December 31 - Our traditional New Year's Eve Dinner for a group of Masters and slaves was another success. As we are used to, we gathered as a family to wait for 2010 to arrive. Master David and slave talila, Mistress Mary and slave slave chris and Madam Andrea and slave ryan joined our Leather Family for this special occasion.
December 26 - After 8 days visiting his family in Upstate New York, slave matt is back home. We missed him.
December 23 - boy spencer came over for dinner with me and slave david. We had a great time. It was good to see him again.
slave matt called today. he is enjoying the holidays with his family in Upstate New York, and cannot wait to be back on Saturday. It was good to hear his voice.

December 19 - The winter snow storm became a reality. We were buried in almost two feet of snow of this blizzard that covered the DC area and much of the Northeast. Now we are hibernating at home and it is going to be for few days as removing these ton of snow is not going to be easy.
December 18 - slave matt left today to visit his parents in Upstate New York for the holidays.
December 13 - Today we hosted a special Holiday MTTA gathering for the members of MAsT Washington and the staff of the Academy and the Master/slave Conference. We had 38 Masters and slaves attending and we had an awesome time. slave paul joined slave matt and slave david in preparing food and the rest of the preparations for the party. They all did a great job.
We had a wonderful time. One of the slaves in attendance wrote to me after the party and his e-mail embodies the importance of these gatherings:

"While the holiday party was as delightful as all Your gatherings, filled with laughter, comradeship, and delicious food - all wrapped in an envelope of community respect and love - this particular gathering brought out the true meaning of what this holiday really is: O/our oneness with all that surrounds U/us and the sacredness of lives well lived. "

After the party, slave matt left to spend a couple of days at the residence of Lady Lynette in Southeast Virginia. His mission is to bring some roses from Lady Lynette's yard to be planted in ours.

December 12 - We attended Master Nick's Holiday party which took palce at Mysty Starr's lovely home in Lorton, not far from our home. Both Master Nick and Mysty Starr were great hosts and made us felt very welcome. It was a great gathering that included some play as well. Food and conversation was great. Thanks Master Nick!
December 11 - Today I went with my slave david to see one of the surgeons who will perform back surgery on him early next year. slave david hurt his back at the end of August while at work and has been receiving workers comp since then. His doctor recommended surgery and it will take place in January 5th. We all hope that everything will be OK and he will be totally recovered after the surgery. Still, doctors estimate he won't be able to work for three additional months after the surgery.
December 6 - The whole family attended a special wedding reception for Daddy Ed and Stephen who recently got married in Connecticut. The reception took place at the Crucible and was a great encounter of many people of our community.
I know Daddy Ed and Stephen since I joined the Leather community in the early 90s. I supported him to become president of SigMa and later on he joined the faculty of the Academy. Stephen became a prominent member and eventually the Colonel of the Men of Discipline, group that I have been an associate member for ten years.

A highlight of the reception was the fact, that even that Ed and Stephen are gay, most guests were straight. How far we have become as a community.

November 30 - For the last three months, slave david has been at home after he hurt his back at work. Finally his doctors decided to go for surgery and he has been scheduled for having back surgery on January 5. he has deep concerns about this surgery but I am reassuring him that her will be OK and we all will be there for him.
November 26 - Thanksgiving Day! slave matt took care of all the cooking and did an awesome job. The slave cooked everything from scratch with such a joy. Our dinner table was shared by my two slaves and one of my adult children. It has become a tradition to have this special and family holiday by getting together my children and my slaves. What a great feeling!
November 25 - The whole family attending the All Colors Nite, a bar night at the DC Eagle sponsored by the Leather Clubs of the Washington Metropolitan area. This is an annual fundraiser and, even that the attendance was not that great, we ended up raising close to $1,000.
November 21 - This evening was the DC Eagle anniversary and their annual DC Eagle Contest. Seven contestants vied for the title this year including some good friends. The Eagle was crowded like the old good times of the 90s.
November 20 - slave matt and I went to the annual Eagle Wings, a live auction to raise funds for our gay charities as part of the DC Eagle 38th Anniversary. We both donated some items and bought some others.
Our friend Peter Lloyd did another remarkable job putting this event together and Jo Arnone excelled again as the auctioneer.

November 14 - In the mid-afternoon, slave matt and I went to a Yard Sale at the Crucible during the afternoon. slave david could not accompany us as his back was still hurting. We staffed a table and sold items for MAsT and a couple of things from our household.
After that, we went to the new house warming for Steve and Ellen, two of our young volunteer staff at the Master/slave Conference. slave matt baked a German Chocolate cake that was delicious. Ellen and Steve have a huge lovely house in Maryland with a great dungeon in the basement. The party was mostly young guys and gals in their 20s and 30s, an awesome group of young people with a great interest in BDSM. I did a nice flogging scene with slave matt.

November 10 - For the first time ever, five MAsT Chapters held an annual meeting hosted by our MAsT Washington chapter. 45 members of the Washington, DC Pan, Baltimore, Hampton Roads and the new Richmond chapters met in DC to hear a special presentation from Master Steve and slave tami, the Northeast Master/slave 2009. They presented their very compelling and powerful story.
November 5 -8 -- This weekend we held the Master Training Weekend XIV with a great class of twelve Masters and slaves from all around the country -- from Arizona to Massachusetts and Illinois to Alabama and Florida, from New York to Maryland. What a bunch or great individuals. They really checked their ego at the door and immerse themselves in a life-changing experience. This particular group were integrated by a dozen Masters with great qualities for leadership and some of them are already doing so. I challenge them to work hard and involved to be the leaders who will wear the boots of the elders of our community.
The eleven-member Faculty and Staff did an awesome job in keeping the weekend flowing smooth and easy, providing a great service to our participants. For the first time in the eight year history of the Academy, the full staff and faculty was a resident staff for the full weekend. Mistress Mary and slave ashley ran the kitchen like the professionals they are. And the rest of the slave staff including my slaves david and matt, slave llamb, slave rene, slave lyric and slave mare dedicated themselves to make this another success. Lady Lynette organized and excited the staff to work together and efficiently.

