Jul 2012

MAsT DC Pan Gathering

The whole family went to Master J for a MAsT DC Pan social. It was a great evening with good friends and good food.


Went to Philadelphia with slave mordecai for an afternoon baseball game.

Gay Men's Health Summit Presentation

Did a presentation at the Gay Men's Health Summit being held this weekend in DC. This was my "Introduction to Leather" to folks who are not into the lifestyle.

Slave Training Weekend XLVII

MTTA Academy's slave Training Weekend. Seven male slaves attended this weekend Academy including my slave intern, mordecai. It was a very good class. At the end, slave mordecai received his slave intern collar.

Fuego goes back home

Fuego left this morning after two great weeks at our home. Everyone in our Family and friends like him. His visit was very special for me. He will be back for MsC for two weeks.

MAsT Washington Meeting

Fuego and slave mordacai attended their first MAsT Washington meeting. A great discussion on responsibility and surrender as key to M/s.

Camp Wacka-Wee-Wee

The whole family drove to Lady Lynette's home in Hayes, VA for her traditional annual Camp Wacka-Wee-Wee. Very hot day but Lady Lynette and slave llamb made sure we keep ourselves cool. Great food and great conversation. Then great play. slave mordecai had his second flogging scene, this time in a semi-public setting and tied up between two trees. Another great experience for the young slave boy. Then Lady Lynette and Fuego teamed up to whip my slave paul from both sides of this body. That was an awesome scene to watch and a great energy exchange.

slave mordecai goes home

slave mordecai arrived home today. he is here for the next two months as a slave intern. The boy is a 20 year-old heterosexual college student. After a successful three day-two night visit two weeks ago, we all decided he was a good fit to be a slave intern.