Sep 2014

San Francisco

As have been my tradition of many years, I took my pilgrimage to the Gay and Leather Mecca, San Francisco, for Leather Week and Folsom Street Fair.

As always it was an amazing week among friends from the City by the Bay. Once more, Sir Fuego hosted me in his lovely home.

Folsom was another awesome event and as I have been doing for the last four years, I spend the days flogging at the booth of my friend Panther Prowls.

The accident and passing of slave david

MsC 2014 ended with a sad note. My former slave david, who was in my service from 2005 to early this summer, had an accident Sunday evening in his scooter driving back home from work in Philadelphia. After 24 hours in life-support, slave david passed at 9:35 this evening. He just turned 50 last month.

Most of the MsC attendees remember slave david as the Office Manager of the event for many years, This year he attended Thursday to Saturday only as he had to returned to Philadelphia for work on Sunday, He also was in charge of putting together MsC online registration system and was the web designer for this year MsC website as well as the MTTA website. He was the recipient of the slave bill Volunteer Award 2012.

When news about the accident broke last night, the twelve members of my Leather Family in attendance for MsC gathered in the Sanctuary to mourn and support each other surrounded by our close friends. As sad as it was, there was something special of seeing all my family there together supporting each other.

The love I have been given since has been amazing. Something I will never forget.

Like any other relationship, slave david and I had our ups and downs but we did care for each other and give each other nine years of our lives. When he finally left for a new job and a new stage in his life to Philly, he did so with my blessing. Rest in peace my boy.