The participants were pretty overwhelmed with the quality of service provided by our slave staff. They also showed the appreciation presenting us with a photo of the full class and a donation for the scholarship fund of the Academy.

It is Monday afternoon. I am rested after a good night sleep but I am still floating from such an awesome weekend.

We missed our friend Master Jack McG, who passed away in August. It is a vacuum impossible to fill. But his presence was among all of us who knew him and respect him for his contributions to the education of our community. This was the first Academy's event without him.

October 30-November 1 -- BR 2009 took place this weekend in DC. What a special weekend!
Friday: slave matt and I moved to the Hotel and the usual encounter with so many friends began. It is amazing how many people we continue to meet and connect with throughout the year. A ever growing family.

I was invited to be part of the Celebrity Auction and ended up being "bought" not by one but two different bidders who matched their bids for a flogging scenes. We did both scenes that evening. It was particularly special to flog boy ky again. his first flogging ever took place at BR 2002 and... you guessed, I did it.

Saturday: I had two classes: "Transition from BDSM to Master/slave" and "Cathartic Flogging". Both were well attended. It amazed me how the interest for M/s keeps growing within the BDSM Community.

The evening was special. slave david joined us for the formal Banquet. We shared the table with Master David and his leather family. Then the Award Ceremony took place. Black Rose bestowed upon me the prestigious "Vaughn Keith National Educator Award" for 2009. In my remarks, I humbly accepted it and share it with all of those who has been at my side in my education endeavors throughout the years. I also encourage everyone to do their part in the education of our community, and in particular, to the new generation of kinky folks who will have to fill the shoes of today's elders. It was really special to receive the same awards that others like the late Master Jack McG, Lolita Wolf, Catherine Gross, Tristan Taormino, Fakir Musafar, Jack RInerlla and Jay Wiseman among others.

My dear friend and brother, Master David, received the Elder Award for his lifetime contributions.

Sunday: My final class was on Leather Families. I invited both slave matt and slave david to sit with me at the class and share their experiences as part of my family.

After 20 years of flogging, I bough my first single tail whip from Victor Tella, one of the vendors at BR. Master David has encouraged me to get into the single tail whipping and I decided to give it a try. He knows has the commitment to teach me. Never to late too continue learning.

October 24 - My 59th Birthday! At midnight, the special day began with the collaring ceremony of slave matt. This was very special as -- exactly four years after slave david was collared on my 55th birthday -- slave matt was also collared as an owned slave. slave matt has been living in the household as a trainee since the summer and quickly integrated himself. Receiving a new slave as a gift is the best birthday present a Master can ever had.
During the ceremony in my dungeon, slave david also renew his commitment and received a new collar after wearing the same one for the last four years.

With the great help of slave paul, my slaves worked all day in getting ready for the gathering. slave matt took the leadership of preparing great food for the occasion and slave paul teamed with him to make it possible.

27 Masters and slaves from our family, MTTA associates and friends gathered in the late afternoon until ten at night. Among our guests were Sir Paul, slave rene and boy rick, all members of our family. Also in attendance were Master David and slave talila, Master Kurt and slave john, Master Don and slave orja, Mistress Mary and slave chris, Sir Kim and mouse, Master Jake and slave laura, Master Nick, Sir Daniel, slave nyteMare, slave cita, and El Jefe.

Very meaningful was the fact that the late Master Jack McG's son Alex and Master Jack's slaves justin and elizabeth were able to make it as well. They surprised me with a very special gift, a leg shackle with an iron ball part of Master Jack's extensive collection.

I had a very happy day with the company of my slaves, my Leather Family and friends. Now one more year for the Big 60!

October 20 - Back home. slave david picked us up at the airport and had dinner ready for us. But the highlight was his new tattoo with the family crest. It looks great, and he is so proud of it. The new tattoo marks his fourth anniversary in my service.
October 18-20 - After the event, we hit the road north to Santa Fe, the historic capital city of New Mexico. We spent the afternoon walking thru the old city visiting historic places and the plaza at the center of the old town, which brought me memories of my hometown in Puerto Rico.
On Monday, following the advice of Daddy Mauro, we took a rural panoramic road to Taos. It was a beautiful day with great weather - 70 degrees, and the landscape was marvelous. In Taos, we went directly to the Taos Pueblo, where the Native-Americans from that tribe has lived for more than a millennium. It was a great experience, and both slave matt and I enjoyed the trip.

October 16-18 - slave matt and I traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico to participate at Rio Grande Leather. It was the first time that I attend and present at this event. We presented two classes and one session of Q&A in Spanish, a novel idea which was well received. For slave matt, this was another step in his journey. It marked the first time that the new trainee travels with me and he made the best out of the opportunity.
It was special to see Daddy Mauro, from our Extended Family, who was one of the emcees of the event. Also it was great to see slave raven and Major. We met a great number of new people. I allowed for the first time for slave matt to play with other. Dona, a Latina Domme, did a great rope bondage scene which the slave enjoyed. I had the opportunity to have an awesome flogging scene with a special boy, saint, who contacted me beforehand and was looking forward to the experience. Nice boy! slave matt also had probably his best flogging to the date.

While at home, slave david went on Friday to do his tattoo with our friend Captain in Frederick, MD. The tattoo is the Family crest. We will have to wait until we are back from New Mexico to see it.

