Nov 2012


Our Leather Family held a nice Thanksgiving dinner at 2 PM this afternoon. The chef was my slave paul who did an amazing job. Tender and juicy turkey, my favorite mashed sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, glazed baby carrots, mashed squash, cranberries, a glass of wine and two amazing pumpkin pie and apple pie.

Our celebration was with six people: Myself, my slaves david and paul, one of my adult children, and the special guests were slave paul's parents. slave mordecai spent the day with his family.

The mix of our Leather Family with our children and parents is always special for us. It shows the support our Leather Family has from our own families (or at least from some of them, as not all of our families support us).

After his parents left, I whispered to slave paul how lucky he was to be able to be open with his parents and receive their love and support.

It was special for me, when his mother told me over dinner how happy she was that paul has found a place and a family to belong.

Tattoo decision

Since my 62th birthday four weeks ago, I have been thinking in having my first tattoo made. Finally this morning I made the arrangement with Capt. Gordon, a friend from Frederick, MD who also did the “family crest” tattoo on my slave david three years ago. The date will be in just two weeks, Tuesday, December 4. The tattoo will be the Taino sun which is the center of our family crest,

MAsT DC Pan 10th Anniversary

The three slaves and myself attended the MAsT DC Pan’s 10th Anniversary Party at the Crucible. There we join our family member, Master J, the founder of MAsT DC Pan. We had an awesome time. slave mordecai was the “victim” of tickle torture by slave david as well as lave jenna and slave nyteMare. He was fun. After that, he got a much needed Cathartic Flogging from his Master.

It was a fantastic afternoon among friends. Good crowd, good food and lots of joy. Way to spend a good Sunday afternoon.

Philadelphia Leather Pride

We traveled on Saturday to Philadelphia for PLPN. The evening was great. Jo Arnone did another awesome option. I presented the Leather Archives and Museum and the Carter-Johnson Leather Library with $853 each. The funds were collected among the attendees for MsC 2012.

Good to see Vi Johnson and Laura Antoniou among many others. Found out that Laura is half Puerto Rican so the conversation was mostly of food. even the idea of a Kinky Cook Book came out in the conversation. A highlight of the evening was to tell the women who were selling raffle tickets to get jake, a handsome young friend who displaying just a thong to measure me if they wanted me to buy the tickets. Jake readily agreed and he did awesome.. as expected.

On Sunday I offered my class on “the reality of Abuse in Ms/ Relationships”.

Another flogging

I have Dave over for another flogging experience. He is a 22 year-old straight man I met at BR last month and was able to flog him during DC Fetish Ball that same weekend. He joined my family for dinner first. slave mordecai also was at home for the evening After dinner we have a very intense and powerful exchange of energy through an awesome flogging experience. Excellent connection. After the aftercare, all three ps us got in the hot tub for some relaxing time.

Election Night

What a day! After voting this afternoon, it was just a matter of waiting. And just before the day was over, it was confirmed. The country reelected President Obama for a second term. Also, three states voted for marriage equality for gay people and Wisconsin elected the first openly gay senator. I slept late, but good.

Healing flogging

slave mordecai brought a fellow student for a Cathartic Flogging experience. She had some difficult experiences that needed to let go. Her boyfriend came along to support her. She did wonderful and had a great healing release. Got an e-mail from her about how good and lighter she has been feeling since the experience.