Jun 2014

Trip to New York

This past weekend, slave paul and I traveled to New York City for the Leather Pride and Folsom East Fair festivities.

We drove to the Big Apple on Thursday and were welcomed at the home of Master Tip from MAsT New York City. He hosted a nice dinner where also Master Bear Robert and his slave paul were invited.

On Friday, we had a busy day. Lunch in my favorite little Puerto Rican restaurant in Chelsea and then we walked to the Village. In particular it was great to be at the Stonewall Inn, the iconic and historic bar where the riots which marked the start of the gay rights movement occurred 45 years ago this month.

We had dinner with Sir Ross and then to Paddles for my presentation before Dom/sub Friends. Sir Viktor was always as friendly. The presentation went well and was well attended. I spent about an hour talking and entertaining questions to some of the attendees after the presentation was over.

On Saturday we attend the Dark Lair discussion for Leather men and women of color organized by Sir Guy. The discussion went very well and was attended by several members of ONYX including the new International Mr. Leather, Ramien Pierre.

The evening was for Leather Pride Night at the Eagle NYC Bar. I was invited to do a flogging with Mario, one of my ONYX brothers from DC area.

Sunday was the big day for Folsom Fair East after one year of hiatus, We had a MTTA booth to promote the Conference and the Academy and we had a good number of people asking for information.

I took a cross and did a flogging marathon all afternoon. It was great to see boy brandon, who I meant eight years ago this same weekend, He got a taste of my floggers again. Also was able to flog Geary, who has become on of my regular and always the most intense flogging all afternoon. But the best was reserved to James, Twister Pup, who had a real cathartic experience. In addition he got 31 swats on his butt for his 31st birthday.

To copse the weekend, we invited our host Master Tip for dinner and then to rest our aching bodies. We returned home on Monday.

Happy Birthday, slave mordecai

Today is the 22nd birthday of slave boy mordecai. We had classes tonight so we will plan a special dinner over the weekend. he came to us almost two years ago shortly after turning 20.

slave mordecai moved in

After a full year in college with visits to our home, slave boy mordecai is back home. He is taking summer classes but now he is living with us. It is good to have the boy back!