October 13 - slave david was the lead presenter at the MAsT Washington meeting tonight. he address the effects of abuse in Master/slave relationships based on his long history of abuse under his previous owner. Master David as a psychologist and myself as his Master participated as well offering our experiences and roles in the healing process of slave david. This was a great step forward for him and his personal growth as a human being as a slave. We in the family are very proud of him.
October 11 - Equality March in DC. We all attended as a family to support equal rights for our GLBT community. We were part of the Leather Contingent and also displayed the Master/slave flag during the march.
October 6 - As we have been discussing for a while, time came for slave bobby to move on. This evening he formally requested to be released and it was granted. he is moving to downtown DC where he now has two part-time jobs. The slave served this Master for close to two years and per his own admission, grew as a person and appreciate everything this Master was able to do for him. I will miss him.
October 2 - We had a special Birthday dinner for slave boy who turned 50 today. slave matt did the cooking and we had a great family gathering.
September 29 - Today I flew back home. slave david picked me up to the Airport. two weeks away and cannot wait to be back home. It happens today would have been the 60th birthday of Master Jack McG, who passed on August 18. Another day to feel his presence still among us.
September 28 - The day after. Had coffee and then lunch with boy sam, a Chinese boy living in London, who is interested in visiting our household.
September 27 - The great day is here: Folsom Street Fair 26. This is the twelfth time since 1995 that I have attended the Fair. Spent the full day flogging and spanking mostly boys at the booth of some friends who were in my class at the Citadel when I was in the city this past July. Ran into many friends including Cary from Reno, who I met here two years ago.
September 26 - This afternoon I had lunch with JR, who I met on Thursday at the Powerhouse when he was selling raffle tickets. He is a great boy and we enjoy talking a lot. Also ran into my former slave chris from New York City. It was good to see him doing well.
September 25 - The pre-Folsom MOD play party was another success. I had a great time doing CBT with phil. That boy can take hard CBT and is a lot of fun to play with. Also ran into my former slaves dave from DC and jody from San Francisco. Also, Sir Ian from Los Angeles and a member of the Extended Family.
September 23 - The Fetish Fair was a lot of fun at the SF Citadel. Good to see many friends as always.
September 22 - Today I arrived to San Francisco for the second leg of my two-week vacation. My club brother Mario is my host this time. This is my fourth trip to San Francisco in the last year.
Also today is the eight anniversary of the passing of my slave tommy. As always, I called his mother and we talked for a while remembering him.

September 16 - Today I met with boy keith, the newest member of my extended family. We spend some quality time talking as he was headed out of town.
September 15 - I flew with one of my sons to Denver to spend a week with my youngest son and my youngest granddaughter. The girl is now 3 1/2 years old and very beautiful and smart.
September 12 - A sad day. This evening, slave christine requested to be released and her wishes were granted. It is always sad when a slave decides to leave this Master's service but more often than not, it is for the well being of both. I wish the girl the best in her journey.
September 9 - Black Rose made it public today. This Master has been selected to be honored next month during BR 2009 with the prestigious "Vaughn Keith National Educator Award". This is a recognition that took me by surprise and I humbly accept. This award has been granted to well known educators like Master Jack McG, Lolita Wolf, Jay Wiseman, Fakir Musafar, Jack Rinella, Lady Catherine, Tristan Taormino, among others. So it is a special honor to be in such company. The award will be granted on October 31 during BR 2009.
September 7 - Final day of the event. The day started with the Master/slave Flag breakfast featuring Vi Johnson. As always, she was awesome. I held my roundtable on Leather Families. This is the day of fulfillment, when many attendees let us know how the event impacted their lives.
One of the senior staff members of the Conference came to me before he left to let me know that he worked the best he could for me. I corrected him by letting him know that he was not working for me, he was working for that Master who sobbed on my shoulder an hour earlier in gratitude because the event saved his relationships and changed his life. The ability to make a difference in other people's lives is what drives us to long hours of effort and work in putting together this event.

The staff this year was awesome. New and young faces joined us with enthusiasm and passion. Watching that was priceless.

September 6 - Sunday was another great day. I presented my new class "The Journey of a Master" and we held the Northeast Master/slave Contest in the evening. Master Steve and slave tami from Delaware are the new titleholders.
September 5 - Second day. I had Guy Baldwin in my suite in late morning. My slaves as well as Master David, Master J, Master Skip and slave justin joined us. It was refreshing to have an informal gathering with the man. And he loved my Puerto Rican style lattes.
The evening was just a dream realized. We paid tribute to the men and women who put together MAsT 99 ten years ago and paved the way for us. A vibrant evening of history and traditions.

During the Formal Leather Banquet that preceded the event, I had in my table Guy Baldwin, Laura Antoniou, Vi Johnson, slave david stein as well as my slaves.

We honored Guy Baldwin with the first Master/slave Heritage Award. Then the award was named after him and granted to Master Roger Curtman, the producer of MAsT 99. We also honored Master Jack McG with the first "Excellence in Education Award" received by his son and his slaves. the award will carry his name in future years. slave sandy was honored with the "slave bill Volunteer Award" and slave david stein received the "Sir Steve Community Service Award". Guy also received the official Master/slave Flag and a book with essays of a group of slaves regarding "SlaveCraft". master Doug Harris received a quilt of the Leather Flag sawn by two of the former members of the Sanctuary family.

The five producers of MAsT 99 had a surprise for me. They granted me a plaque that read" "With profound gratitude, we recognize and honor Master Taino for His long, steadfast, and passionate efforts to ensure THE GUARD CONTINUES". It was a passing of the torch. We are keeping alive what they started ten years ago.

