December 25 - Christmas Day. After slave james fixed pancakes for everyone, we had our exchange of gifts in the Family Room. slave matt spend the afternoon cooking the Christmas dinner which was great as usual. After that, slave matt and slave james accompanied me to the Dignity Mass (Gay Catholic group).
December 24- Christmas Eve! I invited all three slaves for dinner. Many restaurants were closing early so we ended up at Red Lobster. We have a great dinner and we went to bed quite early.
December 22 - We had Master David and slave t, as well as slave justin, over for dinner. slave matt was the chef and we had a full table and a great dinner.
After dinner, Master David, slave justin and myself -- who forms the Education Committee for the Master/slave Conference - held a meeting to decide which presenters we will invite to offer classes for MsC 2011. It was a very productive meeting and the mission was accomplished. Now, slave catherine will be in charge of sending the invitations.

December 19 - Today we started a new project... something I have had in mind for many years: writing my book. slave amelia has been after me for a while. she wants to help with this project as my ghost writer, and she is pushing me. I am excited about the project and she has an awesome enthusiasm for it. I need that help if this ever going to be a reality. And she is serious about making it happened.
We spend more than three hours in which she video recorded me with the first information for the book. We will meet next month again.

December 18 - This afternoon was the joint Holiday Party here at our home for the MTTA staff and the members of MAsT Washington. We had a great crowd, plenty of food and a lot of joy. All the slaves did a great job getting the house ready and slave paul did an awesome job preparing all the food.
December 14 - For the third time this year, slave david, Master David and myself presented the workshop "overcoming years of abuse in a M/s relationship". This time we were invited to present before Black Rose. The class, which we have present earlier at MAsT Washington and the Master/slave Conference, includes the powerful story told by slave david about his 20 years of abused endured under his previous owner, and how myself as his Master, and Master David as a psychologist and family friend, helped him to overcome that abuse.
December 12 - Ugly rainy day but the whole family made it to Master David's home for the Holiday Party of MAsT Baltimore. We had a wonderful time among a great group of friends and a fun white elephant gift exchange.
December 9- I attended the MAsT DC Pan Munch at Tysons Corner in order to meet Mistress Liz, the life-partner of slave david, whom I have been talking for the last few weeks. After the munch, I joined them at their home.
slave david - who I will be referring as slave david 2 (as I have another david in my service for more than five years) - is a bisexual man interested in exploring more his slavery to achieve his full development in the M/s dynamic. he also has a dom side and, alongside his Mistress, they have formed a dom couple for while. We started a dialogue to determine the best ways in which slave david 2 can begin training with me while continuing his primary relationship.

December 1 - World AIDS Day! We remember to all those who we have lost in the last 30 years, unfortunately too many to mention. Another special day to remember my late slave tommy, who passes in 2001.
slave matt returned from his folks. He arrived this morning at 3 AM to avoid the bad weather. I was glad to wake up and see that he was back home as I was concerned.

November 26 - slave matt left early this morning to visit his parents in upstate New York. he will be back on Wednesday as he is set to start a new job on Friday.
November 25 - Thanksgiving Day! slave matt is the chef this year. He did a wonderful job with the turkey, an awesome stuffing, my favorite mashed sweet potatoes, cranberries, and apple pie and sweet potato pie for dessert. The set a formal table and we had a wonderful dinner. One of my grown up sons joined us as usual.
November 20 - All four slaves accompanied me to New Castle, Delaware for our presentation on "Leather Families" before the MAsT Wilmington chapter. The presentation went very well and was received with enthusiasm. It is the first time I have been able to present this class with the participation of my slaves.
It was good to see Master Steve and slave tami, as well as slave carol who did all the coordination for the meeting. Janus and jewell came from Philly to see us. It is always good to see them. Cowboi Jen and her girl, as well as a couple of gay friends interested in the M/s dynamic attended as well.

November 19 - The whole family attended a Kinky Tapas party at a friends house in DC. It was a lovely evening eating and socializing with good friends.
November 19 - This afternoon, I accepted slave james as a slave trainee for a trial period of three months and collared him with his trainee collar. Before the short collaring ceremony, slave matt shaved him and gave him a buzz cut. The slave is happy to be home and willing to do his best to prove himself worthy of our Family.
To celebrate, we went to the DC Eagle which is turning 39 this weekend. There we attended the annual Eagle Wings auction for charity.

November 18 - This evening, slave james -- aka known as slave eagle james -- arrived to the household for a three-month live-in slave period. slave matt drove to Richmond to pick him up. he will be a slave trainee with the purpose or earning his permanent collar. slave james contacted me few weeks ago and I asked him to attended the slave Training of the Academy held a couple of weeks ago, after which, he formally petitioned.
November 12-14 - We held this weekend our first MTTA Retreat for Masters with the participation of 16 alumni of the Academy and four facilitators. We held it at a hotel near BWI airport in Baltimore. Great discussion and great energy. Another great success for MTTA.
November 8 - slave james, from RIchmond, who did the Training during the weekend, stayed for a couple of days to get to know the family. he has requested to be considered to join our family and household.
November 4-7 -- Another great slave Training at the Academy. Seven great slaves with an incredible energy. One of them, slave keith, a member of my Extended Family from Denver, made the training.
November 1- A lifetime wait is over. My beloved San Francisco Giants are baseball's World Champions. I have been a fan since I was 7 years old, and I have been waiting for this day all my life. It was pure joy.
October 24 - Today is my 60th Birthday. Another milestone in my journey. The boys are busy in the kitchen preparing for the afternoon celebration.
Master David arrived at noon and invited me and Sir Ross to lunch. After that, he said he needed to pickup something at the Crucible (the DC dungeon), and I began to get worried as I wanted to make sure that I was back home before 2 PM when my guests should be arriving.

When we got to the Crucible, it was SURPRISE! All my guests -- including my slaves -- were there waiting for me. Without my knowledge, the party was moved to the Crucible and even more people were invited. How everyone was bale to keep me in the dark is beyond me, but I did find out that was months in the making.

One of the highlights, was a video filmed during MsC with messages from people all over the country including Master Skip and slave Rick, slave caroline, slave david stein, Master TIp, Bob Rubel, Master Jim, slave keith, and of course many of the locals as well. The video is going to be included in the site soon.

