December 31 - New Year's Eve! The day started with some bad news. While leaving New York City, Sir Ross has a car accident and had to return home not being able to make it to our Leather Family gathering.
Sir Greg and slave aaron arrived by noon from Indy and Sir Silas and his household were here by 6. Master J joined us a bit later.
slave paul did a superb job in preparing the food and setting up the tables for the formal New Year Eve's Dinner.
After dinner, we have a couple of ceremonies. First Sir Silas presented his slave jaded with her new earned boots. Then we proceeded to welcome Sir Greg as the newest member of the Leather Family with the title of Junior Master.
Finally we all gather to receive the new year 2012! All in Family!

December 18 - We hosted a Holiday Party for the staff of the Master/slave Conference and the MTTA Academy as well as members of MAsT Washington. slave paul did an awesome job preparing the food and the party. It is always good to spend social time among good friend and real Masters and slaves.

December 11 - Today was the Holiday Party of MAsT Baltimore at Master David's house in the Baltimore suburbs. Great party with great people and great food. slave paul and I attended as slave david had to work.

December 1-8 - A personal vacation in my homeland of Puerto Rico. I stayed in a small hotel in the center of the four-century old city of Old San Juan. That was a treat. Family, childhood friends, and some new boys. It was a fun week.

November 24 - Another Thanksgiving Day at home with our Family. slave paul was in charge of the dinner and he did a superb job. The turkey was delicious as everything else. Special points for an awesome pumpkin pie!
A tranquil day here with my slaves and one of my adult children. The other one was in a traffic nightmare and was not able to get here.

November 21 - Short vacation is over. I flew back home in the late afternoon.

November 20 - Rainy day in Indy. We had dinner at a gay restaurant in town.

November 19 - We were invited to the NLA private dungeon party at the house of Master Zarius and his slave talina, who had attended the MTTA Academy. From there we moved to the 501 Eagle Bar where there was a fund-raiser for the Leather Archives. Great crowd and I got to do some flogging scenes.

November 18 - Sir Greg took me for a sightseeing trip to downtown Indy. The only other occasion in which I visited Indy was for GLLA 2007 and did not get a chance to see the city.
In the evening, I had a presentation before the Indianapolis chapter of MAsT. It was a Q&A session and went well. The group asked very good questions.

November 17 - Flew this afternoon to Indianapolis in order to visit Sir Greg and his slave aaron. I have been mentoring him since the summer and we are getting closer. They live in a nice house in the Indy suburbs. They offered me a nice welcoming.

November 10-13 - Busy weekend at the MTTA Academy with another training weekend for female slaves. Powerful event. That is all I can say.

November 6 - Today we offered our class on Leather Families and we got a great response. A packed room and excellent questions from the attendees.
The full weekend was great and both slave paul and I had a great time.

November 5 - After lunch with Master Bear Robert and his family, I spent some time with a cute Korean college student who was just adorable. After that, did have good chat over coffee with Chris. He and his partner Jake, have a new boy and are interested in some mentoring. Good pair of guys. WOOF! slave paul and I had a nice dinner and then got ready for the evening. The evening brought the top event, a live and silent auction which raised around $10K for charity. Good to see Jo Arnone again. She is the best auctioneer in our community. After that, another evening at the Bike Stop, this time sponsored by the Keystone boys of Leather, presided now by boy zech. I ran into boy ethan, who I met in Atlanta earlier this year. We had a good time. Another adorable boy! Spend some good time with Chris and Jake again.

November 4 - slave paul and I drove to Philadelphia for the Philadelphia Leather Pride. On our way we stopped in Delaware to pick up boy chris.
Mama Vi has the largest display of the Library. It was awesome. We had a nice reception in the early evening and then a Kinky Karnival at the Bike Stop. Lots of good friends around.

October 24 - My 61th Birthday! A tranquil day, spend in part of my family, and then my slaves david and paul took me for dinner. Thanks to all who called me, and/or sent birthday cards, e-cards, e-mails and other messages of congratulations. Getting older and wiser.

October 23 - After the closing ceremony at noon, we drove home after a small but successful and, yes, historic event.

October 22 - The Leather History Conference does not provide classes but story tellers. I was invited and was able to "tell my story" at 1:30 PM. It was taped and it will be available. I hope to be able to include it here in my website.
Vi Johnson offered a short but powerful Keynote address.

The evening was for play party. After flogging slave gypsie on Friday, this evening I flogged boi robi, and them Robert's slave cheryl marie, and finally a hot, full-of-energy flogging scene with Robert, which was the highlight of my evening. He is one of those guys who I have a powerful exchange of energy during a flogging.

October 21 - slave david arrived from a two-day long drive from Tampa. Good to see so many good family and friends, in particular boy matthew (my former slave matt), Master Jake and slave laura, Mistress Khiki and slave jezebel, Vi Johnson and boi robi, Ms Jan, who just last week lost her slave megan to cancer, Evan from EF Leathercraft and girl nancy and her Master Paul gtom Lifestyle Sewing, Tasujin Paris and slave amelia, Mistress Mary and slave cita, Master Ron, and boy brandon, the boot black, among others. Also was great to see Robert, who I met and flogged a couple of years ago at SWLC in Phoenix.

October 20 - Drove in the evening to Wilmington, North Carolina to attend the3 first Leather History Conference. Upon arrival, Master Rick and slave gypsie, the producers, greeted me. They are family as well.

October 18 - A Master from Southeast Virginia, who won an auction for a Cathartic Flogging scene with me finally was able to make it here. Wow. Great scene! Each time a Master surrender to my flogging, he or she earns my deepest respect. I have never heard an individual to say thank you so many times after we are done.

October 14 - Mentoring Day! A young straight man who I met during this past Sunday's DC Fetish Ball spend several hours in my house in a great mentoring session. It is always good to reach out the the next generation. It is amazing the interest of these new kids and how hungry they are to learn. slave beau, who I met in San Francisco, submitted his petition to be in my service and will submit the formal application in the next few days. he seems a good candidate to join the family.

October 13 - For the third straight evening, I have a MAsT event. But this time it was the monthly munch of MAsT DC Pan. It was a great crowd of about 25 people. I had the opportunity to talk a lot with our new family member, Master J. Also David, one of my mentees was there, as well as many good friends. slave david drove to Tampa to visit his ailing sister. he will be back next week and join me in North Carolina for the Leather History Conference.

October 12 - I did have a presentation before the MAsT Manassas chapter which was celebrating their first anniversary. Nice people and a great Q&A session.