This was an evening that I will never forget.

September 4 - The Conference officially began. All day people came to register and there was not a line ever. Good job Daddy Don and his staff. For the first time, the attendance surpassed the 400 mark.
Lady Moon and ally had the vendors all set-up and open by 1 PM and at 3 PM at Vi's Library, there was the second Peer Affirmation Ceremony for slave catherine.

I loaned Vi my centerpiece cross from 1999 which has been in my dungeon for ten years, as well as my badge from that historic event.

The slave auction went well and raised record amount of money for the Scholarship funds. Then the Parade of Colors, the flags and a great invocation by Major from New Mexico opened officially the event. I was emotional at that moment because I realized that a dream of many years is becoming a reality. MsC 2009 was going to be an historic one!

By midnight, Master David escorted me from the reception to the Spring Room where my slaves and a room packed with friends were there. The community was honoring me with a capping ceremony. A group of friends from the community including Master Z, Sir Stephen, Master Larry, Lady Lynette, Master J, Daddy Don, Sir Brian and Master Skip spoke during the ceremony. Master David spoke last and covered my head with a Masters' cap. In spirit, Master Steve from Butchmanns was also there. He has been one of my mentors and the Master that I consider validated my own mastery several years ago. I got a call from him both before and after the Conference.

The room was full of friends, both Masters and slaves. I think the most significant part was the fact that several young individuals were there and learn about our traditions and rituals. What a day, and the weekend was just beginning.

September 3 - The big day is here. We arrived to the hotel and began all the set-up of the office and registration, the vending area, Vi Johnson's library and the stage in the Ballroom.
Guy Baldwin arrived by noon after a three-day trip in train from Los Angeles. So godo to see him again.

We also held our annual MTTA Board Meeting. We registered over 100 attendees during afternoon and evening and held a informal gathering at the bar at night.

September 2 - slave christine and slave todd arrived today. We took the first load to the hotel and Lady Lynette was the first one to move to the hotel to get ready for the VIPs.
August 31 - The pre-convention meeting took place at the hotel. Most of the main staff attended including Sir Stephen, Lady Lynette, Sir Brian H., Daddy Don, Sir Brian F., Ellen and slave matt. Great meeting. We are very happy with the new managers of the hotel particularly the new General Manager who is very excited about having our group.
August 30 - The full staff meeting took place all afternoon and into the evening. The enthusiasm is great and everybody is ready for a great event. Mistress Mary cooked and brought Lasagna for everyone. We are getting ready!
August 29 - Today is the Memorial for Master Jack McG, where the Leather Community got together at the Crucible to celebrate Master Jack's life. I was one of the five community leaders who spoke in the Memorial. That was very meaningful as Master Jack made our selections in life. The others were Sir Stephen, Master David, Jonathan K and Lolita Wolf. There was a great sense of loss in that room, but at the same time a determination to keep Master Jack's legacy alive.
Sir Brian F and Lady Lynette arrived to the house to continue the final preps for the Conference.

August 28 - With the assistance of slave paul, slave ann good pet, slave matt, boy rick and Master Kel, Daddy Don has the badges, the T-shirts and the event packages ready. We are rolling.
August 26 - Sir Brian H. and Daddy Don arrived today and the house is in full swing as the Master/slave Conference is just a week away. Sir Brian is taking care of Operations and Daddy Don returns as the Registrar after a two-year hiatus.
Meantime, my new trainee, slave matt, has been assisting me in many areas and slave christine works in NYC with the registration system.

August 23 - This evening was the funeral of Master Jack McG. Friends from all over gathered to celebrate his remarkable life. There was a immense sense of loss in the funeral home. Master Jack was a real leader and a real educator, who lived his life with passion. I was able to talk with Master Jack's mother and his son Alex as well as his slaves justin and elizabeth. It was special to see slave raven who came from New Mexico to bid farewell to his former owner. A very sad but a very special day. One of the comments we mad was that we get too used to call Master Jack for all kind of advise. Now he is gone. So we will have to take a deep breath when h face a challenge, and just try to figure out what Master Jack would have done if he was still among us.
After the funeral, slave david and matt and I went for dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant.

August 22 - A little break after a very tough week. slave matt and I spent the afternoon at the Defenders' annual summer pool party. A good time to share good food and talk with my club brothers.
August 18 -- slave justin called me today. As expected, he is devastated by losing his Master. he was appreciative of our initiative to dedicate the Conference to Him. I can relate to his feelings. Eight years ago, I lost a slave. Although I think it is more difficult for a slave to lose his Master.
August 17 - First thing in the morning we were notified that Master Jack was having complications after yesterday's surgery. I headed to the hotel with Master J and slave matt for a meeting regarding our Master/slave Conference. During the meeting, I hot a text message that halted our lives: "Master Jack died this morning". I showed it to Master J and we had to stop the meeting while we process the news. It was hard to believe that Master Jack was gone. Just few weeks ago, he was teaching at the Academy. And the last time we saw him was at the MAsT Baltimore's fund raiser exactly a month ago.
By the time we were back home, the news really hit me and my slaves. The news spread trough the internet. We got calls and messages from all over the country.

By the end of the day, as emotionally drained as we were, I was able to contact the Executive Committee of the Conference and several Board members. We decided to dedicate the Master/slave Conference to the memory of our friend. If someone deserved to be recognized for a life dedicated to our community -- particularly in the area of education -- that is Master Jack.

