Jun 2012

T.E.S. Fest

TES Fest in Piscataway, New Jersey. Fuego and my slave paul accompanied me to TES Fest this year. Another awesome event. Offered two classes: Leather Families and Misconceptions and the new "concept" of Office time was a success as I had two individuals who came to talk with me for the length of the period.
The dungeon was fun as well. On Friday I had an awesome and intensive scene with nick, whom I had flogged just two weeks earlier at Folsom East. Then Fuego had a flogging scene with my slave paul. Then Doctor Charley, another Puerto Rican, and I did a fire play scene on Fuego. That was the first time I did Fire Play. It was great and the fact that all three of us were Puerto Rican, made the energy even more special.
On Saturday, I was "bought" in the Celebrity Auction to do a Cathartic Flogging. So that was my first flogging of the evening. Then Fuego broke my new single tail doing a hot scene on slave paul as I watched. Later on, I was able to flog slave echo, a recent alumnus from the Academy.
I was glad to be able to talk, meet and mentor several individuals who reached out to me. Also was good to run into old friends and make some new ones.


Fuego and I attended a great Puerto Rican musical in the Gala Hispanic Theater in DC. He had a good reconnection with our culture and we both had a blast.

Welcome Fuego

Fuego, a good Puerto Rican friend from San Francisco, arrived this evening to spent two weeks with our family.

Welcome Mordacai

We have the visit of a young college student, Mordacai. he spent three days in the house as a try-out to become a summer slave intern next month.

Checking out the new hotel

On my drive home, I dropped by the Crowne Plaza to see the new remodeled lobby. Awesome. It is like to be at a new hotel. It will be a great upgrade for our Master/slave Conference.

Folsom Street East Fair

We set up our booth for MTTA and my cross for an afternoon of flogging. Weather was awesome like spring, not summer. Starting with a flogging to slave paul, followed by about ten other guys, gay and straight, including a gay couple and some repeats from previous years.

Leather Pride Night in New York

slaves david and paul joined me in New York. Also, slave jay from NYC spend the evening with us. We had dinner at Times Square followed by Leather Pride Night at the awesome XL Club. Great evening. I have been part of this event for about 12 years consecutive years.

Presentation in New York

Dinner with Sir Ross and his new girl, followed by my presentation before Dom/sub Friends at Paddles. It was a good crowd for my class. After it, we hold a surprised Birthday party for Sir Viktor, the leader of DsF. The party became really a tribute for his contributions to the fetish BDSM community. Well deserved.

Off to New York

Drive to New York City. Once again being hosted by Master Bear Robert and his slave paul in Jersey City.

S.E.L.F. Highlights

Excellent time at SELF. My ninth SELF out of 17. Not bad. My two classes "Misconceptions" and "Mentoring" went well. Spent good time with old and new friends. Good to see Ms Jan on Saturday with her two girls. Good flogging scene with slave celia. that is a special girl and have a special place in my heart.


I flew to Atlanta with my titleholders, Master Griffin and slave ann, to attend SELF.
In the evening I was able to visit and have dinner with Ms Khiki and slave jez. We had a wonderful time. What a great house. They are happy and I am happy for them.

Goodbye slave beau

slave beau left the household today effectively ending his training period. He decided to return to San Francisco to pursue a Ph D degree. he missed the Bay Area and I can understand that. I will miss him. We are in excelleent terms and I will keep him under my protection.