Sep 2012

Back home!

Long flight back home. But I did write most of my upcoming Keynote Speech for the Leather History Conference. slave david picked me up. Good to be back home.


last night and this evening were times for baseball. Sir Fuego and I went to see the NL West Champs Giants. Last nite some of his friends joined us, This evening, Ms Liza, International Master 2011, and her son made otto the game with us. Love the ballpark and love my Giants.

Folsom Street Fair

The big day is here! For the second consecutive year, I was hosted by my friend Panther. I spend the whole day flogging boys and some girls , gay and straight alike, at Panther ProwLs’ booth. Always fun. One of the surprises was to see and flog boy eric from Pennsylvania again. In total, I worked on more than 20 backs and some chests. Some boys were novices but loved the experience. slave beau was handy always in service.

Giants clinch NL West!

In order to survive Folsom Street Fair, I have to take it easy on Saturday. When I realized that the Giants were about to clinch the NL West pennant, I decided to watch the game at Sir Fuego’s home and go to bed early. the Giants won and I had a good eight hour sleep.

Also today was slave tommy’s 11th anniversary. My late slave left us 11 years ago. Hard to believe. As it has been my tradition, I called tommy’s mother.

The 15th Party

Almost at every visit I make to San Francisco, I attend a 15th Association play party. This year was no exception. I had a wonderful time. I really like the new SF Citadel space. Did a couple of heavy flogging scenes. slave beau was all over making himself available to serve.

Cleo and Fakir

We went this evening to the Center for Sex and Culture in the SOMA neighborhood. Mama Vi has her Library on display for a full week, a first in San Francisco.

This evening Cleo Dubois and Fakir had a power point presentation on their history which is obviously link to the Leather History and the city. I was amazed on how much of the presentation I can related to, Gee, I have been around for two decades and now I am part of that history as well. Lot to think about. Great presentation. Bravo for Cleo and Fakir.

LDG Fetish Fair

This evening, Sir Fuego and I attended the Leathermen Discussion Group Fetish Fair, a pre-Folsom event at the new SF Citadel. I was invited to do some flogging demos. I flogged slave beau and slave tulio, a brazilian slave who attended the Academy recently. It was great to see so many friends like the Patricks, Race Bannon, Master Mick and slave bill, Master Bob and Maestro Roberto, among many others.

San Francisco!

I flew today to San Francisco, my favorite city. Sir Fuego took an earlier flight. slave beau rested me at the airport and took me to get my rental car. A will be ten days in the City by the Bay hosted by Sir Fuego.

Farewell fo Master Jake

On our way back from Chesapeake, we stopped by Master Jake’s home. His leave laura was having a surprise farewell party for him and many of his friend attended. he is leaving for few months attending a school of diving. It was good to see boy mathew again, as well as many other friends.

TIED-VA event

We traveled yesterday to Chesapeake VA for my full-day presentation today before the TIED group. Sir Fuego and slave paul accompanied me. A full day of classes. It went very well. It is the second time I do this the of full day event. In the evening, I offered at the start of the play party, my Cathartic Flogging class.

Adams Morgan Day

Sir Fuego and I spend the afternoon at Adams Morgan Festival. That is one of the diverse DC neighborhood which hold an annual street festival with great food and nice people. We had a good relaxing time.

MsC 2012 - Day Four

Monday morning means Breakfast at MsC. This year we had Laura Antoniou doing the Q&A and she was hilarious, awesome as always.

I facilitated my roundtable on Leather Families which provoked good discussions.

After the closing ceremony, we honor our presenters, staff and volunteers with a reception in which the members of the MTTA Board served them the food. (Yes, that was Master J;s idea again, but an awesome idea).

MsC is over. Another success. Nine years and counting!

MsC 2012 - Day Three

The day started early. I was part of a last-minute panel with slave mordecai M/s relationships “Beyond Sexual Orientation”. it was amazing to see this young straight man, who just got to my house less than three months ago, talking freely about this relationship with a Gay Master.

In the afternoon, I presented for the first time my new class “The reality of Abuse in M/s Relationships”. Thanks to Sir Greg, slave david and slave jazelle for sharing their stories.

The evening was for the Northeast Master/slave Contest. A very, very close one. Master D and slave passion from MAsT Wilmington are the new titleholders.

Finally, I was able to preside over the COver Ceremony of Ms Jan from North Carolina. She was taken completely by surprise. This is a woman with a long history in our community who deserved to receive her Master’s Cover.

MsC 2012 - Day Two

Classes went all day. Together with Ms Jan, we facilitated a roundtable based on my class “Dealign with illness and death in M/s”. It was very powerful and it helped Ms Jan to deal with the recent loss of her slave megan.

The evening was perfect. Following the traditional Formal Leather Banquet, we held “Our Traditions Live! Program:, which this year was a Tribute to Leatherwomen. Our very own, Master J, was the speaker and she delivered a very passionate speech on the story of women to gain acceptance in the Leather community and how things evolved through the years.

The evening ended with the Cigar Party in which slave mordecai was jumping around all evening each time he received an electric jolt on his balls, The boys is just fun to watch. slave david was finally relaxing and enjoying himself.