December 31 - All day preparing for our traditional New Year's Eve dinner. It promises to be another great evening.

December 30 - Daddy Don arrived today to spend the rest of the holidays with us. As usual, he brought me my favorite cookies. He is a great baking cookies.

December 28 - slave caroline came to visit us this afternoon. she was in town to visit some relatives. An avid supporter of the Master/slave Conference and formerly in service to Master Skip, she now moved to Los Angeles to pursue higher education.

December 27 - slave christine arrived home to spend a week with us.

BDSM author Jay Wiseman visited us this afternoon. We offer our dungeon for a project he is working with.

This evening we went to southern Pennsylvania for a lovely holiday party at Master Don and slave orja's home. Master J traveled with us. Besides being stuck on a "parking lot" at I-270 for close to an hour, the trip was great.

December 21 - A great group of Masters and slaves gathered in my house for the annual MTTA - MAsT Holiday party. Good food and friends are always a good combination.

The guests were greeting by a huge poinsettia plant sent by slave christine. Good girl!

December 16 - Long trip back home. It was good to be home with my slaves david and bobby who picked me up at the airport. It was a great trip. I walked a lot and my back hurts a lot from all the standing and walking of the trip.

December 13 - Day to visit the Catacombs. That was very interesting and also related to our kinks as I only could have imagine a dungeon on those underground amazing sites.

One of the catacombs in this are are the one named after San Sebastiano (St. Sebastian) where I was able to be at the gravesite of this Roman Praetorian Guard who became a Christian and was martyred for it. Over his grave at the Church named after him, there is a great marble sculpture of St. Sebastian dying by the arrows' wounds. I need to add that sculpture to my collection of Greco-Roman sculptures who adorned my living room.

December 12 - Today was my trip to the Vatican City. No question that the Vatican Museum was absolutely great. When in Saint Peter's Basilica, I have a lot of thinking based on my Catholic upbringing. The highlight was visiting the tomb of John Paul I, the pontiff who served only 33 days and passed away in mysterious circumstances thirty years ago. It happens that I have been reading a biography of this pope which claims that the liberal pope supported equal rights for gay people. The Catholic Church would have been very different (and better) if this pope would have been allowed to live and reform the Church. So, it was a powerful moment to sit down next to this people's pope, which was buried in a pine casket.

December 10 - Today was my trip to the Ancient Rome which included the Colosseo (Coliseum) and the "Foro Romano" (Roman Forum). It was awesome to be in a place with two millenniums of history. Plus, we never can avoid the kinky aspect. Some of these ancient edifications would made great dungeons nowadays.

December 9 - Today was one of my highlights of this trip. I took a day trip to Firenze (Florence) and was able to visit the "Galleria dell 'Academia" and see the "real" David, the famous sculpture of Michelangelo which is an icon in our gay community. It was the most beautiful sculpture that I ever has seen... and gee, did I see sculptures in this trip.

December 8 - I got word first thing in the morning that Sir Steve from San Francisco passed away late last night (Pacific Time - 8 AM today in Rome). Although we were expecting the news any moment, it still stroke me hard. I remember saying good bye less than three weeks ago at a hospital in San Francisco. I will be thankful to him for his friendship and his support to my education endeavors as treasurer of MTTA. He was a member of my Extended Family and a alumnus of the Academy as well. May he rest in peace.

December 5-6 - One of the reasons to choose this time to come to Rome is that this weekend is the annual Catacombs events sponsored by Leather Roma Club. It was a small event held at the Frequency bar but there was a great environment and we have a lost of fun getting a first taste of Italian boys and slaves.

December 4 - I arrived to Rome, Italy for a two-week vacation, one that I have been planning for several years and finally is a reality.

November 30 - It was a great weekend with slave christine's visit. Both slave david as slave bobby are bonding very nicely with her. slave christine did a great job setting up the holiday decorations in our house. And she enjoyed doing my laundry, in preparation for my trip to Rome later this week.

On Saturday evening, we went to the Eagle again and she blended nicely among the gay men crowd.

