Feb 2012

Slave Training Weekend XLV

Another great slave Training Weekend, number 45!!! The Academy is in its 11th year and going stronger than ever. My new trainee slave beau was one of the participants as well as slave aaron, owned by Sir Greg, and slave pup adam, who has been under consideration by Sir Silas. We had our first ever attendee from Havana, Cuba.

Eagle Scarlet Bake Sale

We did go to the DC Eagle for the 41st annual Scarlet Bake Sale which this year raised over $9,000 for gay charity. slave paul and slave beau did attend with me and we had a nice relaxing and fun time.

A Conversation with Master Taino

We hold our first "Conversation with Master Taíno" event at my house. We had a great group of people who asked me all kind of questions on Master/slave relationships for six hours. I did enjoy this format as it really became a conversation instead of the typical presentation or class. slave paul with the assistance of the new trainee, slave beau, put together a nice lunch and had snacks and drinks all day for the attendees. Thanks to all for coming!

Welcome slave beau

At 4 PM this afternoon, I picked up slave beau at Dulles International Airport. he is the new slave-in-training in our family and household. I met slave beau in San Francisco during Folsom Street Fair this past September. I was flogging at the Panther Prowls' booth and slave beau was the first one to come for a flogging. he then called me the same afternoon and we met in Castro the following day and talk for several hours. We have not stop talking since.
This evening, he received his collar as a slave-in-training.