Mar 2014

A special celebration for a milestone

Fifteenth years ago this month, I drove all the way to Atlanta to attend the International Master/slave Contest and Weekend, an event most often referred to as "MAsT 99" or "Atlanta 99". That event is considered the first educational event on Master/slave relationships. That event changed my life.

On that weekend of March 19 - 21, 1999, Master Taino was born. I found my path on Mastery and the journey began. I met the two people who inspired my journey: Guy Baldwin and Master Steve from Butchmanns, a man I considered my mentor. That event also inspired me to produce five years later the Master/slave Conference, which followed the educational goals created in 1999.

Today, I celebrated at my home those 15 years accompanied by my slaves, members of my Leather Family and a small group of close friends. Life is a Journey. And my Journey has been awesome! And my Journey continues! Thanks to all of those who have made my journey a better one and to all of those who I have met during these past fifteen years. I have learned a lot in these 15 years, and I hope that somehow, I have been able to touch and pass some of that knowledge to others in our community.

MTTA Academy - slave Training 50

This past weekend, our MTTA Academy completed an amazing milestone: our slave Training #50 in over 12 years of existence. In addition, the Academy has held 21 Master Training Weekends.

This time we have a full class of ten great slave girls from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and Alabama, We have had awesome classes throughout the year. Every class is unique. This one, I would say, was a class in which those girls, to their credit, worked the hardest to get the max from the experience we offered.

MAsT 99 - 15 years later

A day like today fifteen years ago, I travel to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the 7th Annual International Master/slave Contest and Weekend. Even that this was the seventh M/s contest, it was the very first event solely dedicated to education on Master/slave relationships.

The Universe took me there. That weekend Master Taino was born. That weekend the journey of Mastery really started for me.

Today, almost everything I have done in the M/s community can be traced to the MAsT 99 experience. From the foundation of the MAsT Washington DC chapter right after the event, meeting my mentor and the person who guided my journey, Master Steve from Butchmanns, the friendship with Guy Baldwin, whose writings and conversations have been instrumental to my journey, the foundation of my Master/slave academy in 2001 (known today as MTTA Academy), the foundation of the Master/slave Conference in 2004, event that was created to the image of MAsT 99 and finally the foundation that same year of MTTA, the educational non-for-profit that took over the Academy and the Conference.

Cannot believe it has been 15 years since that amazing life-changing experience.

South Plains Leather Fest

Another South Plains Leather Fest this past weekend. Another International Master/slave Contest. And this was a great celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the International M/s Contest. For the first time in ten years, our Northeast region were not represented as we did not have any contestants during MsC 2013.

Four members of our MTTA board were in attendance: Master David, Lady Lynette, slave lara (with Lord Brick) and myself. We spend some great time together particularly at Pappadeaux, my favorite seafood restaurant. On Sunday evening a great group including Lady Lynette, Lord Brick and slave lara, Master Francis and slave boo, Mistress LC and slave ashley and myself. Lobster bisque and Costa Rican Mahi with scallops and shrimps for me, Great food.

The weekend was highlighted by networking with old and new friends. Enjoyed great conversations over the weekend with Master David Walker and slave raven, Master Obsidian, Master George and slave bren, Liza and jody, Master Andy from Ottawa, Master Wolf, Master Francis and slave boo, slave erich, Catherine Gross, Master Skip and slave Rick, slave Caroline and Peter, and so many others.

This was my 12th connective SPLF since 2003 when the contest moved to Dallas. It was also my 16th consecutive International Contest and the 17th out of the last 18.

Coversation III

This is always a special day for me. A day in which I open my home to have a conversation with a group of Master and slave and other kinky folks. This time was an even more special as I knew all of those in attendance, from Family members (Sir Robert and slave jenna), and six members or pledges of the ONYX Mid-Atlantic club and a couple from Upstate New York who attended last year’s MTTA Retreat.

Six hours answering questions! Long day but it was a great conversation and I was glad to hear good feed back from the attendees.