August 17 - Our dear friend, Master Jack McG, underwent an all day open heart surgery. He has been hospitalized for three weeks. He had a shoulder surgery first and then complications kept him in the hospital and last week, doctors decided that he needed open heart surgery. Just two days ago, he sent me a message asking for us not to cancel his class at the Master/slave Conference as he was still planning to be there.
August 15 - Black Beat held a short version of their event- a one day edcucational event at the Crucible. We offered two classes which were well attended and well received. Good to see Vi Johnson again and so many other friends.
August 9 - Another birthday! My new trainee slave matt turned 36th today. The whole family -- slaves david, bobby and christine -- joined the celebration with a dinner at the Thai Tanic restaurant in DC. We even got those Thai boys to sing Happy Birthday to slave matt.
Back home, slave matt received a short haircut and his new trainee collar. Happy boy!

August 2 - The day of the birthdays. Today is the 45th birthday of slave david. To celebrate, all four of us went to Red Lobster for a nice dinner. The waiters of the restaurant sang "Happy Birthday" to slave david and treated him with a nice dessert.
But it is also the birthday of my former slave neil and of Lady Lynette, as well the birthday of my closest cousin. So I spend part of the day making some calls.

August 1 - slave matt arrived today to start a new life as my new slave trainee. he requested last month to be accepted as an intern, but after attending the last slave Training at the Academy, he asked to be considered as a potential slave. he is a 35 year-old from upstate New York who was living in Philadelphia during the last few years. He knew about me thru the FetLife website. He was laid off July 31st, so that made it easy to pack and start a new life in the DC area under this Master domain and guidance. slave david and slave bobby are very happy to have him aboard and made him feel home right away.

July 27 - Always good to returned home. slave david and slave bobby picked me up at the Airport at 11 PM, and I immediately got to work in the preps for MsC 2009. Five weeks away and a lot to do.

July 26 -- To finish the week, I took Master Munter and slave jody to a baseball game at AT&T Park. It was a great game and the Giants won.

July 25 - Dore Alley Fair, the great day is here! As I have been doing in the last two Folsom fairs, I established myself at the Mr S booth where I spend the gorgeous afternoon doing flogging alternating with Richard, the Mr S's owner. Among those who experienced my floggers this afternoon was john, a boy from Seattle, who I met over the weekend. WOOF! That was quite a scene and his friends got some nice photos.

While there, I ran into a good amount of friends from the Bay Area and beyond, but the big surprise was when brent, a boy from Oklahoma City who I know since 2000. he is a member of my Extended Family and after he moved to San Francisco a couple of years ago, we lost contact. It was great to see and hug him.

July 24 - Master Bob invited me to do demos at the Recon party at the Citadel. Well, I ended up doing four great flogging scenes. After dinner with Master Munter and slave jody, we returned to the CItadel for the 15th Association party. This time I had a great spanking and flogging scenes with jonathan, a nice boy I met over the weekend. After that hot scene, there was no energy left in my body. I had a good night sleep.

July 23 - I have a great re-encounter today with shane, a very nice boy I met at a play-party in September 2007. We went for dinner and then to the MOD party at the Citadel. We put together a great scene with a great connection and the energy was flowing freely. WOOF!

July 22 - For the second time since November 2008, I was able to present a class in the city by the Bay. This evening I presented 'Dominant and Caring" before a large crowed at the SF Citadel. Master Bob, whom I met thru FetLife (we both lead the group "Gay BDSM Mentoring" arranged for that. I was told to expect about 20 people, I we almost doubled that.

July 21 - Today I left for a week-long vacation to my favorite city: San Francisco. It will be the first time since 2003 that I am able to attend Dore Alley Fair. Since we began the Master/slave Conference in 2004, I have not been able to travel this time of the year. With the change of MsC to Labor Day Weekend, I realized I had a chance and I took advantage of it. This time, my former slave jody and his owner, Master Munter, are hosting me.

July 18 - In a private ceremony in our dungeon, slave christine was collared as my slave and a full member of our Family. slave david and slave bobby were the witnesses of the ceremony. slave christine becomes my first female slave. Her formal collaring happened almost a year after we met at The Floating World event in New Jersey and six and half months after she received the training collared.

After the ceremony, the whole family drove to Master David's home in Pasadena, Maryland for a nice fund-raiser that MAsT Baltimore held to create a scholarship fund for the Master/slave Conference.

Towards the end of the evening, we surprised slave christine and slave david with a gorgeous Birthday cake made by lady Lynette's slave cita with the family crest on the top. slave david's birthday is in two weeks, so we did a joined birthday celebration with our community and family.

July 17 - Today we joined Mistress Mary and her family for her birthday. It was a lovely evening.

Shortly, after midnight, slave christine arrived for the weekend.

July 9-12 - The 50th training weekend in the eight-year history of the Academy was an awesome success. We had seven slave boys from all around the country and even one from Canada. For the first time ever, we had five Masters and Mistresses as full-time staff. Besides Lady Lynette and myself, the full time staff included Master David, Mistress Mary and Sir Brian.

It was a terrific class who worked, share, laughed, and cried together.

Among the participants was slave matt from Philadelphia, who has applied to be a slave trainee in our household starting August 1st. We look forward for him to join our family.

slave todd also had a great experience at the Training and he left on Monday. We look forward to have him back soon.

July 8 - slave todd arrived home eight years and a half after his previous visit in 2001. We had a great re-encounter last month in Atlanta and he decided to visit and participate in the slave Training which starts tomorrow.

July 2-5 - After staying overnight at the hotel in Baltimore, I continue my driving towards Piscataway, New Jersey for the TES Fest event. This was the first time I made this event and I presented three classes.

slave christine joined me on Friday morning. We had a great weekend together and we need it badly. she has been stressed out with work and we have not been able to share quality time as we needed. But this weekend was special.

On Friday evening, I participated in an auction to raised funds for NCSF. A boy I met and flogged at the New York Bondage Club a couple of months a go bought me at the auction and receive the prize of a very intense flogging that evening.

