Jan 2012

Congrats Mama Vi!

Big day for our dear Mama Vi Johnson. Just a week after she received the Master Steve Golden Paintbrush Award in Phoenix (the same award I received last year), she was selected for the Leather Leadership Award granted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force during its convention in Baltimore, Maryland. Our organization was represented by Master David, our vice-president and myself. More than 60 Leathermen from the Washington-Baltimore area were there as part of the ceremony. It was an awesome experience.
It was good to see boy matthew (my former slave matt) at the event.
After the event, Master David, slave justin and myself hold an meeting of the MsC Education Committee and began the process of selecting classes for the next conference.

B.H.T. Grant Reception

Today I joined Master J and my club brothers at the Brother Help Thyself annual grant reception. I presented a check to BHT for over $1,000 as a donation from MTTA and the collection during Ms 2011. I also represented the Defenders as members of the BHT Board, alongside our President, Fred B. Good event! BHT distributed over $100K to the grant recipients.

You will be missed Cooper

Very sad day. I got word this morning that an awesome young pup from San Francisco who I met at a play party of the 15th Association passed away last week. He was only 19! Copper was a fine young man, a great pup in service to his Trainer, and also possessed awesome skills with floggers and whips. That was precisely what called my attention when I saw him flogging at the 15th. To my surprise, his style was very close to mine. I approached him after his scene and complimented him for his skills. He was extremely respectful and humbly appreciative of my comments.
Last month I received a call from him asking me if I would mentor someone from DC who he has been talking to and he feels that he needed help. As 19, he was concerned about helping others.
It is sad that we are losing good quality young man who were poised to be great leaders and follow us in this path. It is sadder for the fact that these deaths are preventable.

Southwest Leather Conference

Southwest Leather Conference. Master David and I flew together to Phoenix for another SWLC, one of my favorites events of the Master/slave Network. It was great to see so many friends mostly from the southwest and California.
Two highlights for the weekend:
Reconnecting with Steve from Tucson. We met three years ago at the same event and we have grown closer. This time he allowed me to give a cathartic flogging to his boy zach. I also was able to have a very intense scene with Sam, a friend of Steve. It was great as well to meet Rich, who is his best friend. On Sunday, Steve asked me to mentor him and I did accept. I look forward to help him in his journey as I do believe he is a real and authentic Dom and a great soul.
A Puerto Rican young man reached out to me in the dungeon Saturday evening and we clicked right away and had a wonderful time. He received his first Cathartic Flogging and we had an awesome exchange of energy. He is a bisexual dominant who was extremely submissive to me.

Hello slave nando

This week I took under my protection a new slave boy, slave nando from Miami, Florida. slave nando and I have been talking since October and I have help him to get out of his shell. He is a remarkable man with a lot of potential to develop himself as a great slave. We have something in common as he is Puerto Rican as I am.


Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend, the only event which I have attended without interruption for 20 years. Good social gathering, meeting many old friends from all over, and missing those who did not make it.

Sir Greg & slave aaron go back home

Sir Greg and slave aaron left today, back to Indianapolis. slave aaron will be back next month to attend the MTTA Academy. We are all so glad to have Sir Greg as part of my family.

Defenders Holiday Party

Today was the Holiday party of my leather club, the Defenders. Great time with good food and good talk. Master J was one of our guests and we have some great time together. It seems almost incredible that I joined the club 20 years ago.

Happy New Year to all our Leather Family and friends!

We held last night our traditional New Year's Eve Dinner and Celebration. We started this tradition exactly ten years ago in 2001, the same night I collared slave neil.

This one was a very special one as it became a celebration of our Leather Family. In attendance there were all the members of the houseold (myself and my slaves david and paul), Master J, the Senior Master, Sir Silas (Junior Master), her slave jaded, her husband and his trainee, Phantom, and his pup adam, as well as Sir Greg and his slave aaron. The only absence was Sir Ross who had a minor car accident while leaving New York City and could not make it to the activity.

We prepared our traditional Puerto Rican holiday dinner with roasted pork, rice, green bananas, and several delicious deserts. This year, slave paul took the lead in the cooking under my guidance and saved me a lot of time a grief. He did an awesome job in the kitchen and setting everything else.

After dinner, we have a couple of ceremonies. First Sir Silas presented his slave jaded with her new earned boots. Then we proceeded to welcome Sir Greg as the newest member of the Leather Family with the title of Junior Master. Sir Greg and I met briefly during CLAW in April and then he attended the MTTA Academy where we connected. After that he asked me to mentor him which lead to the invitation to be part of a family. He is a fine young man and will be an asset to our Family and to the Leather & Master/slave Community.

Finally we all gather to receive the new year 2012! All in Family!

2012 began with a bang. Sir Silas asked me to flog his new pup adam. So within 30 minutes of the new year, here I was in the dungeon doing what I do best.... flogging. Awesome scene and awesome exchange of energy.. and yes an awesome catharsis to end it. WOOF to the pup!

After the flogging, some of us got into the hot tub to relax until 3 AM.

In the morning, after Sir Paul served breakfast for the whole family, Sir Silas again asked me to take slave pup adam to the dungeon and we took it where we left it the night before. Good boy!

Sir Silas and his household left in the middle of the afternoon while Sir Greg and slave aaron are staying until Wednesday.