October 11 - Sir Greg and I started the day nicely. One of the straight subs who often comes to play with me was knocking our door at 8 AM. We have a very hot session with the boy. It is the second time I was able to have a second Master here to play with the same boy.
In the early afternoon, I dropped Sir Greg at the airport for his flight home back to Indianapolis.

We had our monthly MAsT Washington meeting this evening. A great discussion on applications and contracts.

October 9 - A great family gathering was held in the afternoon to welcome Master J (Joansie) to our Leather Family. She was accompanied by her two daughters, who make the ceremony even more meaningful to her. Sir Ross and slave martha came from New York and Sir Silas with his slave jaded and his partner Kim came from Virginia Beach. So for the first time, all seven members of our family were together. Lady Lynette came as our special guest as well as Sir Greg who has been visiting for the week. Master J received her vest with the family patch and the whole family had the opportunity to talk about what she has meant to us and the Kinky community at large. For me it was very special to welcome her in our Family as she has been a close friend and partner in all of our educational endeavors for more than a decade. She now has the title of Senior Master in our Family. In the evening, Sir Greg and I went to the DC Fetish Ball where I was invited to do some flogging demos. It was a great evening in a mostly hetero event. The highlight was to meet and flog Ben, a 23 y/o young man. His flogging was very special and he went in an awesome trip. I want to hear more from that boy. Good connection and better energy.

October 8 - After a year and a half in my service and about five months as part of my household, slave paul was accepted as my collared and owned slave. In a private ceremony in our dungeon, slave paul signed his contract and received his new permanent collar. The ceremony was witnessed by slave david and Sir Greg, my mentee who has been visiting with the family during this week.

October 7 - Day of sightseeing for Sir Greg. I took home to the Police Memorial where he found his great-grandfather's name in the memorial wall. I cooked a Puerto Rican dish for Sir Greg and my slaves and after, Sir Greg and I proceeded for a tour of the Washington Monuments which included the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, The Korean War Memorial, the World War II Memorial, the FDR and the new Martin Luther King Memorial. This last one was a first for me, as I have not have a chance to see the new monument to Dr. King. Back home, we had a great time in the hot tub in a very lovely evening.

October 6 - The house was a mess as we have a contractor over for the final repairs of the damage caused by the recent storms. I took Sir Greg to the DC Eagle where the DC boys of Leather had their "boys night out". It was good to see many of the boys including pup tripp, jason and mark, boy ky, boy alex, among others.

October 5 - Sir Greg, my mentee from Indianapolis, arrived today at noon to spend a week here with our family. After attending my class during CLAW, he enrolled in our MTTA Academy and then attended MsC. He has been mentored by me for the last couple of months and we are developing a good relationship as well. After this evening, I had a powerful flogging scene with him, our second. A good flogging always connect me in a very special way with individuals, be doms or subs.

October 4 - We had a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Master/slave Conference followed bythe post-convention meeting with the hotel managers. Both meetigns were very productive and we are already working for MsC 2012, our ninth conference.

October 2 - I was invited by Master Steve and slave tami from New Castle, Delaware to be part of a "right hand project". So, we drove to New Castle with slaves david and paul. We gather a great group including Mama Vi Johnson and boi robi, Cowboi Jen, Master Don and orja, among others. Robert, a photographer who volunteered this year at MsC was in charge of the pictures of a dozen hands. On our way back, we drove south thru most of Delaware and stopped in historic Annapolis for a nice seafood dinner.

October 2 - I was invited by Master Steve and slave tami from New Castle, Delaware to be part of a "right hand project". So, we drove to New Castle with slaves david and paul. We gather a great group including Mama Vi Johnson and boi robi, Cowboi Jen, Master Don and orja, among others. Robert, a photographer who volunteered this year at MsC was in charge of the pictures of a dozen hands. On our way back, we drove south thru most of Delaware and stopped in historic Annapolis for a nice seafood dinner.

September 30 - boy lochay, an Asian boy living in Australia whom I met during my trip to San Francisco, came to spend the weekend with our family. He is a little toy, 18, 5-5, 105#... just adorable little boy. He slept both evening in the steel cage, and he was in heaven.

September 27 - Travel all day home via Denver. Good flights and no delays. As usual, slave david picked me up. During my absence, slave david and slave paul rearranged the slave quarters. Good job!

September 26 - I met for about three hours with Beau, the first boy I flogged yesterday at the Fair. He is interested in being considered for slavery so we have a nice talk over coffee. We will keep in touch and see what happens.

September 25 - Folsom Street Fair is here! Arrived early to the booth of Panther ProwLs who agreed to have me doing flogging all day. They were fantastic and treated me excellent. What came later was unexpected. I flogged close to 20 individuals, gay and straight, male and females, experienced and novices. Good group of people who came to me.

Among the group, Beau was the first, and we did connect right away as well as a swedish handsome young man Gustav who is traveling all over the world. The more intense scene was with Jesse, a bisexual student with an awesome broad back who took everything I had to offer. phillip came back for his second flogging in three days. I flogged five beautiful girls during the day including a couple of "sisters", Gemma, one with a lot of experience and the second, Anomily, who received her first flogging and was so excited about it. Then a friend of the girls, Chris, showed up, and he was the next to be flogged. Also a novice, he followed my directions and we had a terrific scene and for a newbie, he did absolutely awesome. He really got into it and the exchange of energy was great. Good bunch! But the day was not over. After dinner in Castro, I stopped by the Starbucks as I needed a latte badly. Few minutes later, Ben, the straight boy I met on Friday showed up. He was returning to LA on Monday and now he wanted a flogging. My first reaction was no way, until I realized I was in Castro, so we picked up my floggers from the car, and right next to the Edge Bar, I gave him the flogging he needed so badly. He was a happy camper, and I got another milestone in Castro, flogging on a sidewalk. Way to end an awesome day.

September 24 - On Saturday I took a break and went to the Mark Chester Art Exhibit where my friend Steve from Tucson has three awesome pieces there. Did the round through the leather shops in SOMA including Mr S, which was packed as usual.
After dinner in Castro, and some bar time, decided to go home and sleep as Sunday was going to be a long and busy day.

September 23 - Friday was another good day. Spend some time again with Race Bannon at the Starbucks when a boy called my attention. I talked with Ben, a straight boy from Los Angeles, interested in gaining more experience in the BDSM and Master/slave worlds.
The evening was the traditional pre-Folsom play party of the 15th Association at the Citadel. Good energy and good crowd. Did three scenes with boy phillip and boy lachay, a small Asian boy from Australia, plus another heavy flogging to a third guy.