Today we had a nice Puerto Rican dinner that I prepared and then we all ended up in the hot tub. Finally we took her tonight to Union Station to take the train back to New York City. We all can tell she had a great time with the family and she was sad that she has to leave. But she will be back by the last week of the year, and we look forward to that.

November 27 - Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone. This day ended up being a very special one. Our family dinner included my three slaves and two of my grown up sons. Then the best friend of my kids and his wife showed up and joined us. It was a blessing to have two sets of people so important in my life sharing the table on such an occasion. And everything went so smooth and at ease. I am so proud of both my children and my slaves. I am very blessed to have them in my life.

November 26 - slave christine arrived this evening for her second visit to the household. We went to the All Colors Bar Nite at the DC Eagle. It was the first time she set foot at a Leather bar and she had a blast. Lots of friends from different Leather clubs were in attendance. There was a Kinky Carnival and I did several flogging scenes including two boys who got flogged for the first time.

November 22 - Mr DC Eagle Contest. Got to the Eagle late as I needed to rest and I never have been attracted to the contests anyway. The bar was packed like the old times in the 90s.

November 21 - DC Eagle anniversary weekend. Tonight they held Eagle Wings, an auction for charity. Many of the items were donated by the late Bob Elhrich, International Boot Black 1999, who passed away in April.

November 19 - Time to leave the Gay Mecca. A complete different trip that I am used to when I come to town during Folsom or other events. slave denny took me to the airport. It was hard to say good bye to denny as well. I have tried to help him as much as I could. But I will keep an eye on him and assist him in any way I can.

November 18 - Final visit with Sir Steve. We spent about five hours at his bed side. We were able to talk more and say good bye. It is one of the hardest thing to see a person we care for and love for the last time.

Later that evening, Master Brian and slave eric hosted us for a nice dinner. Love those shrimps, slave eric! During dinner, we engaged in conversations about M/s and our dynamic.

November 16 - For the first time, I presented in San Francisco. I was invited to present my workshop "Masters in Service" to a group of Masters who will participate next weekend in a Masters training called Leather Traditions. My class was pretty much to set the tone.

After that we went for dinner with Master Brian, Daddy Ken and slave boy tim, and of course slave denny.

November 15 - San Francisco as many other cities in the country held today a morning rally against the approval by the California voters of Proposition 8 which stripped gays from marrying, a right supported by the California constitution as determined by the state Supreme Court. After the rally we marched to Castro. It was a great experience.

We had the opportunity to have lunch with slave jody and Master Seth.

November 14 - Finally I was able to see Steve at the hospital. The first visit was a shock as he was out of it and we could not talk at all. We returned in the afternoon and he was alert and eating some. It is sad to see such a vibrant person in that condition. I made sure that he knows how much we love him and appreciate what he has done for MTTA. I will never remember his words: "We have to keep educating". He is a strong believer of the postulates of our organization.

November 12 - Arrived to San Francisco for a week-long stay particularly with the intention of spending some time with Sir Steve, a member of our Extended Family and Board member of MTTA who is going trough his second fight with cancer. slave denny picked me up at the airport and we were hosted by slave eric. The original plan was to spend some time at Sir Steve's home but he has been at the hospital since late October. We could not see him today as he was not feeling well at all.

November 9 - slave christine left this evening after a great weekend visit. All the family enjoyed her a lot and she is blending nicely. We look forward to have her back for Thanksgiving.

November 8 - Master David and his slave t came today for a visit. He is helping slave christine to quit smoking. We had a great dinner again prepared by slave bobby with a full table.

slave bobby went to work tonight at Remington.

November 7 - slave christine arrived this evening for her first weekend visit. The whole family had a nice dinner together prepared by slave bobby.

November 5 - News from San Francisco are not good. My friend Steve has been in the hospital since Friday undergoing chemo and although doing better, he will be staying in the hospital for the time being. A week from today, I am headed for San Francisco and hope to spend some quality time with him.