It was great to people from all over. From Pennsylvania: Mama Vi, Mistress Khiki and slave jez, Cowboi Jen, Janus and jewell, Master Don and slave orja. From New Jersey: Sir Stepehen and slave catherine, Master Bear Robert and boy jimmy. From Baltimore and Marylad: Master David, Mistress Mary and slave chris, Master Nick and slave anne, Master Rob and slave lori, slave jsutin and slave cita, Mister Ellen, Glenda. From West Virginia: slave rene and Joe. From North Carolina: Master Rick and slave gypsie. From Virginia: Lady Lynette, Mojo Daddy, Master Jake and slave laura, Mistress LC and slave ashley, Miss Arlene, slave nyteMare, Danielle, and boy rick. From DC: Sir Paul... and many others.

October 23 - Sir Ross and slave martha arrived to spend the weekend with us. slave paul also has been here since Thursday, so for the first time since MsC, the full family is together.
Sir Ross and spent some good time talking and catching up. slave paul put together a nice dinner for the whole family.

After that, it was baseball time. Sir Ross and I watched the NLCS game in which my team, the San Francisco Giants, defeated the Phillies and become National Leather champs and earn their participation in the World Series. A great early Birthday gift.

October 18 - slave matt returned home after a week in the mountains of Tennessee in the camp of the Radical Faeries. He and a great time and I am glad he is back home. slave david drove to Philadelphia to pick him up and also to help again slave jez with her computer.
October 16 - A local individual, also named david as my slave, visited to meet me and explore options. We did agree in talking more about how this Master can help him is his journey.
October 14 - My journey this week continued with a drive to Asbury Park, New Jersey. Bo, a good friend and the owner from DeTails Toys, invited me to his Atlantic coast house to film an interview and flogging scene for a new DVD he is producing. He hosted me for the evening after a nice dinner in one of the local restaurants.
October 13 - This evening I had a presentation before MAsT Philadelphia, invited by Lord Brick and slave lara. Great crowd and I was very pleased with the presentation of the "Journey of a Master". This is just the second time I present this class.
We took the opportunity to present, on behalf of the Board of Directors of MTTA, a special Certificate of Appreciation to slave jez for all her work as the graphic designer of MTTA and the Master/slave Conference.

Ms. Khiki and slave jez hosted me for the evening.

October 9 - I went to the DC Eagle tonite and was surprised to find slave michael, who has the first slave ever to sign up and attend the slave Training back in October 2001, nine years ago.
Today is also the 47th Birthday of my late slave tommy, who passed away in 2001 at age 37.

October 7 - slave matt and slave david left for Philadelphia. slave david will be helping slave jez with her computer and slave matt will go with friends to Tennessee for a camp of the Radical Faeries.
September 29 - Long day! Right after midnight on Tuesday nite, I vegan experiencing some chest pains. I woke up slave david and we went to the nearby emergency room. This morning I was transferred in ambulance to Alexandria Hospital. After several testing including a stress test, the diagnosis was high blood pressure and irregular heart beat. the stress test came all negative so my heart is still in great shape. We returned home after I was released by 6 PM and proceed to take things easy. I am OK and feel good after a little scare. This is the first time I came out with any heart related issues.
September 28 - Master Jake and slave laura brought slave matt back home and invited our family for dinner at a nearby restaurant. We had a wonderful time with all of them.
September 22- Today was the ninth anniversary of slave tommy's passing in 2001. As it has been my tradition, I called his mother and spent a good time catching up with her. The boy has been gone for so long, but he has never be forgotten.
September 21 - Today was the 45th birthday of slave paul. he came over after work and this Master cooked for him one of his specialty Puerto Rican dishes. We celebrated at home as a family, the way the slave requested.
September 16 - slave matt left for Central Virginia to help slave laura with her kids while Master Jake was out of town in business.
September 14 - slave saint left this morning after his internship of six weeks. The boy did very well. he really did not want to leave, but he was assured that he is welcome back. Good boy!
September 11 - By mid-afternoon, we headed to Central Virginia for a visit and dinner with Master Jake and slave laura. slave david is in Philadelphia for the weekend helping slave jez with her computer. So, slave matt, slave paul and slave saint made the trip. From Master Jake's, we stop at Kings Dominion for the Gay Night at the amusement park. We needed a relax day after the last month of too much work on the conference.
September 7 - Packing the office at the hotel and headed home. Before slave david took Guy Baldwin to the Airport, we have some time to chat about the past and the future. Also got an opportunity to spend time with the General Manager of the hotel who is very excited of having us next year and making it even better.
September 6 - After the breakfast with Master Skip attended by more than 200 people, the day began the wind down. The Closing Ceremony was very powerful with so many testimonies of the attendees. This event was the better organized and most smoothly run in our seven year history. What a great staff MsC 2010 had!
We ended the evening by going the whole family to the nearby dinner for a relax meal. Lady Lynette, Lord Brick and slave lara as well as Janus and jewell joined us.

September 5 - Sunday started with slave david's workshop on overcoming 20 years of abused. Both myself as his Master and Master David as a fried and therapist participated in the class as well.
The evening was for the Northeast Master/slave Contest won by Master Don and slave orja from Pennsylvania. I was able to announce Guy Baldwin as our Keynote Speaker for 2011 and Ms. Khiki as Head Judge.

During the Silent Auction, I was able to get the collar and handcuffs of slave bill (bruno) beautifully put together in a special piece by his Master. The piece will now be in my dungeon as another relic of our history.

September 4 - On Saturday I had m y first class of the weekend: The Calling. I was surprised that it was so well attended by TNGs. This new kids are really serious about the M/s dynamic.
The evening program was "Our Traditions Live" with the participation of Vi Johnson, Rick Storer from the Leather Archives and the speech of Master Alexander Von Habsburg, International Master 1993.

A special moment was when we had a posthumous capping of Master Jack McGeorge on stage, presided by Master Skip Chasey.

Finally the Awards were special. The Master Heart and slave Heart Awards went to Master Alexander and slave kit for their 40 years together in a M/s relationship. The "slave bill Volunteer Award" went to our dynamic duo from the stage, Ellen and Steve - the Stage Manager and AV Director respectively. The "Sir Steve Community Service Award" went to our beloved Master J, for so many years of giving to our community including the last four as President of Brother Help Thyself. The "Master Jack McGeorge Excellence in Education Award" went to Sir Stephen and the "Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award" was granted to Master Steve and the Butchmanns Family.