September 22 - Today is the 10th anniversary of the passing of my slave tommy. It is hard to believe that he has been gone for ten years. But he still lives in our memories and our hearts. As usual, I gave his mother a call.
As usual, the Starbucks in Castro is the place to meet people and friends during the day. I planned to meet with Master Bob there, and my old buddy Mario. Then I got hold of a boy I know for more than 11 years, Brent, and we also spend a good time talking. Good to see him again.
Finally run into Race Bannon and one of his partners and had a lovely dinner in another restaurant in Castro.

September 21 - Today is slave paul's birthday. Although we already celebrated it on Sunday, I texted and then called him. The main event was the Fetish Fair at the SF Citadel produced by the Leathermen Discussion Group. An evening of demos. As in the past, I was asked to do some demos. It was a great evening with a full house particularly many novices and young people. Good to see so many friends like Patrick and his slave patrick, Master Munter and slave jody, Maestro Roberto, Master Mick, among so many others.

September 20 - Arrived to San Francisco for a week-long vacation. Long trip as we have a delay in Chicago. slave al is hosting me in his apartment in Bernal Heights. He is a reserved slave and will serve me in his home. He offered me his bed, and his garage for my car. He really wanted to serve me. I have known him for several years now and he visited me several years ago. September 18 - Today is Sir Silas 38th Birthday and we are celebrating it at home alongside the 46th Birthday of slave paul which will be on Wednesday. The day started with a great breakfast and good times talking. We have a nice BBQ lunch in the deck in a beautiful cool day. Sir Silas got a new belt with the handcuff buckle I wore for several years. Yet, another passing of leather. slave paul got a new chastity device. The day ended with slave paul taking his birthday spanks... 46 with 46 different paddles!

September 17 - Sir Silas arrived today to spend the weekend with the family. His partner Kim and his slave jaded joined him. After I nice dinner, we spend some time in the dungeon as well as talking. Tomorrow is his 38th birthday.

September 6 - After a breakfast with Lady Lynette and slave caroline, we headed home... finally. Exhausted but happy for another successful event. It is so rewarding to somehow touch and make a different in so many lives in just three days.

September 5 - Final day of MsC. The breakfast feature a Q&A session with Raven Kaldera and his boy Joshua. After a couple of sessions of classes, we had a closing ceremony where attendees gave testimonies of the impact of the event in their lives. For the volunteer Appreciation reception, Master J had all the board members serving the staff and volunteers of the conference. That was classy and the volunteers did appreciate the gesture.

September 4 - Another full day of classes. In the evening, we have the pre-contest dinner followed by the Northeast Master/slave Contest 2011. The new titleholders are Master Griffin and slave ann goodpet from Maryland. Our table was full with my family members and some of my mentees, including Sir Greg and slave aaron from Indianapolis. After that, another of my mentees, Mojo Daddy, held an uncollaring ceremony to close the relationship with his former slave and wife. He gave me the honor of doing the closing remarks. The evening ended in the suite of Master Jim and slave marsha, producers of the International Master/slave Contest, who held a reception for a group of friends.

September 3 - On Saturday the classes began and the hotel is full of Masters and slaves, a bit over 500 of them. The evening was a powerful one. It began with the Formal Leather Banquet followed by the program "Our Traditions Live!". The highlight was when we introduced three TNGs: Sir Ross from my Leather Family, Mr. Ellen from Maryland and Master Jake from Master David's Leather Family who gave great verbal testimonies of their journeys as Masters. The audience was very impressed as we got the feeling that the future is in good hands. We also raised a bit more than $3,000 for the Leather Archives and the Carter/Johnson Leather Library. The Award Ceremony was very special. Master David received the Master Heart Award and slave ziggy the slave Heart Award. Master Jim and slave marsha received the Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award and slave justin received the Master Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award. The other two awards went to slave jezebel (Sir Steve Community Service Award) and slave ashley (slave bill Volunteer Award). After the evening program, we had the MAsT reception and our first Cigar Party.

September 2 - The day began with the Annual Meeting of the Board of Director of MTTA. Very productive meeting. The future of our organization is great. Attendees continue to arrive all day long. No lines in registration. Great! The Opening Ceremony was powerful as always. Race Bannon delivered a great Keynote Address in substitution of Guy Baldwin, whose train cross country was cancelled due to a derailment in Nebraska. We held the reception to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the MTTA Academy. It is unbelievable that the small academy we began in 2001 has grow to turn 10 years. It was great to see so many alumni from so many different classes together celebrating. Finally the day ended with a private ceremony in my suite with my Leather Family and some close friends for the induction in out Leather Family of Sir Silas, one of my mentees. He was officially welcome in our Leather Family and received his three pieces of Leather: the Vest with the Family Crest, and leather head bandana - a piece of leather that I used in the 90s -- and a new leather wrist band, new but I wore it this evening during the Opening Ceremony before passing it to him. Sir Silas was extremely happy as being part of our family means a lot to him. We also announce a relationship between us in which he will be submissive to me, not as a slave, but by surrendering to my teachings, my guidance and my floggers.

September 1 - Busy day doing the final touches. slave paul and slave david have done a suberb job in getting the office and registration rolling. boy matthew joined slave david in the office and by noon Sir Ross and slave martha arrive. Sir Ross and slave paul have take over the registration process this year due to the illness of Daddy Don. Even that registration was not supposed to start until 6 PM, it really began at 2 PM. We are ready for 500 attendees for MsC 2011.
My mentees Sir Silas and Sir Greg arrived with their slaves and got to help in every area that I needed them. It is so great to see the family working together.

August 31 - The Leather Family moved to the hotel to get ready for the Master/slave Conference 2011. We held the pre-convention meeting at the hotel and set up the office. We are ready!

August 25 - Sir Greg, who I met during the last Master's Training at the Academy has petitioned to be mentored by me. After reading a very powerful petition letter, I promptly accepted. I have been impressed with this man since we met. He is from Indianapolis and has a new slave named aaron. I look forward to assist him in his journey.

August 23 - After having lunch and a mentoring session with a new boy, I felt the powerful earthquake that was felt in the Northeast Region around 2 PM. I was in my car, parked while trying to make a phone call, when I noticed the car shaking in an unusual manner. I did not realized what happened until about 20 minutes ago. I little messy to get out of the city and get back home.

August 20 - My second day at Black Beat. I presented my class on Leather Families and then returned home.

