Sep 2013

Folsom Street Fair

Yesterday I spend the day with Nathan and took him to Leather Etc. to purchase his first leather vest. Sir Fuego is working the weekend at the store and helped him with the selection. We went to the SF Eagle, which re-opened recently during the early evening.

Finally today is the big day: Folsom Street Fair. Since my first Folsom in 1995, I have attended 16 times in the past 19 years.

Sir Fuego, Nathan and me went for breakfast before heading to the Fair. For the third consecutive year, I was invited by Panther Prowls to do flogging all day at its booth.

What a day! I flogged about 20 people, many hot boys, gay and straight, and some girls. Great energy from most of them. Nathan was my assistant all day and took great pictures. Aidan, the boy from LA, showed up and had an awesome experience. Nathan was the last one to be flogged and he reached the catharsis. Good boy!

15th Association Party

The first few days in San Francisco has been busy. On Wednesday, I was invited to do some flog gin demos at the Leathermen Discussion Group’s traditional Fetish Fair pre-Folsom.

On Thursday, I attended the baseball game at AT&T Park between the hated Dodgers and my Giants.

Today, I met for coffee a Latino boy Aidan from Los Angeles who was interested in the dynamic. He agreed to experience his flogging on Sunday during Folsom.

Then I picked up Nathan, another boy from Los Angeles who I have been talking to, and attended the 15th Association play party at the SF Citadel. It was Nathan’s first BDSM event event, but after he saw me flogging Phillip, one of my regulars in San Francisco, he immediately wanted to experience it… and he did!

Trip to the West Coast

Today I traveled cross country to San Francisco to start a two-week trip in the West Coast.

slave beau picked me up at the San Francisco Airport and took me to the Car rental company to pick up my car. It was good to see him. He will be traveling tomorrow for Palm Springs.

I arrived to Sir Fuego’s house who will be hosting me for the next ten days. It was good to see him again. He had a tough summer with some medical issues but is looking much better.

In the evening I presented my class at the SF Citadel.

slave tommy's 12th Anniversary

It is hard to believe, but today marks the 12th anniversary of the passing of my slave tommy. !2 years! I still remember that afternoon holding his hand until his last breath. A very sad but extremely powerful moment.

As it has been my tradition since, I called his mother and we have a nice talk, mostly remembering the boy she gave birth and that I gave two happy years before he departed.

slave paul's Birthday

Today is slave paul’s 48th Birthday. The last couple of years I have been traveling to Folsom and have mossed being with him. This year it worked perfectly.

We had a good flogging/whipping session in the middle of the day and then we took him out for dinner. We have anise family gathering at a restaurant in the neighborhood.

I am blessed to have him in my life. He is a great slave boy and a great human being.

Daddy Don's visit

A very special day. We got an unexpected visit from Daddy Don, from Buffalo.

He and his boy Chamray too the auto train of Amtrak from Fort Lauderdale to Virginia and spend the day here with us.

We gathered for dinner at Banana Cafe on Capitol Hill in DC. Great weather for an outdoor cafe and awesome company.

It was special to have Daddy Don here. He has encountered several health issues during the past two years and I knew the possibility of him to come back home were not good. His journey and put friendship began here in my house ten years ago when he attended the second Master Training ever at the Academy. We discovered we had something in common as he lives in Puerto RIco and knew people close to me. SInce we have been very close.

Touch of Flavor - Baltimore

Still recovering from MsC, I traveled to Baltimore for yet another event - Touch of Flavor. It is an event aimed to young and novice kinky folks.

I offered my class on Cathartic Flogging and participated in the Formal Dinner.

MsC 2013 - Final Day

Monday is the final day of MsC 2013. We began the day with the Master/slave Flag Breakfast where we listened to Master David Walker, from Texas, answering questions from the attendees.

The Closing Ceremony was very powerful as always with testimonies of way so may attendees whose lives were affected or even changed during MsC.

Then it was time to appreciate our presenters, staff and volunteers with a good reception at the hotel terrace. As it has been the tradition, the member of the MTTA Board were the ones who served the food to the volunteers as a way to say thanks.

MsC 2013 - Celebrating our 10th Anniversary

The big night at MsC 2013 is here! We marked this evening MsC’s tenth anniversary.

I was able to share the history of MsC, since its conception in 2004 to today.
Master Skip followed with another Anniversary speech from the perspective of one who has attended and presented in all ten events. It was a special night.