After the evening event, we gather at the Library for yet another capping ceremony, this time of Master Steve, Northeast Master 2009. I invited Sir Ross to join me so he continues gaining experience in the importance of these rituals and ceremonies.

After that we spent some time with Ms Khiki and slave jez who were celebrating their fiorst anniversary. Yes, they met at MsC 2009!

September 3 - Registration are going well, but door registration are overwhelming. During the afternoon, we gathered at the Library or Mama Vi for the surprised Capping Ceremony for Master Don. Long overdue.
The evening production went well and lasted just 88 minutes. One of many records for the weekend. slave Caroline offered a remarkable Keynote Address that set the tone for the weekend. The new Pool Party for TNGs was a great success, as well as the MTTA Academy reception.

September 2 - Registration for MsC 2010 opened house before it was supposed to be. Presenters and attendees started arriving to the hotel including Leather Gay Icon Guy Baldwin.
At 6:00 PM, we gathered for our annual meeting of the Board of Directors of MTTA. Wow, we have grown as an organization in the past six years like we never dreamed. After the meeting, we had the first of many informal gatherings at the hotel bar.

slave keith, from Denver and member of my Extended Family, joined us for the Conference and will be in my service for the weekend. So good to see this boy again.

September 1 - We moved to the hotel and start setting up the Office and Registration area. There is a lot of work but everyone is excited.
August 29 - The full staff for MsC hold the traditional Staff Meeting at our house to coordinate the final details for this week Conference. Everybody is excited and ready. We are rolling as the countdown approaches. The Associate Producers, Lady Lynette and Sir Stephen, are both in town for the rest of the week to finalize all the preps.
August 24 - Sir Brian (the Operations Manager) and Daddy Don (the Regsitrar) -- both members of my Extended Family --arrived to the house to get ready for MsC 2010, just nine days away. The house is now really full as Sir Brian brought his new boy, jonathan, and slave paul is coming almost everyday to help.
August 10 - We had a joint MAsT Meeting of five chapters. Good crowd and good discussion after a great dinner in a Thai restaurant. Lady Lynette stayed with us overnight. Ms. .Barbary and her boy matt, who just recently moved to the area, attended the meeting.
August 9 - slave matt's Birthday! The second one he spent in our home. He spent the day at work. SO I cooked some Puerto Rican food for dinner.
August 8 - Tomorrow is slave matt's 37th birthday. So we took him to a Thai Sushi restaurant. he enjoys sushi so he got it. It was another wonderful evening out with the full family.
August 5 - More sad news. Master Dutch from the Bear Pair passed away peacefully in his San Antonio home after battling a long illness. We met Master Shack and Master Dutch ten years ago when they still lived in Frederick, Maryland, and had been closed friends since then.
August 4 - Today I had my first cortisone shot on my back. The procedure was short and it went well. It slowed me down in my load of worked for the Conference, but hopefully it will help with the effects of my arthritis on my back.
August 2 - The day started with sad news. Syr Khrys, a queer lawyer from Maryland and very active in the female community and a member of TES, passed away on her sleep. The first e-mail I got was informing the news. She was scheduled to facilitate a round table at MsC next month.
Today is the day of the birthdays. slave david turned 46. Lady Lynette also celebrate her birthday, as my former slave neil. Also my closest cousin had a birthday today.

August 1 - slave saint from Albuquerque arrived at 5 AM. slave paul picked him up at the airport. slave saint will be a slave intern until mid-September.
In the late afternoon, we took slave david to dinner at a nice seafood restaurant on the Occoquan River side. slave david's birthday is tomorrow and we had an early celebration.

Today is also the first anniversary of slave matt's arrival to our household. What a year! What a ride, boy!

July 31 - The full family attended the annual Pool Party of my Leather Club, the Defenders, in the Baltimore area. Great weather, food, pool and friends.
July 30 - We had Sir Paul and slave thomas visiting for dinner. slave paul did the cooking. It was a lovely dinner in our deck.
July 27 - Long flights home, but it was good to be home again. Good vacation. Now it is the final five weeks of work before the Master/slave Conference.
July 26 - We drove Mistress Khiki and slave jez to the Airport and spent a quiet last day by the bay. During the evening, we ment with Master Munter and slave jody for dinner in Castro.
July 25 - Dore Alley Fair! Cool and beautiful day. And very interesting people.
I met boy sean with his sparkling eyes and beautiful smile. I gave him his first flogging right on the street while his partner watched. Good boy, good connection and good energy.

We also met slave greg, who approached me letting me know that he has been a fan of my website for years and was very gald to finally meet me. he got his back flogged and his butt paddled good. he was so appreciative of the time we spent together.

We ended the day at the Citadel both where Master Munter had his slave (and my former) jody mummified to a cross. He needed a good mouth to do oral on slave jody, and slave matt volunteered. That was his first time doing it in public on the street. WOOF!

After the Fair, we had dinner at a seafood restaurant on Market with Mistress Khiki and slave jez.

July 24 - We had lunch with my friend Tyger from Los Angeles and then hanged out a bit at the hotel of the International Leather Sir/Leatherboy Contest. It was a more quiet day than usual.
July 23 - We took Mistress Khiki and slave jez for lunch at the Luna Restaurant in Castro. Then a walk around the famous gay neighborhood. I ran into boy brent, a boy from Oklahoma member of my Extended Family for the last ten years. It was so good to see him again. He moved to the Bay Area about three years ago,
From Castro we went to the Twin Peaks for another awesome panoramic view of the city.

Finally the day ended with the traditional MOD play party at the SF Citadel. boy john - -who I met last year -- showed up for his flogging. We have a hot scene. After him, I flogged Madam's Andrea's slave ryan who is working in San Francisco for few months and my slave matt. Good party.

July 22 - We met with Mistress Khiki and slave jez for breakfast. They are attending the International Leather Sir/boy which takes places two blocks from our hotel.
During the afternoon, all four of us went to the Golden Gate Bridge, one of best places to be be. Love that bridge since I saw it for the first time in 1979. Then we drove to the small town of Sausalito, a beautiful town by the bay just a couple of miles north of the bridge.