August 19 - This evening was my Keynote Address before the Black Beat University event in Baltimore. Very nice dinner. Both slave david and slave paul accompanied me to the event. It was quite an experience. My speech address the similarities between Blacks and Latinos. I used my own personal story to set the table and bring the main message of the speech. I am planning to post the speech here in the website but I already post it in the Writing section of my FetLife profile.

August 14 - kyle, a young sub who I have been working with for the last couple of months for a visit and we are creating a plan for his training. Good boy.

August 13 - Sir Ross traveled today from New York City to meet with slave paul and me to plan the registration process for the Master/slave Conference. He took over registration from Daddy Don, who has been frail of health and cannot continue his job as MsC Registrar. Sir Ross and slave paul, who have been working at his side the last couple of years, stepped it to the task for 2011. Very proud of both members of my family.

August 10 - Long, busy, emotional, and powerful day. Sir Stephen and Lady Lynette visited for a long Executive Committee meeting to give the final touches for the Master/slave Conference 2011. In the mid-afternoon, slave matt came home for a planned visit. We talked a lot about his transition and had a wonderful dinner prepared by the slaves. slave david and slave paul brought the birthday cake for slave matt. After dinner, slave matt and I gathered in the dungeon for a powerful and emotional ceremony to officially remove his collar. It is always difficult to let a slave move on, but there is an immense satisfaction when we realize that he is leaving in a better shape that he arrived two years ago, and he acknowledged that in a way I never imagined. What a reward to know that we as Masters can make a huge difference is someone else's life. matt is a very special slave and boy. he served me with honor and dedication. We had wonderful moments together and I respect and support his decision to move on. I also respect his decision to be known now as boy matthew. The boy will be missed on an every day basis. In recognition to his devotion and service to this Master and our Leather Family, he is now recognized as a "fraternal" member of our family.

August 9 - Today is slave matt 38th birthday and we talked over the phone for a while. he will be visiting tomorrow. In the evening, MAsT Washington hosted a panel of powerful slaves with the participation of slave llamb, orja, slave ann good pet, slave rene and slave ashley. The panel, moderated by slave paul, was a very powerful testimony of the reality of our slaves. Forty attendees met at the DC Center for the presentation. It was good to see boy kyle again. I have been helping him in his baby steps in the M/s lifestyle.

August 8 - Long flight home. slave david picked me up at the Airport and back to work in the preps for the conference.

August 7 - In the morning, I teamed with Liza and jody, the current International Master/slave, to drive up to visit slave caroline, who had a very bad car accident two months ago. She looked great and received us in her very nice apartment. It is fantastic that she will be able to make it for MsC. The evening was a special one. Dinner at Master Skip Chasey's lovely home in the hills of the city. He cooked a great dinner with Caribbean flavor. His slaves Rick and Alia were also there for dinner. Pup Tim was there when I arrived but left after while as he is still recovering from recent back surgery. Great dinner, great hosts, great conversation. Master Skip and I have many things in common and now I discovered one more. We both have our floggers made by Sarah Lashes, who retired from the business a decade ago. The evening ended with him giving me a nice tour of the his awesome dungeon space.

August 6 - The day began to a good conversation with Angel and Madeleine. What a great young couple! I have developed a special connection with Angel, who is also Puerto Rican, and we want to develop that. They are considering attending MsC. After I presented my first class, it was lunch with Guy Baldwin. He took me to his favorite Diner in that part of Los Angeles. And we talked, and talked. It is a privilege to be a friend of the person who showed me the way with his book "Ties That Bind", many years ago.

August 5 - Pantheon of Leather Awards Night. It was a honor to received the "Man of the Year 2011" Award at the event. As I said in my short acceptance speech, I accepted it on behalf of my Leather Family and those who has worked alongside me in my educational endeavors.

August 4 - slave david took me the airport for a cross-country fly to Los Angeles for Pantheon of Leather and International Olympus Leather.
Not too many people, but always some good special people. Bo, from Details Toys, was there and my surprise was that Angel and Madeleine also traveled with him, so we spent some good time together. I met them a month ago in TESFest.

August 2 - slave david's 42nd Birthday! The Family took him to one of his favorite restaurants for a nice dinner. Happy Birthday! This is always a busy day as it is also my former slave neil's and Lady Lynette's birthday, so did spend some time on the phone. In addition, my closest cousin also celebrates her birthday today.

July 29-31 - Traveled to Columbia, South Carolina to lead a Master/slave Retreat for "This Thing We Do (T3WD)" group there. Great people and I have a lot of fun. The intense retreat that started Saturday at 11 AM until Sunday at 2 PM constituted the first time I conducted such an event. The participation and interest of the attendees were awesome. And they treat me very well. Thanks so much to Wyrd and the rest of the group. slave gypsie from Raleigh, NC was in service to me during the weekend and she did wonders to take care of this Master. We got to spend time with Ms. Jan and her slave as well as with slave pat, who was in out home just the weekend before as a staff for the Academy.

July 26 - I had my presentation "Dominant and Caring" before Black Rose. There was a lot of interest in the topic. I can see how many BDSM folks continue to embrace the Master/slave dynamic.

July 21-24 - During the hottest weekend in DC area since 1980, we held the 17th Master Training Weekend with a awesome class of 12 Masters. A very diverse class who brought people from places as California and the Mid-west. My mentee, Sir Silas, attended as well.
A footnote was meeting Sir Greg from Indiana, who requested a Cathartic Flogging after the event was over. He was impressed with the class in which I flogged Sir Silas.

July 20 - After few days with the family, slave matt returned to Philadelphia where he continues to pursue a new job. We all enjoyed having him over and enjoying him. I am missing him already.

July 19 - Lady Lynette arrived for all the preps for the Master Training Weekend. We both went shopping with slave matt and slave paul while slave david prepared dinner. Team work.

July 17 - slave matt came home this evening. We all missed him so much. His mother is doing much better. We have a great dinner together and look forward to enjoy him for the next few days.

July 15 - slave ronnie came to spend the weekend here with the family. he is now under consideration by this Master.

July 11 - Our summer intern, slave chris from Delaware, arrived this evening to spend a week with the family.

July 10 - A potential new slave came for interview. he spend sometime with both slave david and slave paul. he will be back next weekend to spend some time with the family.

July 9 - A team formed by Master Jake, Master Shawn, slave paul, slave david and slave denny assembled the new shed for MTTA in just seven hours. Good job, guys!

July 8 - Master Jake came over to lead the assembly of the new shed for MTTA in our back yard. slave paul made a great lasagna for dinner and we surprised him with a cake for his 31st birthday with each tomorrow.
My birthday gift for Master Jake was the opportunity to play with a straight sub who comes regularly to play with me. We both had a blast with the hot boy.