My classes went well and those in attendance showed a great interest in the topics related to the Master/slave dynamic as well as the Cathartic Flogging class.

After my first class, I met one of the attendees. Ross is a young dom from NYC who is in the process of transitioning from being a kinky top to accept his mastery. He attended all my three classes and we spend a lot of time talking. He is a great young man with a good heart who will have a good future in our Master/slave community if he heeds the call. We have been in contact since.

July 1 - Hit the road for a five-day trip. First stop was in Baltimore to present my class on "Cathartic Flogging" before the BESS organization. The class was packed with a great crowd who cherish the class and experienced a great scene. Thanks to Master Ivoree's slave dee for being my demo girl. she did wonderful and went to a great place.

After the class, we had dinner at the hotel. It was good to share the table with Master David and slave talila and Master Don and slave orja, as well as other members of BESS.

A great amount of messages and e-mails followed from attendees who enjoyed the class and the energy that flowed during the scene.

June 21 - Folsom East Fair was a lot of fun. We staffed a booth for the Conference and the Academy. Thanks to Master Larry and slave barb, as well as Master Robert and slave scott for helping with the booth.

For the second consecutive year, we brought our cross and did several flogging scenes. That was a lot of fun. Good to see young boy travis, the red-haired boy I met the same day two years earlier.

slave david stein was at the next booth selling his new book about long-term gay Master/slave relationships. We bought a full case of books to sell at the Academy and MAsT.

June 20 - The annual Leather Pride Night was another success. This event raised thousands of dollars for gay charities. As always, Jo Arnone did a terrific job as the auctioneer. It was great to see Vi Johnson again. Sir Brian -- the young Master I am mentoring -- attended with a friend. We also ran into slave scott from Idaho, who we met at the same event last year.

Master Tip looks very good after his surgery and as always he had nice seats reserved for our family. Master Robert from the Extended Family was also in attendance with his boy jimmy. Always good to see Master Larry and slave barb. WOOF!

June 19 - slave bobby and I drove to New York City for the Leather Pride Weekend and Folsom East. This is the first visit of slave bobby to the apartment in New York. Slave christine cooked for us and a German boy who was our guest this evening. After dinner, we took him to the Eagle where he striped to a leather jockstrap showing his beautiful body and tattoos.

June 17 - We had Sir Kim and slave mouse over for dinner. Sir Kim was also helping with some technical problems with my websites. slave bobby cooked a great dinner and we had a great time.

June 16 - Daddy Don and his boy came to visit. We went to Banana's Cafe in Capitol Hill for dinner and had a nice evening.

June 11-15 - Trip to Atlanta for Southeast Leather Fest. I did enjoy this trip where I was tabbed to be a judge and a presenter after they have a cancellation. Lady Catherine put together one of her best events and the people were friendly. Good to see old friends and meet new ones.

But was ended up being very special was my reencounter with slave todd from Atlanta. he visited me in January 2001 for his first taste of the lifestyle. I have not seen him since 2002 when the International Master/slave Contest moved from Atlanta to Dallas. We have been in contact lately and the reencounter was very powerful and emotional.

todd is a very special boy who has been close to my heart and one who I never has been able to forget. We spend most of Saturday and Sunday together and that made my trip all worthwhile. he was around during the last few months of my late slave tommy's life and he was at the hospital the day tommy left us in 2001.

We agreed for him to visit soon and see where that leads.

June 10 - A very special visit happened today. Steve, a gorgeous man from Tucson who I met in Phoenix this past January, sent his boy mike to visit us as he will be here for few weeks. I had an unforgettable flogging scene at SWLC in January and now met his beautiful Korean boy. We look forward to have him over after his surgery next week.

June 6 - DC Leather Pride. What a long day! We started early putting together for the third consecutive year the annual Educational Day sponsored by MTTA as part of the DC Leather Pride celebration. We had 16 classes at the Remington bar.

During the evening, I was honored with one of three "Community Service Awards" from DC Leather Pride. The DC Eagle was packed like the good old days.

It was very meaningful to receive the awards with two dear friends, Peter Lloyd, the boot black of the DC Eagle and a tireless volunteer in our community and Steve, the owner of Remingtons Bar.

June 4 - I just got work that the DC Leather Pride will grant me one of three "Community Service Award" this coming Saturday at the DC Eagle. Peter Lloyd, the boot black of the DC Eagle and a prominent member of Potomac MC, and the Remingtons Bar, where my slave bobby works, will also be recipients.

May 30 - slave david and I attended a small party for the 40th Birthday of Sir Paul, a member of our Immediate family.

May 22-25 - My slave christine and Sir Brian, who I have been mentoring, spent the long Memorial Day Weekend. The weekend highlight was Sunday late afternoon when the slaves prepared a great grill dinner and we have a wonderful family gathering at our deck.

Saturday evening we went out for dinner and join slave bobby who was hosting the Karaoke bar at Remigntons.

May 17 - slave christine surprised me with her decision of doing the AIDS Walk in New York City. In less than 24 hours, she was able to raise $780 in support of her walking the 10K through the Big Apple.

May 14-17 - Another great slave Training Weekend. We had six great slave girls at this training. We added Mistress Mary to the staff joining Master Tallen and Lady Lynette as well as the slave staff.

May 9 - Master David and slave talila invited us for lunch previous to the MAsT Baltimore's meeting later that evening. We have a great time as Lady Lynette and her slaves llamb and cita as well as Master Don and orja were part of the lunch gathering. The meeting went excellent. Lady Lynette and slave llamb presented the "Flying Monkeys" class.

