I hope this is not a new trend for events and event producers to deal with. The way I see we have a constitutional right to assemble.

slave mordecai is back home

slave mordecai ended his semester in college today and move back home with our Leather Family. Good to have the boy around again. This time for the long run as he plans to stay in our house during his senior year of college. Next week he will be visiting his mother and sister for few days.

An unexpected visit to ER

After a good night sleep on my bed, still trired from the long day yesterday, I woke up with some urinary issues, which is normal for al older guy with prostate issues. By the afternoon, it has not decreased but the discomfort and pain was increasing. By late afternoon I told my slaves to take me to ER after we have dinner.

By the time I arrived to George Washington University Hospital, i was in intense pain. At ER, they inserted a catheter and I was able to release more than a liter. (Where were the water sports enthusiast when I needed them… LOL). The relief was immediate, but the catheter was there to stay for few days. I was released and we got home just before mid night and I had a good night sleep. I have to see my urologist next week and take it from there.

Vacation in Spain

During the last two weeks, I had a great vacation in Spain. I visited Madrid for the third time and went to the southern part of the country to visit Seville and Granada for the first time. Spain is my motherland and where my ancestors came from.

Seville and Granada were particularly special for its rich history and culture from the Romans, the moorish and the Spaniards. Not everybody realized that Columbus left from the Guadalquivir River port in Seville to go west to India and discovered America.

The Royal Alcazar, the moorish mesquite turned Cathedral, the Plaza de España (Spain’s Square). the Gardens of Maria Luisa and the Guadalquivir River were my highlights.

In Granada, the visit to the great Alcazar with its moorish and spanish rich culture was just amazing.

During the visit to Madrid, I enjoyed the activities of Sleazy Madrid, the synonymous of a Leather Week, as well as many dinners with old and new friends.

I was able to also toured the Museum of Queen Sofía where a new exposition of Salvador Dali works was on exhibit. That was just an awesome exhibit of one of the greatest painters of the 20th century.

The return to the US was smooth until I got to New York’s JFK airport. We were stranded three hours in our plane to go to DC because of DC bad weather. After retuning to the gate, the flight was canceled and I have take a cab to La Guardia Airport to take the only flight available and got home past midnight…. a long 24 hours since I left my hostel in Madrid to my arrival at home.