July 5 - boy zech came over early in the morning to talk with me. By 10 AM, slave matt was headed to his parents' home in Upstate New York and I was back home in Virginia. He texted me later to say his mother was finally home, after a month in hospitals and rehab centers due to her stroke.

July 4 - slave matt and I left TES at noon and headed back to Philly. We had a late lunch in a nearby Mexican Cantina and spend a quiet time at his new apartment.

July 3 - Sunday was Sir Ross' 29th Birthday and we had a surprise gathering in our hotel room with a nice cake with him. I passed my leather arm band to him as a birthday gift.
In the evening, a group went to a nearby TGIF Restaurant to celebrate Sir Ross' birthday. Great gathering. Upon my return to the hotel, I flogged the other girl, Blondie, who happened to be a friend of slave matt. After that, slave matt and I had a good scene that involved some awesome tickle torture.

July 2 - At noon, I had my Cathartic Flogging class which drew a great attendance. I flogged slave matt during the class, our first flogging in several weeks. During the Celebrity auction, two girls "bought" a Cathartic Flogging from me. I flogged the first one in the evening. I met Angel, a Puerto Rican bisexual young man working for my friend Bo, from Details Toys. We clicked and agreed to have a scene in the hotel courtyard that evening. His girlfriend helped me to tie him up from two trees and we had a very powerful scene while she and slave matt watched. The boy had an amazing energy.

July 1 - slave matt and I drove to Piscataway, New Jersey for TES Fest. I had my first class that afternoon. We had a great dinner with Sir Ross and slave martha.

June 29 - Drove to Philadelphia to finally see my slave matt for the first time in a month. We went to a Puerto Rican restaurant and stayed overnight. Gee.. I missed that boy.

June 27 - slave matt moved from Ms Khiki and slave jez's home to his new place with two of his best two friends in Philadelphia. Ms. Khiki and slave jez are moving this week to their new home in Atlanta. We hate to see them depart from our region but we all know that it will be for the better. slave matt is going to be able to join me for TES Fest this weekend. I will be driving to Philly on Thursday and stay with him before leaving together for New Jersey on Friday morning. Looking forward to a great weekend.

June 26 - Our family attended the Master/slave special wedding of Master Griffin and slave ann good pet in a beautiful park in Maryland. Beautiful weather, a nice and simple ceremony and many kinky friend to share a great afternoon as well. Oh, and great food.

June 24 - slave matt finally went back to Philly after almost a month taking care of his mother - who suffered a stroke in late May - as well as his father. His mother is doing much better and in a rehab facilities near her home.

June 23 - We were invited to present before the local MAsT DC Pan meeting on Leather Families. The meeting took place at Mistress Liz and david's home in Falls Church. david is one of my new mentees. The presentation went well and we have a nice pot luck.

June 20 - Drove back home in the middle of the day. Always good to be back home after a long weekend of events.

June 19 - Folsom Street East Fair! The day started with a brunch with MAsT members of the different New York - New Jersey chapters. slave david and slave paul traveled to join me for the day. After the brunch, set-up the MTTA booth for the Fair. Beautiful day! 80s and a nice breeze coming from the river. As usual, spent the afternoon doing some flogging. slave jay joined us in mid-afternoon and got his first flogging. After it was over, slave david and slave paul hit the road back home. I stay with slave jay for a while. After slave jay left, I hang out with the people left on the street. Finally ventured into the crowded Eagle when a tall young boy greeted me and complimented with my flogging earlier in the day. That started a nice conversation that last almost two hours and spend a special time with Bryan. I made him promised that I will the first one to flog him when he is ready.

June 18 - Saturday began with an e-mail from slave jay, a boy I met in NYC exactly two years ago. That lead to a dinner at my favorite Puerto Rican restaurant in Chelsea and he was my companion at Leather Pride Night. The boy made my evening special. I missed the fact that slave matt could not travel to NYC to meet with me. It was Mama Vi Johnson's birthday and it was great to be able to sing Happy Birthday to her in a huge choir. Sir Ross and slave martha joined us for the evening as well. It was good to see old friends like Master Tip, David Stein, Jo Arnone, and many others.

June 17 - Dinner with Sir Ross and slave martha and Master Robert and boy jimmy followed by my presentation at Dom/sub Friends on Leather Families. We got a nice attendance and the class went very well.

June 16 - I traveled to New York City today for a weekend full of activities related to New York Leather Pride and Folsom East. As usual, Master Bear Robert hosted me at his home in Jersey City. Sir Brian, who I mentored at the beginning of his journey, is staying at Master Robert's home while teaching in the city for the summer and gladly ceded his room to me. Very much appreciated. First night was an evening at the NYC Eagle Leather night. Lovely evening and a great weather at the roof top.

June 8-12 - Southeast Leather Fest in Atlanta. Another SELF. This is an event that I have attended eight times in their 16 years. From the first one in 1996 and from 2000 to 2002 while they hosted the International Master/slave Contest to four of the last five years. As always, Lady Catherine and her slave nic are great hosts and the event was well organized. Out Northeast Master/slave titleholders, Master Don and orja, also were presenting. On Saturday, I had lunch with slave todd, a boy from Atlanta I know for ten years since he came to visit my home as a novice in 2001. Master Rick and slave gypsie from North Carolina -- very dear friends -- made very powerful step-down speeches concluding their year as Southeast Master/slave.

June 8 - kyle, a new boy who I am taking for training and mentoring, came yesterday to his first overnight visit. This morning he did enjoy his first BDSM session and did pretty well. slave chris left today back home. he will be back to continue his internship.

June 5 - DC Leather Pride Street Fair: Still a small event but a lot of fun. We took my cross, saw horse, puppy cage and toys and we had a blast. Weather was nice. I met a nice boy who does not live that far and he got to try my spanking, ball "test" and his first flogging. he returned home with us and was at awe with our dungeon.

June 4 - DC Leather Pride Educational Day: Since 2007, MTTA has been producing the Educational Day for DC Leather Pride. We had a great attendance and several board members were among the presenters including Master David, Lady Lynette, Master J, Sir Ross, slave rene and myself. Sir Ross was supposed to spend the rest of the weekend here, but slave martha has been sick and did not make the trip, so he returned home after the classes were over. Sir Silas, one of my mentees, attended and ended up doing the flogging scene during my Cathartic Flogging class. We had a very good energy among us. After the classes, we came back home and had a nice dinner that slave paul and the other slaves put together. Sir Silas, Kim and slave jaded were our guests.

