May 2012

slave david's new car

slave david got a new car and he is a happy camper.

Laying my mother to rest

In a lovely morning and a small ceremony, the ashes of my mother were laid to rest.

Homeward bound

Before headed to the airport to return home, I had breakfast in Castro with Fuego. slave beau and I had a good flight back with some bumpy times over the Rockies, but we landed safely and slave david picked us up. Good to be back home.

Lunch in San Rafael

Fuego invited me to go to San Rafael, at the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, to have lunch at a great Puerto Rican restaurant. OMG. The food was delicious as well as our conversation.

Highlights from San Francisco

While having coffee at the Starbucks at Castro, I got a call from Fuego. He joined me minutes later and we were able to catch up with each other. That was a great conversation with my fellow Puerto Rican. Master Bob joined us as well for more talk.
At the WOW store, I was able to get some old Leather Mags for Mama Vi and her Library. She was happy to hear what I found.

Northwest Leather Celebration

Northwest Leather Celebration in San Jose, CA. This was the first time I attend and present at this event, one of the five regional events that form the Master/slave Network. I presented two classes: 'Misconceptions" and 'Masters in Service". They were very well received. It was good to see so many good friends. Kudos to Ms Margaret and slave Erich for a well run event.
When leaving the hotel to go back to San Francisco, I got a call from Sir Greg to let me know he won the International Mr. Olympus Leather in Los Angeles. I am very proud of him and very proud of having him in my Family.

Presentation at the SF Citadel

I presented "Transition from BDSM to Master/slave" at the SF Citadel this evening. It was my third time presenting at that venue. It was nice to see Master Bob, Phil and a Puerto Rican friend, Fuego, who I met there six years ago.

San Francisco visit

slave beau and I traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area. slave beau went to visit his parents while I stayed a M/s couple, Patrick and patrick. I had lunch with my former boyfriend from 25 years ago who also was in town, That evening I went to the Ball park with Liza and jody for a Giants game.

Happy Mother's Day

First ever Mother's Day without my mother. But I had her ashes in my living room and that was special.

Castle Griffin sponsors "Day at the Library"

I was able to attend the "Day at the Library" sponored by Castle Griffin and aimed to students and TNGs from the University of Maryland. I had two Q&A sessions and was part of a elder panel alongside Mama Vi Johnson, Bob Rubel and Master Griffin. After that, we had a nice dinner at a local restaurant. I needed the distraction after the last rough couple of weeks.

Mother's funeral and closure

It has been a long week dealing with the loss of my mother. Most of the times I have been drained both physical and emotionally. Today, we held the Funeral Mass for her. I was very comforted to have at my side two of my adopted children, my closest cousin and her daughter, my three slaves, the parents of slave paul, Master J, Lady Lynette and Master David.
I was able to bring my mother's ashes to my house after the Mass. My slaves hosted a nice gathering at my home.

Mother passes away

A call at 4 AM in the morning woke me up with the news that my mother was gone. Was able to get to her house and kiss her forehead while still warm. Finally at 8 AM, gave her the last kiss before she was taken to the funeral home.
Very special to be back home by 8:30 to a house full of Leather Family, with my slaves, the faculty and the staff -- specially my dear brothers Master David and Lady Lynette - and the slave participants. Each one gave me a hug.

Last time with my mother

Spent the afternoon sitting at the bed side of my mother's bed while holding her hand. She was not in pain now, and getting ready to depart to the promised land. (That was the last time I saw her alive)

Saying "Goodbye"

Again at the side of my mother who has in deep sleep. I was able to talk to her ear and got the feeling she heard me. That was my farewell.
At the same time, the slave Training was opening at the Academy in my house.

Visit to my mother

Visited my mother and realized we were losing her. She is 94 and was heavily sedated to control her pain.