May 1 - After an intense exchange of information and long conversations, I have agreed to take on a new slave. slave bryan, currently in Georgia, will be relocating later this month to join our Leather Family and serve me as a slave-in=training. We look forward to his arrival. he is a 24 year-old who is very excited about this opportunity and beginning his slave journey under this Master's domain.

April 23-27 - My first visit to New York City this year and my first visit to my slave christine who has a new apartment near Ground Zero in the NY Financial District. Her loft is huge for the Big Apple standards with a very spacious kitchen and bathroom/ The first evening we walked to the river walk and saw a beautiful lighted Statue of Liberty.

I had the opportunity to to the Eagle for dress code nite on Thursday and again over the weekend as well as the NY Bondage Club on Sunday where I was well received.

I presented before the MAsT NYC chapter on Sunday afternoon followed by a great dinner to which slave christine joined us. It was good to see Master Robert and his two slaves and to see a recovering Master Tip with his usual smile and sense of humor. Also there were several alumni of the Academy in attendance. Thanks for Master Murray for the invitation.

A highlight during the weekend happened in Saturday while slave christine and I walked in Chelsea after a Paella dinner in one of my favorite Latino restaurants in that gay neighborhood. Cedric, a young black gay man, spotted me wearing my Family vest and approached us asking if I was 'The Master Taino". It happens that I have talked with him online a couple of years ago and offered good advice regarding his slave journey. We talked right there on the sidewalk for about half an hour and I had another opportunity of offering some advice as he walks his journey.

I did enjoy spending my first weekend with slave christine. she was so happy to have me over for the first time. It brought a lot of memories from where I used to go very often to Manhattan to visit my then slave neil.

April 18 - The seventh annual Leather Flea Market sponsored by the Defenders Leather Levi Club was held today for the first time at Remingtons Bar in Capitol Hill. The event, which I started during my term as president of the Defenders, has grown and this new location offered more space for more vendors. It was a great success as we raised funds for Brother Help Thyself.

My club brothers did a great job. MAsT Washington had its own table. Thanks to Master RT and slave henry for staffing the MAsT booth. We, as a family, had out own table staffed by slave david. slave bobby, who works at the bar, was everywhere helping in the kitchen set-up, keeping the music and moving things around. Marie from The Crucible volunteered to do a raffle of three Leather Pride necklaces to benefit BHT. She brought a couple of volunteers, including tora, a fine young man I get the chance to meet.

April 14 - MAsT Washington - the chapter I founded in 1999 - celebrated this evening out tenth anniversary. We had a joint meeting with the chapters DC Pan, Baltimore and Hampton Roads. slave cita made a beautiful cake with the collar symbol of MAsT on the top.

April 4 - The first Charm City Fetish Fair sponsored by BESS took place in Baltimore today. I was invited to present my class "The Calling for Mastery and slavery". Over a hundred people attended and the event was a great success. It will now become an annual event.

March 26-29 Master Training Weekend. What a great class! Nine masters from all over the country so eager to learn. The faculty and staff was delighted with this diverse and outstanding group. Good energy and good hearts.

March 22 - To celebrate the ten anniversary of the beginning of my journey as a Master, a group of over 30 Masters and slaves including members of my Leather Family gathered in my home. It was a great celebration with people who are very important in my life and have share many of these past years. It was a very special day.

March 21 - A great group of Masters and slaves gathered in Master David and his slave talila to celebrate his 69th birthday. All the family attended, myself and the three slaves, as well as Master Tallen who arrived this morning to spend the week here.

March 20 - slave christine arrived to spend the weekend with us. It will be a special weekend with two great gatherings.

March 18-21 - These four days mark a special time in my life. Ten years ago, I was in Atlanta attending the first comprehensive educational event on Master/slave relationships, better known as MAsT 99. That was the weekend that changed my life and I discovered what I have been looking for many years. My Master journey started that weekend ten years ago.

March 17 - A big day for my slave girl christine as she moved to her (and ours!) new loft in lower Manhattan. she is so happy although putting it together will take some time.

February 26 - March 2 - In Dallas for South Plains Leather Fest - Another great weekend to network with so many friends. slave david and slave christine made the trip with me. It was slave chrsitine's first event of this nature.

For the first time, six of the nine MTTA Board members were in attendance.

Lady Lynette and slave llamb represented the Northeast Region with grace and dignity, losing the International M/s title for less than four points. We are so proud of both!

On Thursday evening, I met a cute little boy, vic, and had some good fun with him.

At the dungeon, three great flogging scenes with slave christine, Master Patrich and slave keith from Denver, who accepted my earlier offer to be part of the extended family.

I presented two workshops: Transition from BDSM to M/s and Masters in Service. Both were very attended.

The last evening, slave david has a breakthrough when he met a boy from Oklahoma who he made a great connection. We were all happy for him.

February 17 - slave sean stayed a couple of days after the Training. He did some sightseeing in DC yesterday and slept in the cage at the slave quarters the last two nights. he really wanted that experience and he loved it.

February 12-15 - Our Academy held the slave Training Weekend XXXV. Great class of male slaves. slave sean flew from Toronto and slave george from Florida to join the staff of the Academy for this weekend.

February 11 - A special day. It is the first anniversary of the arrival to our household of slave bobby. One year went fast, my boy.

February 9 - After a busy weekend presenting in different venues in New York City, Master Tallen arrived this afternoon to get ready for the slave Training this coming weekend. Sir Stephen and slave catherine gave him a ride, which allows all four to have a nice afternoon conversation in my home.

February 7 - My Leather Club, the Defenders, had a movie night. The feature presentation was the classic documentary titled 'Daddy and the Muscle Academy" portraying the life and art of Leather icon Tom of Finland.