November 4 - Election Day. We all went to vote in the middle of the day. It was a great feeling this time. After dinner, I sat in front of the TV to watch the returns. Shortly after 9 PM, when Pennsylvania, and few minutes later Ohio, went for Obama, I knew that it was over and we have a new Democratic President. When it was official at 11 PM, it was an emotional moment. We were part of history and after eight years of despair, there was hope for the future.

November 2 - I returned to BR during the afternoon and greet so many good friends as well as some of the vendors. After that, I joined Daddy Don and slaves david and bobby for a nice dinner at Olive Garden.

November 1 - This afternoon we had the induction of new members of the Defenders. Daddy Don was inducted as a Honorary Member. After the induction, we all went to the Banana Cafe for dinner.

Meanwhile, slave bobby began to work at Remington Bar in Capitol Hill this evening.

October 31 - BR is here. I spent some time at the event while slave david took slave bobby for a job interview at a gay bar in Capitol Hill. They both joined me later and we spent some good times with friends and alumni of the Academy. After that, slave bobby and I headed to the Eagle for the SigMa Bar nite.

October 29 - Daddy Don arrived for a week long visit. It has been a while since his last visit. He finally get to meet slave bobby.

October 24 - Today it's my birthday. I turned 58. It was a good day. My oldest son came over for breakfast prepared by slave bobby. Spent part of the afternoon visiting my mother. Then another son visiting in the evening.

slave david and bobby prepared a good Birthday dinner and surprised me with a nice cake. We had a great time. slave christine called me and sang "Happy Birthday" over the phone. Had a great phone conversation also with prospective slave denny.

Calls came all day from friends, even from far away places like the Philippines (slave will) and the Netherlands (slave eduard). E-cards and e-mail flooded my inbox.

Thanks to all of you. I really appreciated.

October 20 - One of the girls who attended the Training this past weekend was slave christine from New York City. We met at The Floating World event this past August. she attended my classes at that event and requested (and got!) a good cathartic flogging. We have been in contact since and we saw each other during a trip to NYC last month. she has petitioned to be my slave.

After the training, she stayed an extra night so we can talk. We agreed that I will take here "under consideration" while we continue to get to know each other. she would be my first female slave. As some of my friends would say, I have come a long way. If I eventually collar her, she will stay in NYC where he has a great job. Both slave david and slave bobby like her.

I will limit myself now just to say that she is a very special girl and I feel deeply connected with her. As a gay man, I look forward to have my first het female slave.

October 16-19 - This was our sixth slave Training Weekend for females. A great group of seven girls made for another awesome class.

October 11 - Our third annual Master/slave Retreat sponsored by MAsT Washington took place all day today at the lovely home of Master Kurt and slave john in Front Royal, Virginia. We had 14 participants -- 8 Masters and 6 slaves -- and it was a very fulfilling event. The main topic was the development, changes and evolvement of our relationships.

Master Tallen is already in our home. He presented before MAsT Hampton Roads on Thursday and arrive last nite to be able to participate in the Retreat today.

Also today was Sir Steve's 56th Birthday and we got the chance to talk with him this evening.

October 9 - Another day for reflection and remembering. Today is my late slave tommy's 45th birthday. He passed away in September 2001, just a couple of weeks short of his 38th birthday. We will never forget you, my boy! Happy Birthday!

October 8 - What a day! Master Jack McG, a dear friend and collaborator in our educational endeavors, underwent another successful angioplasty. His slave eiizabeth called us to let us know he was recovering OK and should be back to his home by tomorrow. He has been having heart problems for the last three years.

Then we got a call we were waiting for. Sir Steve from San Francisco, the Treasurer of the Board of MTTA and a member of our Extended Leather Family, confirmed that his cancer is back. Not good news at all. We agreed that slave denny, who was supposed to stay with him for two or three weeks before coming home with us, will stay taking care of him for the time being.

Sir Steve battled cancer in 2005 and was having respiratory problems with his lungs during this year. The return of cancer is complicating things for him. We are just glad that slave denny is being very helpful these days or like Sir Steve says "he has been a God's send".

