Dec 2012

Holiday Dinner at Castle Griffin

This evening we were invited to a nice dinner at Castle Griffin hosted by Master Griffin and slave ann, and their Leather Family. Master Don and his slave were also guests. It was a lovely evening of good food and good conversation, Thanks so much to our friends for the invitation.

MTTA / MAsT Holiday Party

Today we hosted our traditional Holiday Party for the staff of MTTA programs including the Academy and MsC, together with the members of MAsT Washington. We have over 30 people in attendance and we had a great time.

slave paul did again an awesome job at the kitchen with the help of slave david. The food was great and our guest did go for it.

slave mordecai spent part of the weekend here but mostly working on a school project. He was able to spare some time to enjoy the party as well.


WIth my slave david and paul, we spent the afternoon at the movies watching “Lincoln”. Powerful movie. An extremely piece of our history.

MAsT Baltimore Holiday Party

The Family had a great time today at the MAsT Baltimore Holiday party at Master David’s home. The food was great. As usual, my Puerto Rican rice was all gone as well as the wonderful mini-pumpkin pies that slave paul baked. Conversation was awesome with so many good friends. And yes, that white elephant gift exchange was fun. slave paul brought home some nice stuff for the kitchen. Thanks to slave t for “stealing” that jewelry box from my hands. LOL

This was the first event in which I was able to show my new ink. Still healing but my friends like it.

My first ink

Today I drove with Sir Fuego to Frederick, Maryland to get my first tattoo. The artist was Capt, Gordon, a member of our BDSM community. The experience was neat… the pain was bearable and the tattoo looks good. It is the Taino Sun in the center of my family crest. It was tattooed in my left arm. As soon as it is healed, we will post some pictures. Sir Fuego could not resist begin in the Tattoo parlor and he got a smaller tattoo with a “zipper” on his butt.

MTTA Academy - Master Training Weekend

An amazing weekend at the MTTA Academy. We had eleven Masters in this 19th Class, most of them below the age of 36, so I named the class the ‘TNG Class”. Amazing energy, a hunger for learning, insatiable questioning, great courage and much more. The growth of the Academy is just amazing. This is the first training of our twelfth year since our foundation in October 2001.

Our family member, Sir Fuego, attended from San Francisco. slave paul continues doing an amazing job as majordomo and sous chef. Without him, the Academy could be so organized as it has become. slave mordecai was in the staff for the first time and did a great job. All the faculty and staff was very pleased with the class. I am dead tired but very happy and fulfilled.