Oct 2012

Storm Sandy

Storm Sandy visited us particularly through the night. A lot of rain and gusty winds, but we went through it without any major problems. Just the well from the slave quartets winder need to have the water pumped.

Because of the storm, Lady Lynette and I decided to postpone this weekend’s Master Training at the Academy. We rescheduled it for November 20 to December 2.

Leather History Conference

Today I traveled with slave paul to Greensboro, North Carolina to attend the Leather History Conference. Unfortunately slave david could not make the trip as he has been sick for the whole week and slave mordecai had last ,omits school projects that also impeded him to attend. This is the second LHC produced by my dear friends Master Rick and slave gypsie.

We had dinner with Ms Jan and her family. That was a nice start to the weekend. Mama Vi and boi robi were there with the Library. boy matthew (my former slave matt) also attended and we had an opportunity to talk a bit. Always good to see him. As well as so many friends like Master ALex Keppeler, David Stein, Master Z, Ms Khiki and jez, Master Robert and jenna, among so many others. After the Cigar Party, I was able to do two scenes with a couple. A nice young girl asked me to flog her and then I whip her Master as well.

62nd Birthday

Today I celebrated my 62nd Birthday. I guess I am officially now a Senior Citizen.

We had a lovely formal family dinner that slave paul put together. Master J and slave sarah joined my slaves david, paul and mordecai.

It has been a great life, I am happy in my journey. Living a real and authentic life is the best way to live

DC Fetish Ball

For the second consecutive year, I attended the DC Fetish Ball. I took slave mordecai with me. This was a first for the 20 year-old slave.

I ran into David, a straight young guy from Southern Maryland, who I met briefly at BR on Friday. We talked about flogging and ended up having a great flogging experience. Good energy, Nice young man. Of course, slave mordecai also had his opportunity to be flogged. It was a good evening and a good party.

BR 25

BR 25 began yesterday. I was part of the celebrity Auction. I offer a Cathartic Flogging experience to the highest bidder. But we ended up having two winners as I allowed the runner up to match the winner. Raised twice as much money for the BR designated charities. I flogged one of the winners last night at the play party, The other one will come to my home dungeon.

Today I offered my class ‘Transition from BDSM to M/s”. Well attended and well receoebd.

Back home, slave mordecai arrived to spend the weekend with us. Also Sir Greg was int own and came for dinner with a boy he was visiting.