October 7 - I had a nice lunch with Master David in DC while slave bobby was at a job interview. Master David, one of out newest MTTA Board Members, and I have developed a great relationship based in mutual respect for each other. We agree to do these lunches at least once a month.

October 2 - slave bobby's 49th birthday! Well, I did the cooking for dinner today for him and slave david. One more for the big 50, boy!

September 30 - Mario and his boy treated us to a very nice breakfast and from there slave denny took us to the airport. Long trip home and we arrive safely at Dulles Airport by midnight and at home by 1 AM.

In summary, this was a great trip and a lot of fun. Now we will be waiting for slave denny to come home in October.

September 29 - The local newspaper surprised us today with a photo of me flogging at the Fair on the cover page of the metro section. I was expecting the photo to only show in their website.

Our host, slave scotty, left early in the morning back to Boise, Idaho. he was a great host and great company. Thanks, big boy!

We move to the house of a club brother in the Twin Peaks area. So, from there we decided to do some sightseeing for slave bobby and slave denny. We went to the Twin Peaks to see the most awesome panoramic view of San Francisco. Then we drove to the Golden Gate Bridge. It is always a great experience to go to the bridge. I have been fascinated by the Golden Gate since childhood and have been there several times during the last 30 years.

After a short tour of the new statues and plaques at the baseball park, we headed to Castro to visit Sir Steve, another member of my Leather Family, who has been experiencing health problems. He usually is my host in San Francisco but this year he could not as his mother was visiting.

He agreed to allow slave denny to stay with him the next two or three weeks until we arrange his trip across the country to join our household. slave denny was surprised and overwhelmed, but to help each other is the real fiber of our Leather and Master/slave community.

September 28 - Folsom Street Fair! The big day is here. The 25th anniversary of the largest leather gathering in the world. This is my eleventh Folsom, but for my slave bobby was his first. Weather was awesome.

We were invited again to join the Mr S Leather's Booth doing demos all day. So, we spent the fair doing flogging all day. The most special were the first one: the flogging of slave denny -- which brought that special connection that we have, and Cary - who spent a lot of time with me last year, but I decided he was not ready for his first flogging. Today he was, and he did absolutely awesome. WOOF, boy!

Well, I took advantage for the upcoming birthday of slave bobby and gave him his 49 spanks while a straight boy in the audience did the counting. The slave's butt marked fabulously.

Conversations with slave denny continued and we have decided that he will be joining the family next month as a slave-in-training. It took us over four years since we met first, but we are finally on track.

September 27 - The highlight of the day was the Men of Discipline - SF dinner to honor Ron Meshanko from DC, one of the founders for MOD and a good friend for more than a decade. We attended the private event at a awesome German restaurant with slave bobby, slave denny and slave scotty. Food was great and the conversation was lively. It is always good when we honor those who has planted good seed in our community.

We also ran into Sir Ian from Los Angeles - a member of our Leather Family -- and Cary from Reno, who we met last year.

slave denny and I had time to talk a lot face to face, after being talking over the phone and online for few months.

September 26 - Today was a special day: a reencounter with slave denny, a boy I met in 2004 during the first Master/slave Conference, gave his first flogging, and then he attended the Academy. The last time I saw him was for dinner in December 2005 while he still was in Los Angeles.

We have been talking for few months now and it was absolutely great to get to see you again. he is staying with us for the rest of our stay.

We ended the day by attending the traditional play party of the Men of Discipline. I flogged both slave denny and slave bobby as well as whipped our host, slave scotty. slave denny got also his spanking for his 44th birthday. he and slave bobby spend some time in a steel cage doing some bonding.

September 25 - Today we went to the famous Fisherman Wharf and spent part of the afternoon there.

When we return to the time-share, I was struck with some sad news. slave bill O, a.k.a. slave bruno, passed away yesterday while on his way to visit his Master in the Midwest. he was an active member of MAsT, SigMa, Black Rose, and other organizations. he also was an alumnus of the Training Academy and a great volunteer and staff member for the Master/slave Conference. There was not an activity in our community that slave bill was not lending an enthusiastic hand.

