Mar 2012

Master Training XVIII

The 18th MTTA Master Training took place this weekend with 12 outstanding masters. Another amazing event of our MTTA Academy, now in its eleventh year.

Sir Greg's FetLife blog

Sir Greg made a huge step forward in a healing process from a childhood abuse experience. He came out with the details of his childhood incident in a journal entry made public in his FetLife profile. I was the first person ever that he told about what happened to him and I have been helping him to heal through cathartic flogging sessions. I am so proud of him. I am proud of his courage, and I am proud of having him in my life and a member of my Leather Family.

M.T.T.A. Meeting

Long day for MTTA business. We gather at 10 AM for a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Master/slave Conference followed by the mid-year Meeting of the MTTA Board of Directors. Good to see Sir Ross again.


South Plains Leather Fest in Dallas, Texas. Master David, orja and myself flew together and had a nice turbulent arrival with bad weather in Dallas. Lady Lynette also join our MTTA delegation. Sir Greg, Junior Master in our family, joined us with his slave aaron and a new pup.
Master Griffin and slave ann represented our Northeast Region at the International Master/slave Contest and were the runner-up losing for just a couple of points.
We hosted a reception for MTTA on Friday night and we had a great time.
This is my ninth consecutive SPLF and 13th consecutive International Master/slave Contest going back to 1999 in Atlanta. I have been in 14 out of 19 contests.

slave beau heads back to San Francisco

slave beau returned to San Francisco for few weeks so we can finish some personal business before his full relocation with our family and household.

Colonial Kink

Colonial Kink in Williamsburg was a blast. Our family were treated with great care by its producers.
Some of the highlights was around Lady Lynette's family. On Friday she collared her new slave maggie with a selected group of her Leather Family and friends present. On Saturday, Lady Lynette received the second 'Master Taíno's Walking the walk of the Master Award", which meant a lot to both of us and then her slave llamb received the Master David Cook Award.
It was great to spend time with Sir Silas and the members of his household, slave jaded and phantom, Lia, as well as slave pup adam.
I offered three classes which was well received and did some flogging to my slave paul, slave pup adam, a girl who won the raffle for a Cathartic Flogging) and finally slave beau during the class and a young Master right after the class. All of them were very special and unqiue. Powerful weekend all around.