Aug 2014

MsC 2014

MsC 2014 has been another success. It is good to see so many people networking and learning together.

The hightlights:
  • The dedication of MsC to Ms Margaret and an amazing video tribute
  • The amazing Keynote by Master Obsidian
  • The energy flowing all weekend
  • The traditional Formal Leather Banquet
  • Master David Walker’s speech on Saturday
  • The Awards’ Ceremony - Congrats to Ms. Margaret and slave Erich, Cowboi Jen and slave lara, Master David Walker and Master Z.
  • The Cigar Party
  • The boys from ONYX
  • International Mr Leather, Ramien Pierre, getting naked for our fundraiser.
  • Raven Kaldera and boy joshua, new Northeast Master/slave titleholders

Inductions of new Family members

This evening, during a ceremony at MsC, we inducted three new members to our Leather Family. This year it happens to be a very young class:

  • Sir Ross’ slave lara - this beautiful girl from New York City has been in service to Sir Ross for three years and have been getting closer to the family. Her smile and her heart are most welcome.

  • Herr Wes and slave celia - a nice M/s Couple from Sourtheast Virginia who have grown to be close to me for the last three years. All started with flogging both of them and great things has happened since then.

Welcome to the Family!

Moving to the hotel

Today we moved to the hotel for a week. Since last year, the Executive Committee has been moving on Tuesday so we got more time. We also had the ruck full of all the MSC stuff. We are getting ready for MsC 2014.

MsC Event Bags Stuffing Party

25 volunteers gathered today at the Crowne Plaza Rockville to help us prepare for MsC. They took care of stuffing the event bags, folding the event T-shirts and putting together the name badges.

It is amazing to see how fast it was done. Everybody displayed so much joy and enthusiasm helping with the MsC preps. Thanks to all.

Sir Fuego arrived

Sir Fuego from San Francisco arrived today for a two-week visit with the Leather family.. He is always fun to have around.

slave jenna's Birthday

This past Friday, August 1, was slave henna’s birthday, We had her over this evening for a Birthday dinner and Master J joined us.

slave paul made the most delicious lasagna that I have ever had. he put long hours in cooking that to perfection. slave jenna was delighted.

It was special to see Master J and share some special moments with her.