June 1 - slave paul, who has been a member of our Leather Family for the last year, moved in this evening and now is part of the household. He was living with relatives in nearby Woodbridge and finally decided it was the right time to move on and move in. slave matt's mother is improving and was moved to a rehab center after the stroke she suffered last week.

May 28 - slave david and slave matt left for Upstate New York, to the home of slave matt's parents. he will be assisting his father and visiting his mother at the hospital. No idea how long he will be up there. I am glad for the time we got to spend together, just a bit over 24 hours, but we made the best out of it. We missed each other badly and now with the illness of his mother, he is gone again. slave chris, the intern, returned to his home in Delaware as he has to work the next few days. he will be back next week for DC Leather Pride.

May 27 - A good quality day with slave matt. We both needed that. The boy craved for his flogging. Ms Khiki left in the morning back to her home in Philadelphia. slave matt is planning to go to his home in upstate New York on Saturday and visit his mother at the hospital. slave david went for an interview for a potential new job in DC. In just three days, he got calls from the potential jobs. Crossing our fingers.

May 26 - Busy day. slave paul came to talk and we have agreed that he will move in with the family next week. he is also purchasing a new car. We learned that slave caroline had a car accident in Los Angeles. We hope and pray that she recovers soon. slave matt and Ms Khiki arrived late in the evening after a long drive from North Carolina. It was so good to see my boy after almost three weeks. In our two years together, we never have been separated for so long.

May 25 - slave matt called from Ashville, NC where he has been helping Ms Khiki with her house there. His mother suffered a stroke today and was taken to a hospital outside New York City.

May 19-22 - Our 43rd slave Training Weekend took place this weekend with seven participants, including slave chris from Delaware, our intern this summer, and slave denny, who has been in our household for the last month. Great class.

May 13-15 - NDDs Boot Camp IV. This was our first time at this event at Camp Ramblewood in Maryland. slave matt did not make it as he went to a wedding of a family member. slave david stayed home to undergo a medical procedure for his back. slave paul and slave denny accompanied me in this trip. Weather was a bit wet but did not affect for the whole family to have a great time. slave chris from Delaware joined us at our cabin. This boy is going to attend our Academy next weekend and also will be an intern during the summer. To celebrate his 21st Birthday (which was just a week ago), I gave him his 23 swats with a sort of paddles. I offered three classes, all of them went very well. The Cathartic Flogging class attracted about 40 attendees. I did the scene with slave denny which proved to be very powerful. I also flogged slave paul and boy zech, a young man from Philly. This was the third time I flogged zech, and the most intense and powerful as he experienced a great catharsis. During the auction on Saturday evening, I got the opportunity for a portrait made by Lady Laura, a great artist from the Philly area.
On Sunday we were invited to the ownership branding of the slave of a lesbian Mistress. That was a very powerful ceremony to witness. slave chris returned home with us and he will be here for the next couple of weeks.

May 7 - slave matt began a transition period which will take him back to Philadelphia, where he came from a couple of years ago. Both, slave david and slave matt drove to the Friendly City today. slave david will be helping slave jez with some computers issues while slave matt will start working temporarily assisting Ms Khiki. It is always difficult for a Master to approve a decision that will take a slave away. But as a Master I have to make sure to take the right decisions for my slaves. And this move is the right thing to do, particularly for slave matt. It also will mean I will be going to Philly more often now.

April 28 - May 2 - Trip to Cleveland with slave matt and lady Lynette. On our drive to Ohio, we stop on Thursday in Pittsburgh for a game between the Giants and the Pirates. CLAW 10 was a terrific event. On Friday, slave matt and I went to a private party with the folks of treasure Island Videos and that was a lot of fun and hot men. We offered two classes on Saturday. On Sunday, I got a new chastity device during the Silent Auction. Sunday evening, we met for dinner and then the closing show for CLAW. While in the show, we found out that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a gutsy operation by the Navy SEALs ordered by our President Obama.

April 20 - slave david is back home after his week visiting his sister in Phoenix. House is full again.

April 19 - slave mike, who served me more than ten years ago and still a member of my extended family, visited today for dinner with us. It was great to have him over as we have not seen him in a while. slave denny, a West Coast boy who I met in 2004 during MsC and who attended the Academy that same year, arrived tonight. The slave was serving a Master in the East Coast and things did not worked out. he asked for help ad we welcome him in our home for the time being until he can put his life together again.

April 13 - slave david left today to spend a week in Phoenix with his sister.

April 12 - We hold tonight our MAsT Joint Meeting, the first with seven chapters from DC, Maryland and Virginia. We have a special presentation with Mama Vi Johnson on the history of Master/slave relationships. As expected we had a great crowd and a powerful presentation.
We also released the first draft of the MTTA Master/slave History Project.

April 9 - Our third Charm City Fetish Fair in Baltimore. We presented two classes, including slave david doing his "Overcoming years of abuse". A great opportunity to mingle with so many friends. At the end of the day, our family went for dinner with Master Jake and slave laura.
One of my mentee, Silas, attended as well, his second event in as many months.

March 31 - April 3 - Another great class for females slaves at the MTTA Academy. We had a full class of ten girls.

March 27 - Ms. Khiki and slave jez invited us for a nice brunch before I got ready to hit the road back home. slave matt stayed with them as he was going to housesit and care for their pets while they were traveling to Atlanta. A boy I met in San Francisco, Qian, traveled back with me as he was going to stay with us for a couple of days.

March 26 - We traveled to Philadelphia for a special presentation before the Philly TNG group. What a great group of young folks. The presentation was well received and was followed by a dinner at a nearby dinner. slave matt and I stayed with Ms. Khiki and slave jez. It was great to catch up with them.

March 20 - We have a small gathering at home to welcome Sir Ross' slave martha to our Leather Family. We had a nice grilled lunch followed by a short ceremony in which slave martha received her vest with the family patch. The current International Master/slave 2001, Liza and jody from San Francisco, happened to be in town and joined us for our gathering. It was good to have them over.

March 19 - The MTTA Board held its mid-year meeting at Master David's home in Maryland. Very productive meeting. We are amazed with what MTTA has accomplished during the last few years and the future is exciting. After the meeting, Sir Ross and slave martha as well as Lady Lynette came to my home to spend the rest of the weekend. slave paul put together a very nice dinner.

March 13 - Sir Stephen and Lady Lynette met with me in my house for a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Master/slave Conference 2011. It is amazing how ahead of our game we are still six months before the event.

