Oct 2013

Red Sox win the World Series

The Boston Red Sox won tonight the baseball World Series for the third time in the last ten years. That makes me and slave jenna very happy. The baseball gods have been very kind to me in this new millennium as my two teams, the Red Sox and San Francisco Giants have won five World Series since 2004.

Leather History Conference

This weekend the full household traveled to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for the third annual Leather History Conference produced by Gypsie, the newest member of our Leather Family, Seven members of the Leather Family were in attendance including slaves david. paul and modercai, Sir Robert and slave jenna and of course Gypsie. It was a fun weekend. Good to see old and new friends. Spent some time with Mama Vi, Master Alex, Cowboi Jen, James, and many others.

I was one of the ‘Story Tellers”. The presentation was videotaped and will be loaded soon here in this website.

My 63rd Birthday

I celebrated my 63rd Birthday today. Quiet day. We have a very nice family dinner with a my favorite grilled salmon, mashed sweet potatoes and “flan” for dessert. It is a gift and a blessing to be healthy and happy at my age and surrounded by my slave boys david, paul and mordecai. Life is good. Life goes on. Thanks to all of you who remember me with your calls, cards, e-mails and messages.

slave tommy turns 50

Today, my late slave tommy would have turned 50. slave tommy passed away 12 years ago, but still lives in our memories and hearts.

Coincidentally, today is the second anniversary of the collaring of slave paul, although he has been in service to this Master for three and a half years already.

Tucson - Behind Closed Doors

This is the first time that I visit Tucson and I am not visiting Master Steve from Butchmanns. He is no longer in Tucson pursuing another journey. I meant him in 1999 and always have considered him my mentor and the person responsible for where I am today in the M/s Community.

Another Steve -- the one I am mentoring now -- picked me up late Thursday at the Tucson airport and hosted me the first night. On Friday he took me for a short trip to a colonial mission and then to a massage at mall.

FInally we got to the hotel where “Behind Closed Doors” event takes place. Master Jefferson, the producer, greeted me. He has been trying to get me at BCD for few years and finally here I am. Small event. Good people!

On Sunday I presented my class “Living real and authentic lives” and in the late afternoon my Endnote Speech: “Building Bridges: Diversity in our Community”. The text can be found in the Articles section of the website.

I finally returned home late Monday. As always after a long trip on the road, good to sleep in my own bed.

Last days in San Francisco

The last days in San Francisco were less busy but very productive. Nathan left for LA on Monday,

Then Curtis, a Louisiana boy living in Oakland, contacted me intrigued by the M/s dynamic. He came over for Monday for coffee and we spent several hours talking. He returned for more conversation on Wednesday and Thursday. Another great boy! He learned a lot in the three days we spent together.

On Tuesday I told Sir Fuego for lunch at a Peruvian restaurant near his house. On Wednesday I had coffee and good conversation with Master Bob, who runs many of the gay groups in FetLife. In the evening I had dinner with Patrick Mulcahey in a Castro restaurant, which brought us a great opportunity for a long conversation.

Curtis accompanied me to the airport on Thursday and helped me out with my luggage. Thanks for your service boy! After we had lunch in the airport, he left as I had to enter the secure area.