During our return, we stopped up on the mountain where there is a panoramic view of the Golden Gate, the city, the Bay and the Pacific Ocean. When Mistress Khiki got there walking up the mountain, she looked at my with a huge smile and remembered how just a year ago she was at the Master/slave Conference on a wheelchair, and today she is walking and climbing a mountain to see one of the most beautiful panoramic views in the country.

July 21 - Our first day in San Francisco, we have a walk and lunch at Castro Street. Then spent the afternoon by going to the famous Lombard Street, followed by the Coit Tower and Fisherman's Wharf.
We met for dinner with Master Patrick Mulcahey and his slave patrick as well as Master Rick and slave tina, the International Master/slave 2008.

Finally at 8, we went to the SF Citadel where we presented a class on "Leather Families". We have a great turnout and an interesting discussion.

July 20 - slave matt and I are leaving today for a week-long stay in San Francisco. It is his first trip to be city by the bay, but it will be my 22nd trip there. No question I love the city and its people.
July 14-17 - Another successful slave Training Weekend. We had seven female slaves including Sir Ross' slave martha.
July 13 - nico left today after three weeks of internship. We all hope the boy learn something during his stay in our home.
The day was completed by a munch at a Thai restaurant followed by a successful MAsT meeting facilitated by Master Shawn and based on the book "SlaveCraft" of Guy Baldwin.

July 10 - Another birthday. We were invited to Master David's home in Baltimore for a surprise party for Master Jake, another of the TNGs in our circle and a member of Master David's Family. He just turned 30th. Our family surprised him with a birthday card about what happened in 1980, the year he was born and at the end we included a photo of him as a baby. A little conspiracy among my slaves and Master Jake's slave laura.
July 7 - We were part of a great panel sponsored by BESS in Baltimore about Leather History and Traditions. The panel was integrated by Ms Khiki, Glenda Rider, Master David, Hooker and myself. The discussion was quite interesting but we ran short of time. We could have talked for an hour more at least. After that we did have a lovely dinner with our friends and the rest of the panel.
July 3 - Today the full family traveled to Southeast Virginia for the traditional "Camp Wackka Wee Wee" hosted by Lady Lynette. We had a wonderful time. Great food, great social time with many kinky friends and also good play.
On our way there, we called Sir Ross to wish him a happy birthday. The newest member of our Family is now 28.

June 30 - Wild day. The advance registration for MsC ended today and we have a record registration for the day, the week, the month and the year-to-date. It all means we will have another well attended conference over Labor Day Weekend.
June 26 - We have the visit of slave evan, his friend Kendra from Philadelphia and a longtime local friend Bill came for a visit. We had a wonderful time, good chat and slave david prepared a great dinenr. After that I took slave nico to the DC Eagle - first time ever in a Leather Bar. The DC boys of Leather were hosting a bar nite and as always it was good to see my former boys, ricky and ken, and well as Sir Pail.
June 25 - I saw my pain management doctor who had the results of my last MRI. The arthritis in my back was worsened complicated with some other disc degeneration. the doctor recommended an injection and I have scheduled that procedure for August 4. Whatever to help me flog more without pain. LOL.
June 23 - slave nico from Portland, Oregon arrived early this morning for a three-week internship. he is the second intern for this summer.
June 22 - Eddie left today after a great five-week internship. He is back to Texas. I have agreed to be his mentor.
June 20 - Folsom East Street Fair. Again, my tenth consecutive. My first one was in 2001 with slaves tommy and dave. Before the fair, we held a brunch for the MAsT groups attending. There were MAsT members from New York City, Metro NY, Central New Jersey, Jersey City Gay Men, Delaware and Washington.
slave steve from Upstate NY joined our group and helped setting up the booth for MTTA / MsC. Very nice guy that I still have to get to know and I hope will visit sometime soon.

As usual, we brought our cross and did some flogging. Well really, seven flogging scenes, including slave matt, boy geary (who I met two years earlier), a young friend of boy gershon from Philly (that was his first time), slave evan (one of the vendors who I met at Brimstone) and slave steve.

It was good to see Sir Brad again. slave matt left earlier to take a bus back home as he had to work on Monday. After the Fair, Eddie and I went for dinner and make s short stop by Rawhide bar.

June 19 - Leather Pride Night at Splash. This was my tenth consecutive LPN. Another fund raiser in which Jo Arnone do the auctioning of donations and thousands of dollars are raised for charity. Sir Ross and slave martha joined us again as well as Master Bear Robert and his slave jimmy.
slave matt volunteered to help for an house and worked all the evening. Those who worked with him was very happy with his helped and he did enjoyed himself doing so. That makes me proud.

A handsome straight Asian boy sold me the raffle tickets this year. I met him at BR several years ago. This time he brought me luck as I was a five-time winner including a copy of John Preston's "Mr. Benson" book, a small flogger, a jock strap and two T-shirts.

At the auction, I ended up buying a lender arm binder and a poster. As always, Master Tip and his pup were very nice and reserved some prime seats.

Before the auction, we have dinner in my favorite Puerto Rican restaurant, and after it, we went for Ice Cream.

June 18 - I presented the class "cathartic Flogging" at Dom/sub Friends this evening. Sir Viktor, the DSF leader, always very nice and accommodating. We got a good crowd.
Sir Ross and slave martha attended and I surprised him by presenting his vest with the Family crest in front of his community.

After the class, Brian, a nice guy I met in past events this year in the area, showed up with his two girls for a flogging scene we have been planning for a while. He did beutifully and it was a joy taking him in such a "trip".

June 17 - I drove to NYC with slave matt and Eddie for the Leather Pride Weekend. Master Bear Robert is again our host. We went to the NYC Eagle in the evening.
June 16 - slave paul came after work for a short visit and to pick up his new vest with the Family patch. His face expression when I put his vest on was priceless. I am glad that he has find a place to belong and be accepted.
June 10-14 - Southeast Leather Fest in Atlanta. We drove all the way to Atlanta on Thursday - a city with way too many memories as it was home to my late slave tommy and where my journey of Mastery started 11 years ago when I attended MAsT 99.
Lady Lynette, my slave david and Eddie, the intern, accompanied me in the ten hour drive south.