March 12 - The last LF&P at the current location of the Crucible was held today. Very crowded event. MTTA had a table staffed by slaves david and paul. It was always good to see so many friends. Also there was five of the vendors for MsC 2011.
In the evening, we all went to the farewell party for slave justin, who is relocating back to San Francisco. The party was at slave cita's new house. Master David and slave talila were there. Tthe big surprise was to run into a petite and lean Laura Antoniou. She looked great and with the same sense of humor as always.

March 8 - We had a very successful MAsT Washington meeting with 21 participants, including several new folks. We discussed the challenges of long distance relationships. We had a great panel of Sir Paul and slave thomas and Master RT and slave henry. March 4-6 - The first Colonial Kink was held in Colonial Williamsburg. Great event and a great effort by producers Dama and Ms Catherine. Both slave david and slave matt accompanied me as well as Silas, the new mentee. We presented three classes over the weekend which were well received. On Saturday evening after the Formal Dinner, there was an Award Ceremony. The had awards named after Master David Cook and myself. Wow! What an honor. The first "The Master Taíno Walking the Master Way" was granted to Master Wes. Our dear friend, Lady Lynette had a great evening. Not only she received the Community Pride Award, but Master David and I presented her with the MAsT International Member Choice's Presenter of the Year Awards which was announced a week earlier in Dallas. It was classy to present that award to her before her community, the one she has helped to build in the last few years.

March 3 - The two-DVD set of "Learn Flogging" with my participation alongside Bo. Lolita Wolf and Master V, can now be purchased thru our website. The link can be found in the home page, the BDSM page under the "About Master Taíno" section, and in the Internet page under the "Resources" page. This is a production of my friend Bo. Those who are a fan of my Cathartic Flogging can find in these DVDs including me explaining the basic notion behind Cathartic Flogging and a full cathartic scene. Hope you like it!

March 1 - Silas, a young het dominant from Virginia Beach, arrived today to spend the rest of the week here and start the face-to-face process of his mentoring. He reached out to me in early January and requested to be mentored. After the application and a special process I accepted and have been mentoring him online and over the phone. Finally, a mutual friend, slave bb, was able to drove him this morning to our house and we finally met. The next four days will be of intense mentoring and the developing of our action plan.
On Friday he will join the family in attending Colonial Kink, an first-time event in Williamsburg, VA, where I will be teaching three classes.

February 24 - 28 - South Plains Leather Fest / International Master/slave Weekend took place this weekend in Dallas, Texas. Master David and our titleholders Master Don and orja traveled together with me to Dallas for another great event. Liza and jody from San Francisco became International Master/slave 2011. Master Don and orja represented our region with dignity and grace. We are proud of them. But the highlight of the weekend is the old and new friends we meet. I was glad to have the opportunity to spend quality time with Master Skip and slave Rick, Master David Walker and slave raven, Hardy Haberman, Patrick Mulcahey and his slave Patrick, Master RIck and gypsie, SlaveMaster, slave caroline, Master Obsidian and slave namaste, Sir Stephen and slave catherine, slave nic, Master Dirk and slave sarah, Mollena Williams, Master Rick and slave tina, Master JW, and so many others. During the first annual meeting of MAsT International, our dear friend Lady Lynette received the Member Choice Award for her work as a presenter. Master David and myself accepted the award on her behalf.
Playtime at the dungeon was with a great couple from Dallas. They both did very well and a new friendship has emerged. Finally, we have the opportunity to spend some time playing with slave matt, a boy I have known since he was in college more than a decade ago but have not been able to see in few years. The slave is always fun to play with. WOOF!

February 23 - With the hard work of my slave david and slave matt, we were able to launch the website and the registration process for the Master/slave Conference 2011 a bit more than six months before the event.

February 17-20 - An amazing class of Masters at the MTTA Academy this weekend. For the first time in the history of the Academy, there were more female Masters (7) over male Masters (5). The Academy keeps rolling and it is better than ever during this our tenth anniversary year.

February 16 - I have been invited to offer the Keynote Speech at Black Beat University this coming summer. Black Beat will take place in Baltimore the weekend of August 19-21. To the friends of Black Beat, thanks for the honor.

February 15- Lady Lynette arrived today to get all the preps for this weekend's Master Training Weekend. In the evening, we all went to a local restaurant to give a nice farewell to slave james. he will be flying back in the morning to Phoenix. I think that that those three months provided a good learning experience for the slave. Things did not work out but he learned a lot. Good luck in your journey, boy!

February 13 - slave david 2 came to visit and we discuss the plan to accept him as a slave in training. he is a bisexual slave currently in a LTR with his Mistress. She fully supports him serving and learning from this Master. After he discusses the details with her, he should be ready to start formally his training period. They both also are planning to join us at Colonial Kink, a new event to be held in Colonial Williamsburg in in early March.

February 12 - Another long Saturday. slave matt and I drove to Maryland to Master David's home. Ms. Khiki and slave jez from Philadelphia and Master Steve and slave tami from Delaware joined us to assist Master Don and orja with a rehearsing of the interview process for the International Master/slave Contest, just two weeks away. It was a great gathering and we fulfill the purpose. After that, we stop by the DC Eagle for the annual Scarlett's Bake Sale fundraiser. Always good to see many good friends there.

February 10 - Tonight it was the monthly MAsT DC Pan munch which I attended with slave david 2. It was a small group, good food, and excellent conversation.

February 8 - Our MAsT Washington meeting was about "Offering and receiving service". After a nice munch in a nearby restaurant, we gather at the DC Center to discuss the topic. slave justin joined me as facilitators of the discussion and it was an extremely productive meeting.

February 6 - slave amelia came for the second working day for my book. she is very excited about the project and me too.

February 5 - We have decided that after these three month trial period for slave james, he is not a good fir for our family. slave james is a great individual, good slave, extremely service oriented but just not a good fit. When a Master runs a Leather Family and household, it is extremely imperative that the newcomers will fit and connect with all the members of the family. Many people ask me that in this kind of situation, the current slaves has veto power. They do not. But as the head of the household and the decision maker, I have to asses the whole situation and determine what is best for the whole family. And that is what we decided in this case. Sir Kim from Baltimore and his slave visited for the aftenroon. He had a chance to talk with slave james as there was an interest. slave james also has the option to go to a Master he knows in Phoenix. As a birthday present for his slave, Sir Kim asked me to flog him. Of course, I obliged and the boy did wonderful. Hapy Birthday, boy!