January 26 - Day to say goodbye and return home. Master David, slave david and I went for lunch and then to the airport for our flights back home. It was good to be able to talk a lot with Master David. Our friendship keeps growing in awesome ways.

January 25 - Sunday began with Brunch and the keynote speech of Justin Tanis. Excellent speech. It is good to know that Justin is returning this month to DC.

And then the Dance of Souls, the spiritual closing of this magnificent event. WOOF! It is always a very special afternoon.

The evening was a tough one to swallow. Master Tallen, one of my closest friends, partner in all MTTA activities and our current Northeast Master, shared with us that his slave angela requested her collar to be removed because she has decided to serve another Master. He was devastated and all we can do was be there for him. Just a month before they were scheduled to represent our region at the International Master/slave Contest, everything went down.

January 24 - I attended classes with Master Z and another with Master Scott, both related to our mastery. The contest in the evening was excellent with four contestant pair, something very unusual for this type of contest.

The Silent Auction featured many items donated by Master Steve. I was able to get two sets of iron shackles and one small leather strap, all previously owned by Master Steve.

A scary moment happened after dinner when Master Jack McG had to be taken to a hospital with heart troubles. Thanks God he is OK.

The Dungeon Party was special. It started with a great and intense flogging scene with Byron, who I met few years ago in the very same event. And it ended with the first flogging a a newbie, Steve from Tucson, who trusted me enough to overcome his fears and go for the head trip of his life. It was beautiful to see him lifting his awesome body every time he got a hard stroke. We sat down and spoke more than an hour after the party was over. I think that boy learn a lot about himself this evening, and I am glad I was instrumental.

January 23 - The day started with a private surprise Capping Ceremony for Master Scott. Thanks to slave rhonda for the invitation.

One the classes I attended was about our Leather Families with SlaveMaster and His two slaves nick and seven.

Master Tallen and part of his tech crew from MsC was hired this year to put together the stage production for the event. slave david was able to assist Master Tallen. Other members of the MTTA Board present were Master David and Lady Lynette, as well as our special advisor, Master Jack McG.

It was particularly good to share time with my former slave jody and his current owner, Master Munter.

At the dungeon party, I was able to play with Robert, a boy from North Carolina. he was fun.

January 22 - slave david and I flew this morning to Phioenix, Arizona for the annual Southwest Leather Conference, one of my favorites events. This is my sixth consecutive year attending this event.

As soon as we arrived, familiar faces were everywhere. It was very special to see Master Steve and slave kirk again. Now both have engaged in a new journey.

slave david spent most of the day visiting a sister who is dealing with cancer.

During the evening, I was able to meet with boy david, a handsome Japanese boy who I met two years ago at the now defunct Phoenix Eagle. he gave me a great massage that helps my back to endure the weekend.

January 18 - Sunday was a more quieter day. We had the Defenders Anniversary Mass followed by a nice dinner in Dupont Circle. After that, back to the hotel for the last evening of socializing and saying farewell to old and new friends.

January 17 - Reception day! We hosted the 10th annual Master/slave Reception with a great crowd gathered at the Playbill Cafe. Then, we moved to the Defenders Anniversary Cocktails and finally we got to the end of the Onyx reception.

We were able to get a pair of new boots for slave david.

The evening at the lobby of the Plaza became Flogging night. Keith from Denver was the first one... a way to remember the first time I flogged him in Denver two and a half years ago. After Keith, one of his buddies from Colorado was the recipient of my second flogging of the night. Later in the evening, a young boy requested to be flogged as he has heard of my reputation. Then I had the two most intense scenes: the first with my slave bobby and the second with a hot boy from Canada with an awesome wide back and a beautiful tattoo all over his back. That scene was very special and draw an applause from the spectators. Good job, boy!

January 16 - We arrived to the Washington Plaza in mid afternoon and the greetings bagan right away. During the weekend we ran into many members of our Immediate and Extended Leather Family. Besides boy neil, others from the Immediate Family included Sir Paul and boy ricky -- who was collared as the new collared puppy to Mister J. From the Extended Family, Daddy Mauro from Fort Lauderdale, Sir Brad from NYC and Doctor Larry from Los Angeles were in attendance. I had dinner with author Tim Brough from Pennsylvania.

A special encounter was with Keith whom I met in Denver in 2006 and he is always happy to reunite with this Master.

January 15 - After the monthly Defenders meeting, slave bobby and I went to the DC Eagle to kick off the Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL). Immediately we began to run into old friends arriving to town. It was good to see Master Mick and slave bill from San Francisco, as well as hot latino Phoenix, also from the Bay Area.

On our way back, we picked up my former slave neil who spent the night in our house before moving to the hotel to participate in MAL activities.

January 4 - After a week in the house, slave christine left for New York City, but this time, she has a collar around her neck. she was sad to leave after eight days with us. she has blended very nicely in the household and the other slaves get along with her very fast.

January 3 - Today we had the Defenders annual Christmas party. The whole family and Daddy Don attended and we had a good time.

January 1 - Happy New Year 2009 to all my Leather Family and friends.

As it has been our tradition, we gathered at home a group of Masters and slaves for a traditional Puerto Rican holiday dinner and to wait for the new year to come.

The dinner was a formal Leather one and it was served by our slaves. As always, it was a great occasion.

This year's guests included: Master David and his slave talila, Lady Lynette and her slaves llamb and cita, Master Jack, Master J and Daddy Don.

The first day of the new year ended up with a special note. slave christine received his training collar and now she is formally part of our Leather Family and household.

During this period, slave christine will starts her journey to become a fully owned slave. For me, it is a very special day which many of my closest friends thought it will never happen... Master Taino with a female slave. Definitely, she is a very special girl who has proven her worth to this Master.