This was SELF 15. I have attended seven of those including the first in 1996 when Jack and tom Stice step down as International Master/slave 1995. Then I returned in 2000, 2001, and 2002 when the International M/s Contest was part of the event, and more recently in 2007, 2009 and this year when SELF host the Southeast M/s Contest.

On Thursday nite, I returned to the Atlanta Eagle for the first time since 2002. Lots of memories. Ms Khiki and slave jez and Master Don and slave orja also went there. I offered two classes, one of Friday with slave david (Dealing with illness and death in M/s) and another on Saturday (Transition from BDSM to M/s).

There was a large delegation from our region including Ms Khiki and slave jez, Master Larry and slave barb, Master Don and slave orja, Vi Johnson, Cowboi Jen, Master Steve and slave tami, Lady Lynette and others. We had a great time.

Master Rick and slave gypsie from North Carolina - both alumni of the MTTA Academy - emerged as the new Southeast Master/slave 2010. I know them for few years now and we are all happy for them.

I picked up the new vests for Sir Ross and slave paul. Girl Nancy from Lifestyle Sewing put the Family patches to the vests of the new family members.

Eddie had a great learning experience attending a huge amount of classes and meeting people from around his country and from his current hometown, Austin, Texas.

June 6 - And something that I personally have dreaming with is finally a reality. The first Leather Street Fair -- as part of the DC Leather Pride Weekend -- took place at the parking lot next to the DC Eagle. MTTA was one of the main sponsors. Our Leather Family and a good bunch of alumni from the MTTA Academy volunteered long hours and helped making this a great success. Still in small scale, it was a taste of the multiple other fairs I have attended in San Francisco and New York City. We took some of my dungeon equipment and I did several flogging scenes. Master David and Master Shawn also joined me in some nice demos. Even a bit of rain in the middle of the afternoon did not affected the celebration.
June 5 - Long day! Our organization, MTTA, is sponsoring the annual DC Leather Pride educational Day at the DC Center. This year we offer 16 classes with a great faculty. I presented a new class "Introduction to Leather" aimed to novices and it was well received. I also presented as usual the 'Cathartic Flogging" class that includes a scene with slave matt. slave paul was part of a panel on 'Service Oriented slaves".
June 4 - And the house is full again. Ms Khiki and slave jez as well as boy gershon from Philadelphia join us this weekend for DC Leather Pride. slave paul also joined the family for the weekend.
June 3 - slave daniel arrived this afternoon to spend the DC Leather Pride Weekend with our Leather Family.
Eddie, slave daniel and I went to the DC Eagle to the kick off of the DC Leather Pride 2010 hosted by the DC boys of Leather.

June 1 - slave matt beganm working today. he is very excited. slave david decided to be a good brother, and while he is still at home in workers compensation, he ask my permission to take and pick up his slave brother at his new work so he can spare a tough bus and Metro commuting. That is what family is all about.
May 30 - The day began with a great Baked French Toast breakfast prepared by slave matt. Another full table: nine of us including Sir Ross and slave martha and Miss Khiki and slave jez, slave paul and eddie, the intern.
We spend part of the day talking about our Leather History and Leather traditions, a topic dear to the heart of Ms Khiki, who is the International Master 1999. In the middle of the conversation, I surprised Her with an eagle pin for Her Master cap, something I knew she wanted badly but refused to buy as our traditions called for that Eagle to be pass by another Master. She was very emotional when she received it, and then she took off Her Leather wrist band and proceeded to put it on my wrist. Wow. A day after I passed my Leather wrist band to Sir Ross, Ms Khiki honored me with Hers. What a day!

And for Sir Ross and slave martha as well as my intern, eddie, this was a weekend of learning Leather and Master/slave.

The sad part of the day was when we received news that Daddy Don, a dear member of the Extended Family, is having some health issue and is currently hospitalized.

The day ended with another nice dinner in our deck. After dinner, Ms Khiki and slave jez left for Philadelphia.

May 29 - What a day! We have a great gathering of family and friends to share a special occasion -- the welcoming to the family of Sir Ross and slave paul.
Sir Ross and His slave martha were the first one to arrive after a long drive from New York City followed by Ms Khiki and slave jez from Philadelphia. Both couples also will stay for the weekend. The others guests well all here by 4 PM: Lady Lynette and slave llamb, Mistress Mary and slave chris, Master Jake and slave laura and Lord Brick and slave lara. We missed Master David and slave t, who could not attend due to family commitments.

slave paul worked all day on a great dinner: grilled salmon with portobello mushrooms and roasted potatoes plus salad, vegetables, fruits and dessert.

After dinner, the informal ceremony began right on our deck. slave paul received his protection collar, his Family patch and his name tag for his vest. he was deeply emotional.

Then, we proceed to welcome Sir Ross to the family. He received his patch and name tag and I surprised him by passing my biker boots -- the first pair I bought almost two decades ago -- to the new Junior Master of the Family. That in the old Leather Traditions of passing our Leather to our younger generation who earn them. With that, I passed him my full history as those boots have been in almost every single event that I have attended including turning points of my life like the MAsT 99 event, many IML and Folsom Fairs, trips to Europe and countless Leather bars around the country and the world. The best was that they fitted him well.

Finally I took my Leather wristband that I have wear for the last few years and pass it to Sir Ross as well.

After that emotional family time, we all went to the FetLife Party at the Crucible, our local dungeon. There I flogged both slave matt and slave paul. Sir Ross hogtied slave matt - the first time he ties a boy! And Master Jake and I played with ant took advantage of poor restrained matt, who had a wonderful time. Meanwhile, slave paul was in demand by the ladies, and both Mistress Mary and Lady Lynette had a good time with the new member of my family.

May 28 - The deck was finally ready and today the slaves put the new furniture and a new canopy to cover the table and chairs. It looks beautiful. This was really a family project and everyone put his hard work on it.
slave paul arrived for the weekend, a weekend he will remember for years to come.

