Feb 2014

A full day of meetings

Today was a full day of meetings at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rockville.

It started at 11 with the Executive Committee meeting for the Master/slave Conference. We added my slave paul to the committee as Assistant Producer which now is formed by four people.

That very productive planning meeting for MsC 2014 was followed by the mid-year meeting of the Board of Directors of MTTA. That was a close-to-four-hour meeting but a very productive one as our organization continues to grow. Sir Ross came from New York and it was good also to see Master J much better from her bout with the flu.


This evening I presented for the first time before a group of young kinky folks from the DC TNG group. It was an introductory presentation on Master/slave relationships. I was surprised for the attendance and the high level of interest of the attendees. I was very satisfied and my faith in the future of our community continue to grow with the serious interest of so many young people.

LF & P

Today was the LF&P that the Crucible sponsors twice a year. We staffed a table and socialize with a lot of Leather family and friends throughout the day. It was good to see so many of our vendor friends as well as many from our Master/slave community. Besides my slaves david and paul, Sir Robert and slave jenna were also in attendance for a total of five members of our Leather Family.

slave aaron's accident

Right after I landed in Dallas from my long flight from Hawaii, i found out that one of the members of my Leather Family, Sir Greg’s slave aaron just had a car accident on his way to work. I was in touch with Sir Greg who was already at the hospital with his boy. slave aaron had both legs broken and required surgery this morning plus other head concussion and a fear of other internal issues. he is in stable and doing well under the circumstances.


From Arizona, I flew on January 29 to Honolulu, Hawaii to spend a week in an apartment in Waikiki Beach and visit with my son, daughter-in-law and my beautiful Hawaiian granddaughter. It was very special as I have not been able to travel there for few years. We had a great time.

In my spare times, walks thru Waikiki Beach were great and I was lucky to have few military boys and asian boys to entertain me. No complaints in that area.