May 2014

After nine years, slave david moves on

Two days ago, slave david and I had a conversation where we finally agreed that it was the right time for him to move on and end our close-to-nine-year Master/slave relationship.

slave david left this morning and moved to Philadelphia where he has a potential new job opportunity.

It is never easy to let a slave go, and one who has serve for almost nine years, it is even more difficult, but it was the right time. I have learned to let go the things that I cannot control and at the same time to look forward to a brighter future. So I am wishing the best to my now former slave and I look forward to exciting years ahead, Life goes on.

Trout Lake

From the Bay Area, I flew on Tuesday to Portland, Oregon where the former Master Steve from Butchmanns picked me up. It was so great to see him again, the man I considered my mentor and my inspiration, the man that I hold responsible for who I am today and what I am doing in the Master/slave Community.

He lives know in a small town in the middle of nowhere, well in southern Washignton State, close to the state line with Oregon. He lives a quiet life with an organic farm and a B&B. I fulfill my goal to see the man again and to be able to spend hours talking and listening to his wisdom once again.

The place was a little paradise next to the awesome Mount Adams. This is a place to be at peace, rest, enjoy Mother Nature. breath fresh air and drink natural water.

These past five days were a gift, another coming from that great man.

Northwest Leather Celebration

This past weekend, I attended for the second time the Northwest Leather Celebration in San Jose, CA. This was the sixth year for NWLC. Sir Fuego accompanied me to the event.

It was a bit different because of the recent passing of Ms. Margaret, its Executive Producer. I cannot helped but feeling her presence at all times and at the same time missing her dearly. I had the chance to talk and give a good hug to her slave Erich which was amazing taking care of everything while mourning his loss. It is always good to see a good slave carrying on the legacy of his Master.

My class, selected by Ms. Margaret before her passing, was the “Journey of the Master”. We had a packed room even that it was scheduled for 9 AM and I have a great feed-back as well. The Lady knew her business.

It was good to see so many good friends from the Bay Area and beyond.

On Sunday late afternoon, they held a Memorial for Ms. Margaret. The memorial was simple, short but very powerful and emotional. Room was full and many people standing around. No question how much love there is for the Tea Lady. Just the result of how much she loved all of us during her life. The altar had displayed her boots, cover and vest, and of course, the tea set, among other items.

San Francisco May 10-20

I spent the last ten days in the Bay Area hosted by my fellow Puerto Rican, Sir Fuego, a member of our Leather Family since 2012.

We had some quality times together including catching a couple of Giants baseball games last week and going to a nice Puerto Rican restaurant in San Rafael, California. We also had dinner withe Master Munter and his slave jody.

Thursday evening I did my presentation “Living Real and Authentic Lives” at the SF Citadel with a good attendance. Have gotten good feed back from several attendees.