May 23 - The last few days have been awesome. A full house that enhance the sense of family.
eddie is adapting well and very eager to learn. he is a bright young man with a lot of life experience in the other side of the world.

sergei is a young vivacious boy who made us laugh during his short stay. he loves to serve and took over cooking duties making every meal a special treat.

slave paul was here both Thursday and Saturday and alongside slave matt took on the project for the weekend: the cleaning and staining of the deck. they almost finished but have to stop due to the rain treat on Saturday afternoon. Both eddie and sergei were very helpful as well.

As part of the deck improvement project, slave matt and I went shopping Friday evening and brought back home a new canopy and six new chairs.

Last nite we all went to the Dignity center for a movie night, some Leather shorts.

sergei left this morning to go back to his family in the Southwest. He promised to be back for a week in August just before school resumes.

May 19 - All of the sudden, the house is full. I drove to BWI Airport to pick up our first summer intern, eddie, a tall (6'6"), 25 y/o college student from Texas but originally from the Middle East. eddie will be here for few weeks.
Then at 6 PM we picked up sergei, the 24 y/o Ukrainian student who we met at the DC Eagle last month. he came to spend few days before he go back home in the Southwest.

Both boys immediately began helping slave matt with the cleaning of the deck. We hope to be able to seal it this weekend if the weather cooperates.

We have a nice dinner that slave david cooked and in the evening we spend some time in the hot tub.

May 17 - Great news. slave matt got the call and the job. he will start working with a non-profit in this area in June.
I also went to a Pain Management doctor today and will have an MRI next week. The arthritis in my back seems to be getting worse but it does not affect me to keep flogging, my favorite pastime. LOL.

May 13-16 - Master Training Weekend XV - Another great group at the Academy. 12 Masters from around the country gathered for this event. Great and powerful class. The staff did also a great job.
May 11 - Five MAsT chapters of the DC-VA-MD area gathered in DC for our quarterly meeting. A great panel with slave justin, Master Nick, my slave david and myself address the topic of "Dealing with illness in death in Master/slave relationships. Powerful presentation and discussion.
May 4 - slave david returned from his week vacation in Phoenix where he was visiting his sister.
We appreciate Master Archer and his slaves for hosting him and making him feel at home.

May 1 - The month began with a full day of classes at CCFF. We also staffed a table for MTTA and the Master/slave Conference. We presented a class on "Leather Families" who was extremely well received.
In the evening, the event held a play party at the Crucible. It was like another family reunion. slave matt loved toplay among so many friends. I did flogging scenes with slave matt and slave paul. david, a straight boy from the West Coast who I have played with before, was in town and joined us. he got his butt real read from good paddling.

April 30 - We drove to Baltimore to attend Charm City Fetish Fair organized by BESS. slave matt and slave paul traveled with me. This was kind of a family reunion as so many good friends were in attendance.
April 27 - slave david flew today for Phoenix, Arizona to spend a week with his sister. This is his first trip since his surgery. he is doing much better but still using the cane and just started therapy.
April 25 - Another long day. We presented a class in the morning "Dominant and caring", and then drove to Jersey City to present another class "The Calling to Mastery and slavery" before the new MAsT Jersey City Gay Men chapter at Master Robert's home. After that, we drove back home and finally got to sleep in our beds.
April 24 - Long day at Brimstone. We presented two classes today: Cathartic Flogging and Transition from BDSM to M/s. Both were well attended and received. But the flogging did not end with the class as that evening at the dungeon, I was able to flog two young men: TNT from Virginia and slave evan from Philadelphia. Both scenes were awesome and we connected well with both of them.
April 23 - We got to Edison to attend Brimstone. We have dinner with Ms. Khiki and slave jez which became a mentoring session with kevin, a young boy from the area.
Then Sir Ross and slave martha joined us for the rest of the evening. I have been mentoring Sir Ross since last year and it was good to see him and meet slave martha for the first time.

April 22 - We arrived to Master Robert's home in the early afternoon and drove to Manhattan in the evening. We had dinner at my favorite little Puerto Rican restaurant on Eighth Avenue and then we spend the evening at the NYC Eagle.
April 21 - The whole family traveled to Baltimore to attend Vi Johnson presentation at BESS. As always, she was absolutely great. It brought a good feeling to see the interest of the attendees on what this living legend has to say about her journey and our Leather History.
slave matt and I stayed overnight at Master David's as we will continue driving north in the morning.

April 15 - Daddy Don had hip replacement surgery today. Everything went well and he is recovering nicely. He did his first step the next day.
April 11 - Gershon left today after spending a great weekend with us. He was able to experience his first flogging (and he posted his pics inhis profile in FetLife) and also some electro play. We look forward to have that boy back.
April 10 - slave paul came today to help slave matt and Gershon with some yard work. After that, slave paul and I had a nice conversation about his needs and interests and we will continue talking.
April 9 - Gershon, one of slave matt's best friends from Philadelphia arrived today to spend the wekeend with the family. I met him during MAL in January and he hosted us in Philly last month.
Tonight we went to the DC Eagle for the Defenders Bar Night. There I met an Ukrainian college student who ended up coming home that evening and spending the night with us. Very nice boy... and he was fun.

March 25-28 - Another terrific slave Training Weekend at the Academy. We had nine slave boys, a record for the male slave Training. saint, a boy we met in Albuquerque in the fall, made the training.
The Faculty and staff continues doing such a great job. During the closing ceremony, I announced some promotions at the Academy staff, elevating Lady Lynette as Deputy Director and Mistress Mary as Resident Master. Master David was ratified as Senior Counselor. slave ashley was named the "Academy Chef". she has done a great job preparing the meals.

March 20 - Very busy day. We travel to Master David's home in Maryland for both an MsC 2010 Executive Committee meeting and a MTTA Board meeting. Both meetings were productive. The MTTA Board approved my proposal to change the name of the Academy to "MTTA Academy". For years it has been known as "Master Taino's Training Academy".
From Baltimore, slave matt and I traveled to Philadelphia for a St. Patrick party offered by Ms. Khiki and slave jez. We were hosted by Gershon, a nice boy friend of slave matt who I met during MAL.