February 3 - Busy day. Had a meeting at the hotel for MsC. Master J was with me to determine the menus for our Leather Formal Dinner at MsC 2011. In the evening, I joined slave david 2 at the MAsT DC Pan meeting where Master Don and orja, our Northeast Master/slave 2010, were rehearsing their presentation. It was great to see them working hard getting ready for the International Contest later this month.

January 28 - What a day! Shortly after midnight, slave matt came up to my room with severe gall bladder pain. He has been suffering from gall bladder problems for a couple of months and had a sonogram recently.
After few minutes, I realized the moment has come and I took him to a nearby hospital, where the the issue was confirmed and he was treated with painkillers. It was hard to see him in such pain. Then the doctor said he will be scheduled for surgery later on the day. At 4 AM, I returned home to get four hour of sleep while slave david stayed with him. After Daddy Don left, I returned to the hospital. The surgery was performed at 2 PM and it was quick and a great success. By 9 PM, I had the boy back home. And we all went to sleep. The anecdote of the day was the slave collar. Before leaving for the hospital, I tried to removed and the key won't work. The collar has not been removed since the day he was collared in October 2009 and apprently the water did affect it. Before surgery, it was the issue for nurses and doctors, but surprisingly they managed to cover and tape the collar so it does not contact his skin and never was cut or removed. While an Asian nurse wondered why he had a locked chain around his neck, the anesthesiologist was the smarter when he told me that was the way I keep him in line. It seems that he knew what the "chain" was all about. I had to admit everyone at the hospital was very nice and we never had an issue with who are these three "unrelated" guys together.

January 27 - Daddy Don stopped overnight at the house on his way to Florida for his winter vacation. He invited us for dinner and we had a nice dinner at a neighborhood restaurant. That was my first time out of the house in nine days, since I went to see the doctor last week.
January 23 - Still sick. This is my eight day with the flu. Hanging there. But in the mid of it, I got a call last night from Master Skip to let me know that I was going to be awarded the "Master Steve Golden Paintbrush Award 2011" at the Southwest Leather Conference in Phoenix. Now I am really upset of being sick and not being able to be with my people in Phoenix. I was able to prepare some remarks of gratitude to be read during the ceremony and asked Master Skip to receive the Award on my behalf. Thanks to Master Nick, an alumnus from the Academy, I was able to listen over the phone the award ceremony. So I guess I find a way to be there after all, at least in spirit. This Award is very special because is named after Master Steve from Butchmanns, a dear friend, a mentor and an inspiration in my journey.

January 19 - Today, I received my copies of a new DVD "The Details of Flogging" which included my participation. The 2-disc DVD is a production of my friend Bo from DeTails Toys in New Jersey and includes the aprticipation of Lolita Wolf, Master V, Bo and myself. It can be obtained at

January 18 - Finally I went to the doctor today. He confirmed it is a case of flu and it will last for few days. That forced me to cancel my trip this Thursday to Phoenix to attend the Southwest Leather Conference. The first time I will miss it since 2003. slave david is doing better, but slave matt continues sick as well.

January 16 - I woke up under the weather, feeling miserable, and had to cancel all my activities for MAL. It seems it is a bad case of flu. slave matt and slave david also are under the weather.

January 15 - Today I was greeted by boy eric, a college student from Pennsylvania which whom I have been in contact online. he was looking forward to meet with me and get flogged. He was flogged recently by Steve, a top from Arizona who I flogged two years ago and strongly recommended the boy to meet with me. boy eric joined the rest of the family in going to the CODE party at the Crucible where he got flogged and share plenty of time with me. Sweet boy. We connected so well. I also flogged slave paul and slave david (the other).

January 14 - MAL is here. We went to the hotel to check the crowd. slave matt and slave james were with me. Do the rounds thru the vendors and say hi to many good friends among them. For the second consecutive year, Master Tip from NYC, did a nice mummification scene with slave matt. This time he also did slave james. I had the opportunity to give a second flogging to boy zech from Philadelphia, a boy I met and flog during FOlsom East in NYC this past summer. Gershon, a friend of slave matt also from Philly,m also was flogged that night. It was good to see Sir Paul, slave thomas and slave keith, as well as Sir Brad, slave mike, boy jose, boy ricky and boy ken, all members of the Extended Family. The big surprise was to run into my former slave bobby, who I have not seen in more than a year. He had some health issues but it seems he is back to his old self.

January 13 - I attended the monthly munch of MAsT DC Pan to meet with "the other" slave david, which I have been in conversations for a while. The much was well crowded and meet some new people there. From there, I went to the DC Eagle to check the eve of MAL 2011. SIgMa was holding a nice bar night and I got one of the prizes from the raffe. Met some nice boys and ran into Master Mick and slave bill, good friends from San Francisco, who just arrived in town. Spent some hot time with boy tony who arranged to meet me there. It seems that the weekend is going to be a good one.

January 9 - We went to the MAsT Baltimore meeting at Master David's home. Master Don and orja, the current Northeast Master/slave, did the presentation they are planning for the contest next month in Dallas. Many of the slaves from the chapter were in the retreat with slave matt. he drove slave laura to her house in Central Virginia as she hurt her leg during the retreat.

January 8 - Busy day. We went to the Defenders Leather Club holiday party at one of my club brothers house. We had a good time. Good food and a fun White Elephant gift exchange.
From that party, we all went to Sir Paul's apartment to celebrate the collaring of his slave thomas. Mister J and boy ky also joined the celebration. That was very special.

January 7 - slave matt left for a weekend slave retreat in Rehoboth Beach, another step in his journey.

January 2 - I met Sir Paul for dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Adams Morgan. We have a long nice conversation about our journeys, the upcoming collaring of his slave thomas, and the future.

January 1 - Happy New Year to all our Leather Family and friends! We held last night our traditional New Year's Eve Dinner and Celebration. We started this in 2001, the same night I collared slave neil. So this was the tenth celebration where our guests are our closest group of Masters and slaves. The group included Master David and slave talila, Lady Lynette and slaves llamb and maggie, Master J, Mistress Mary and for the first time Master Janus and slave jewel from New Jersey, and slave laura from Virginia. All my slaves were present: slave david, slave matt, slave paul and slave james. We prepared our traditional Puerto Rican holiday dinner with roasted pork, rice, green bananas, and several delicious deserts. This year, slave paul was my assistant in the kitchen and make my day a lot easier. Dinner was followed by a short concert performed by the beautiful voices of my slave matt and slave laura. That made the evening more special. After that the group gathered at the family room to wait for 2011 to arrive.
It was a lovely evening surrounded by the people we love and care for.