Nov 2013


Full table for this year’s Thanksgiving. We had my three slaves david, paul and mordecai, and the three newest members of our Leather Family: Gypsie, Sir Robert and his slave jenna. And for the second consecutive year, we had slave paul’s parents, whose presence on our house and table makes this day an even more special one.

As always, slave paul prepared an awesome Thanksgiving Dinner and serve with all the formality of our Leather traditions.

Gypsie's visit

Gypsie, one of the newest members of our Leather Family, arrived today for a five-day visit. She is very excited to spend time with all the household.

She is the producer of the Leather History Conference and a close friend for more than a decade.

MTTA Board Retreat

This weekend the Board of Directors of MTTA, Inc. hold its first Board retreat. After ten years doing business as a non-profit organization and a systematic growth, the Board dedicated the full weekend to plan for the future and set the goals of the organization.

All I can say at this juncture is that exciting times are coming for MTTA and our Master/slave Community.

MTTA Academy: Master Training XXI

This weekend, MTTA Academy hold its 21st Training Weekend for Masters with an awesome class of 11 Masters and Mistresses. This was just our second Training held at the Crowne Plaza Rockville and the staff made some adjustments to the new venue to improve our event... and they succeeded big time.

The Super Shed is here

The “Super Shed” we bought was installed today. An amazing structure, 14 x 24, two-story, in our backyard. Now slave paul and his father have the task to installed the electricity so we can have the final inspection from the county. slave paul did an amazing job to make this goal a success.

This will be a multi-purpose shed/workshop, not only for storage, but for other future projects.

Presentation at Widemar University

Amazing time today at Widener University in Chester, PA. I had a presentation before a class of Human Sexuality in a graduate program. It was the first time that I have the opportunity to speak to future professionals in psychology about our lifestyle, Leather, BDSM and Master/slave relationships. I cannot imagine the future factor of this class as these people will take this experience and probably use it in their practice for years to come to benefit future kinksters.

Thanks to by ONYX brothers for inviting me and allow this to happen. The drive this morning to Chester and then back home in the late afternoon was all worthy. And the good thing is that we will be back. A different stage in this journey of education we have embrace to reach out to others.