March 16 - Once more, it was my turn to present before the friendly crowd of Black Rose. After a great dinner with board members of Black Rose and my slaves as well as the visiting boy xander, I presented "transition from BDSM to Master/slave". It was a great crowd and based on some messages I got after, it was helpful to the attendees. One of the attendees signed up for the Academy's slave Training weekend scheduled for next week. There was excitement for MsC 2010 and a young couple from Maryland showed their interested in joining the TNG contingent at the event. It always amazes me how well I have been welcome in Black Rose, time after time. boy xander was extremely impressed with the event.
March 14 - A young college student for the Maryland Eastern Shore arrived to spend few days of his spring break as an intern in our household. I met boy xander in FetLife few weeks ago. Even that he is still just 20 and a straight, he has done his rounds craving and looking for information. he felt very comfortable since he arrived.
Shortly after we drove back to the Baltimore area to Master David's home for the MAsT Baltimore meeting. Master Steve and slave tami were the presenters. Four of the girls from the last Training Weekend were in attendance. This was the first MAsT meeting for xander.

Upon our return home late at night, xander and I got into the hot tub and spent two hours talking about the Master/slave dynamic with him. he is mature for his age and very eager to learn. My hot tub is a good place for mentoring.

March 13 - Flea Market at the Crucible. We have a table to promote MTTA and the Master/slave Conference and the full family engaged in the effort. Always good to see friends at events. It was particularly great to see my former slave mike with Master John.
After that, we drove to Maryland for a surprise advanced party to celebrate Master David's 70th Anniversary. That was a very special occasion. We stay kind of late talking after their family were gone.

March 11 - We held our first MAsT Washington's meeting at the DC Center (the gay Center). In almost eleven years since the Chapter was founded in 1999, this is our fourth venue. Members like the new facilities.
March 4-7 - The make-up weekend for the slave Training for females which was canceled due to the blizzards of February. Nine slave girls made it to the Academy and it was a very powerful event. This weekend training are becoming better and better with each class. This was just powerful... that is the best way to describe it. What a bunch! And the faculty and staff was absolutely great. It was good to have Master J back as a faculty member. Another one to remember.
February 25-28 - South Plains Leather Fest / International Master/slave Contest took place in Dallas.
The personal surprise for me was when Mark Frazier announced that I was the winner of the "Jack Stice Memorial Award 2010". Mark substituted for tom stice, who was Jack Stice's slave until he passed more than a decade ago. This Award has a special meaning because it is named after Jack Stice, one of the icons in the Master/slave community and International Master 1995. I attended my very first International M/s contest in 1996 in Atlanta when Jack and tom stepped down from their titles.

Master Obsidian and slave nemaste from the Southwest Region won the International Master/slave title. Our Northeast titleholders, Master Steve and slave tami, did represented us with grace, dignity and dedication.

It was great to see so many friends, particularly, it was important to see Master Jim again after a two-years absence. Four members of the MTTA Board represented our organization at SPLF. Master Larry was one of the emcees and Lady Lynette one of the judges. Slave lara attended with Lord Brick and we had dinner together on Thursday evening. Even Sir Stepehen showed up on Friday as he was working in Dallas at the time.

On Friday night, the delegation from the Northeast went out for dinner becoming one of the highlights of the weekend. On Saturday, Ms Khiki and slave jez attended the Contest and we also have dinner together.

Mark Frazier delivered a very powerful Keynote Speech during the Brunch on Sunday morning.

The dungeon was opened Friday and Saturday evening. A Texan boy saw me flogging slave mark and he requested and got his own flogging on Saturday evening.

On Sunday evening, Lady Lynette and slave llamb and slave matt and I went for a seafood dinner to end the weekend. By far, it was the best food of the whole weekend. Monday we flew back home.

February 23 - slave matt and slave david have been working non-stop in the last few days. The result is that we are pretty much ready to launch by next week the new website for the Conference and the online registration process. While slave matt designed the website, slave david took over the online process. Both have done a great job as we work together for the next event.
Meanwhile, I finished the details of a contract extension with our current hotel and all the contracts where signed today. We will continue at the same hotel until 2012.

February 21 - The whole family went to Baltimore to visit Master David and attend the meeting for MAsT Baltimore. slave david was able to assist Master David with some computers problems. The meeting was great and a very important topic. It was impressive to see many members who already have been at the Academy and a group of girls who will be at the next training next week.
February 19 - Barbary, a participant of the last Master Training, invited us for lunch. We all went to a neighborhood restaurant where they serve Peruvian food that she loves. It was a very nice outing.
February 13 - Enough is enough! We decided to get out of the house even that the neighborhood streets are not fully ready. In the late afternoon, we went to the DC Eagle for the annual Scarlet Bake Sale, one if the main fund-raisers for charity from our community. We were lucky to find a parking just two blocks from the Eagle. Not a huge attendance for obvious reasons, but still the event was a great success.
After that, we decided to go to a Latino restaurant in downtown and again we were lucky to find one empty space in the parking lot. It was a great dinner to celebrate the Valentine and we came home before midnight. Quite an adventure, but we needed to get out.

February 9-10 - Let it snow! A third blizzard this winter and a record snow fall for a full winter in the history of the DC area. And the winter is not over. We had to cancel this weekend's slave Training Weekend for female slaves and reschedule it for Marc 4-7. Meanwhile, the family stayed home hibernating even more.
February 5-6 - The DC area got hit with the second blizzard this winter and all the family is hibernating at home. We have gotten more than two feet of snow and we are literally buried in our home. Still on Saturday afternoon, just before the storm ended, the whole family decided to adventure walking on our snow filled street. slave david decided to join us and with the help of his cane he amazingly did just fine. Just a month after his back surgery, slave david was walking and enjoying two feet of snow on our street.
February 4 - Before the second blizzard of this nasty winter hits the region, slave matt and I decided to go to the DC Eagle for the DC boys of Leather's Night Out. We had a good time sharing time with several of the boys and others friends. We ran into peter, a new boy who spent some time with us during MAL and who wants to attend the next slave Training.
January 28 - Daddy Don stayed overnight on his way to Florida. He and his friend invited the whole family to have dinner at a nearby restaurant. This was the first activity out of the house for slave david after his surgery. he is now pain-free and walking mostly with a cane instead of the walker.
After dinner, I attended the first meting for DC Leather Pride in which MTTA will be producing the educational day again.

