Oct 2014

mordecai's long hair is gone

The day finally arrived. For two and a half years, since the day he arrived at our home, slave boy mordecai, has been growing his beautiful hair.

Today finally the hair and the long pony tail was cut and gone for more than one reason: the boy needed a new look and as we planned all along, we wanted to donate the hair for kids with cancer. The hair will be donated to Locks of Love in Florida.

Another Birthday!

This weekend I have been celebrating my 64th birthday. The actual day was Friday. The messages of “Happy Birthday” poured my wall on Facebook. slave paul and I went to a Thai cafe for lunch and then we had a Puerto Rican dinner at home with the pasteles that Master Francis and leave boo brought last week.

On Sunday, we have a formal dinner with Sir Robert and slave jenna, the parents of slave paul, slave dustin who was visiting to get to know the family this weekend, and of course, slave paul and slave boy mordecai.

slave paul wrote a very nice letter that encompass our great master/slave relationship.

Memorial for slave david

Today we held a memorial to celebrate the life of my former slave david, who passed recently in an accident. slave jenna did an amazing job in putting together the event and slave cita did a great video tribute to him. Again, a good number of friends from our Master/slave community were in a attendance and many shares their memories of slave david.

Herr Wes and slave celia spent the weekend here in order to attend the memorial.

Master Francis and slave boo visited on Friday and brought me two dozen of Puerto Rican pastels. Wow, that was something. We have pastels for a while!

Baltimore Playhouse opens

Finally, our dear family members, Sir Robert and slave jenna opened the Baltimore Playhouse, a new and amazing venue for our kinksters from the Baltimore and DC area. Huge building, Well equipped. The pre-inaugural evening was for those donors who helped in the early stages with the project. It was great to be there and to be among so many grok friends.