Aug 2012

MsC 2012 - Day One

Registration was busy all day. We have not have this many door registration in years which plowed us to get very close to the 500 mark,

The Conference began with the Meet and Greet Reception followed by the Opening Ceremony. The Candle-lighting Memorial was very powerful and one special candle was lit to remember all of our relatives who passed away this past year, including my mother, Master Skp’s mother and Cowboi Jen’s father, among others. Master Z delivered a very powerful Keynote Speech and Lord Brick debuted as an emcee alongside “veteran” slave raven.

That evening, Mistress May received her Master’s Cover in ceremony presided by Master David.

MsC is here; new family members inducted

People started arriving all day… presenters, attendees, staff, volunteers, vendors. The energy is felt right away.

MTTA held its annual Board Meeting with a dinner. IT was a four-hour meeting, a long one, but probably the most productive meeting in MTTA history.

In the late evening, the Family gathered at the Carter-Johnson Leather Library, already set at the hotel, to induct our three newest members: Sir Fuego, slave mordecai and slave aaron (Sir greg’s slave). Awesome ceremony. All three received their vest with the Famiiy patches as well as the belts with the handcuff buckle. slave mordecai also received his first earned leathers, a pair of boots. Other family members, Sir Ross and Sir Greg, also received their belts.

Moving to the hotel for MsC

The day is here, The entire family moved to the hotel to get ready for MsC 2012. We hold a meeting with the hotel staff and immediately start pouting together the office and registration areas. MsC has become a great family project and it is good to see both slave david and slave paul of fury engaged, I have to admit that without them, there is no way I can do this.

Fuego arrives

Sir Fuego arrived from San Francisco for a three-week visit. At the same time, slave paul and Sir Brian took the truck loaded with all the Conference material to the hotel.

Getting ready for MsC

An amazing group of volunteers gathered in our house to help putting together the registration bags, folding T-shirts and other registration material. They did a great job and everything was done smoothly and quickly. SIr Brian, MsC Operations chief, also arrived yesterday with his boy jonathan.

On another note, slave mordecai ended his internship and led today back to the university dorms, not far away from the home. But before he left, he received his new collar as a slave-in-service. he is a fin young man and I am very proud of him and what he accomplished during the summer. he will join us Thursday for MsC,

Black Beat

Traveled to Baltimore for Black Beat 10th Anniversary. Did a presentation "Misconcpetions in M/s" ad attended the banquet and the Keynote Speech by Mama Vi Johnson, Then it came the big surprise when I was honored with the "Vi Johnson Award". I humbly accept the awards that I have received, but an award named after someone that I respect, admire, learn from and love is even more special.

slave david goes to Kansas City

slave david flew to Kansas City for a wedding of his niece. he can use some days off.

Joint MAsT Meeting

We have a joint meeting of all the MAsT chapters of the DC-MD-VA area. Sir Stephen did a nice presentation on Spirituality and Master/slave relationships. After that we hold a meeting of the Executive Committee for MsC with Lady Lynette and Sir Stephen. The big event is approaching fast.

Happy birthday everyone!

Everybody's birthday! We had a nice dinner to celebrate slave david 48th Birthday. slave paul prepared a nice Lasagna and david's favorite German Chocolate cake. Master J and slave sarah joined us. Today also is the birthday of Lady Lynette and my former slave neil, so did some calls as well.

kabba comes to visit

kabba, a nice young black boy interested in exploring his slavery, visited and spend the day with the family. slave mordecai enjoyed having someone his age group around.