January 21-25 - Southwest Leather Conference - This time of the brought us to the annual Southwest Leather Conference in Phoenix. I have been attending this event since its inception in 2003.
To make this trip possible, Lady Lynette moved to our house to take care of slave david. slave nyteMare stayed with him Thursday morning until Lady Lynette arrived. What a community! slave david was sad that his surgery forced him to cancel this trip as he has a sister in Phoenix that he likes to visit while there. I promised him we will use his ticket to go to Phoenix in the spring to visit his sister.

SWLC was another great success in a new venue. Master Skip's slave rick rocked the place with his Keynote Speech on Sunday morning.

slave matt volunteered to help with the Silent Auction and also integrate the choir who sang the National Anthem and during the Tribe Revival.

boy cary, from Reno, Nevada, joined us during the weekend and had an intense learning experience attending BDSM and M/s classes for the first time in his life and having great experiences int he dungeon including his first cathartic flogging. I met boy cary in san Francisco three years ago and have continue in contact with him and getting together every year during Folsom.

We also reconnect with another local boy - david - who joined us on Thursday afternoon and as he did last year, he gave me a great massage who helped my body survived the weekend. slave matt bonded with both cary and david.

We ran into so many dear friends, but just to mentioned a few, it was great to run into Master Michael and slave steve from Seattle, Patrick and patrick from San Francisco, SlaveMaster and his slaves from Vegas, Rick Storer from the Leather Archives who joined us for lunch twice, slave saint from Albuquerque, Steve, who I met and flogged the previous year, Master Z and his family, Major, Master Gallad and slave kelly, and many other friends and alumni from the Academy,

January 15-17 - Time to take a break and thanks to our great community, slave matt and I can do just that. It is Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, an event I have not missed since 1994 and for slave matt was his first time.
Madam Andrea and her slave ryan volunteered to stay in the house for the weekend to take care of slave david and Lady O came on Sunday afternoon to take over. Thanks to all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

I tried for slave matt to have a good MAL experience and relax from the last couple of weeks which took a toll on him. First he was able to reconnect with some friends from Philadelphia, particularly Gershon and Nick. On Friday, I put slave matt in a straight jacket and leather hood while in the lobby of the hotel. On Saturday, I arranged for Master Tip, my dear friend from New York, to mummify slave matt for the very first time. The slave boy had a blast! he also was able to walk around with some of my iron shackles.

We hosted Ms Khiki and her slave jez from Philly. It was great to have them with us for the weekend. They both had a great time.

It was also the Defenders' (my leather club for 17 years) 18th Anniversary. We hold a reception on Saturday and the Leather Mass on Sunday followed up by dinner.

Gershon, one of slave matt's friends, is a newbie who is so eager to learn. We connected well and he had some new experiences with us. he ended up cuffed with my heavy German shackles, and I played with him on Sunday evening. he look so hot licking my boots! WOOF! he promised to visit us next month.

It was great to see several members of our immediate and extended family including Sir Brad from NYC, boys ken and ricky from NOVA, slave keith from Denver, Sir Paul and boy jose from DC, slave mike from Maryland, and boy rick from Virginia, as well as countless old friends.

January 14- It was been a tough week in our household. slave david's first few days at the house have been tough on him as he experience the pain, discomfort, and other issues associated with a major surgery. But he is healing fine and the prognosis is good.
he has been inundated with e-mails and messages from many friends of our community. That has meant the world to him.

It was been tough for slave matt and myself. slave matt is my hero! he has done an incredible job in taking care of his brother to every little detail. I am so proud of him.

Things got complicated this week when on Monday I began to feel some discomfort and abdominal pain. Yesterday morning I went to the doctor and ended up in the hospital for several hours doing a CT-scan and IV antibiotics. The diagnosis was diverticulitis. The antibiotics did the job and I feel much better today, but have to continue taking antibiotics for ten days.

January 8 - slave david is back home! Close to 4 PM, we arrive to the house. he has been in pain all day as he change pain-killers. But we are delighted to have him at home and help him in his recovery.
Some have asked me what a Master do in this kind of situation. I am experienced in this. My first live-in slave ended up in a hospital for an appendectomy two weeks after relocating. So I learned fast. I also have vast experience with slave tommy who had to be taken to hospitals many times before he finally passed on 2001. In the case of slave david, I told him before his surgery that he now have only one standing order: to take care of himself so he can recover soon. It is always tough for slaves not to be able to serve their Masters as they are used to.

Again, we have been overwhelmed by our Leather family and friends' love and support, including people who we do not know or barely have met in event have taken time to write to use with words of support or advice.

January 7 - slave david continues progressing. he has been walking and beginning to feel like his old self. his main difficulty is in getting in and out of bed. That is a painful task. he is finally free from all the typical hospital attachments to his body and looking forward to come home on Friday.
slave matt has been busy converting the dining room into a temporary bedroom for david so he does not have to do stairs during his first couple of weeks at home. Friends from our great Master/slave community are beginning to commit to assist us in resuming our normal lives and community commitments by helping to take care of slave david.

January 6 - slave david did his first walks and is progressing fast. he has been able to start reading his e-mail with messages from our great community. We are "preparing" the house to make his return more pleasant to to "keep" him in the main floor of the house and minimize his use of stairs for the first few days and/or weeks.
January 5 - slave david's back surgery took place in the early morning and it lasted 3 plus hours. It was very successful and by 1 PM he was out of recovery and in his room. Master David joined slave matt and I in those first hours at the hospital. slave david is in good spirits although dealing with the aftermath of a serious surgery.
Thanks to all our Leather Family and friends who has been supporting us and sending best wishes to slave david and offering to help us during his recovery. What a community!

January 4 - We drove back home early in the morning to get ready for tomorrow when slave david will undergo back surgery in the morning.
January 1 - 3 - Winter Solstice was a great event. We met new friends and our three workshops were well attended and created good discussions. We spend a lot of time with our dear friends Mistress Khiki and slave jez, Master Don and slave orja and Master Steve and slave tami. Both slave david and slave matt did have a great time. Slave david was able to certain degree to enjoy himself and not think too much of the back surgery scheduled Tuesday. he did get a lot of support from our friends and others who have had similar back surgeries.
January 1 - Happy New Year to all our Leather Family and friends!
After the New Year's Eve celebration, the family drove to Piscataway, new Jersey to participate in Winter Solstice, our first event of the year.