According to his Master, he suffered a heart attack at a gas station where he stopped. he will be missed, but never forgotten.

I will never forget how much he enjoyed every time I had the opportunity to flog him.

In the evening, slave bobby and I hit the bars at Folsom and had a great time.

September 24 - Our first full day in the city was highlighted by the Fetish Fair and play party at the Citadel. We ran into slave jody and his Master Munter, Master Mick and slave bill and Mario among others friends and acquaintances.

September 23 - With only three hours of sleep, slave bobby and I departed early this morning for a week in San Francisco. For me it is an annual ritual for Leather Week and Folsom Street Fair. For slave bobby, it is his first time.

We arrive shortly after noon to the city by the bay and were received and hosted at his time share by slave scotty from Idaho, who we met in New York City this past June.

September 22 - Today is the seventh anniversary of slave tommy's passing. Exactly at 5:25 PM - the time he left us - I had a moment to myself to remember my dear slave. Then I browsed tommy's section of the website and read once more the letter he wrote to me and which I found after he died, and saw some of his pictures.

Seven years and still we have great memories of him. There are still many things around our house that belonged to him or things he was involved with. We will never forget him.

September 11-14 - This weekend we hold the 12th Master Training Weekend event. Another great success with ten Masters in attendance. Sir Stephen -- a member of MTTA board -- joined us for the weekend as well.

It was also a weekend for Leather traditions. On Thursday evening, Lady Lynette and I presented Master Tallen, the deputy Director of the Academy with a Leather apron, a piece of leather He earned with his hard work in running the staff and the kitchen for the Academy.

And during the closing ceremony on Sunday, we surprised Lady Lynette with a "Capping Ceremony" initiated by her slaves llamb and cita. Master Tallen, Sir Stephen, Master David and myself did the validation remarks accepting Lady Lynette as a Master.

September 4-8 - slave bobby and I traveled to New York City where I offered three presentation to three different groups.

We arrived on Thursday and as has been the case lately, we were hosted by Master Robert in Jersey City. That evening we decided to go to the Eagle NYC which has their traditional dress code. We met michael, a local boy. We connected in more ways than one. michael is very new in the community but did very good while interacting (and playing) with this Master.

On Friday, we were invited for dinner by Master W and slave barbara. We had an excellent time and we moved to Paddles for the meeting of Dom/sub friends where I had my first presentation 'Transition from BDSM to Master/slave". At that event, we reconnect with slave christine, who I met last month at Floating World. After the presentation, it was play time. I flogged a great lady, Leslie Ann, who presented me last month with a flat braided flogger from Sarah Lashes. my favorite flogger crafter. she really needed that flogging and she did very well. After that, I flogged slave christine for the second time since we met last month. It was awesome. Master W has his way with slave bobby's butt. Those marks will last for a while.

On Saturday, we had our second presentation "Masters in Service" before the MAsT Central New Jersey chapter. It took place at the lovely home of Master Xev and slave becky. she prepared very good finger food. The presentation was well received and after that, and under the storm (yes Hanna made her way to New Jersey), we moved to a nearby restaurant for a great Chinese dinner. We drove back to Master Robert's home in awful weather and decided to stay home for the rest of the evening.

Sunday began with brunch with slave christine. All three of us had a great chance to talk and get to know each other. After brunch, we went to the LGBT Center for my last presentation of the weekend, this time before MAsT Metro NY, lead by my friend Master Larry. michael, the boy we met on Thursday, joined us. It was the first time that he participated in a Master/slave event. After the presentation, we all three went to the Eagle where the NY boys of Leather had a fund-raiser. We had a great time and ended up staying much longer that we planned.

We returned home on Monday morning. It was a great trip full of events and new and old friends and Leather family members.

August 28 - The leader of the Men of Discipline from DC, a club I have been an associate member since 1999, passed away this morning after a heart attack. Col. John Dunne was only 43. This year has been one of way too many loses. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all the brothers from MOD - DC.

August 23 - Today we held he annual Summer Pool Party for the Defenders LLC, my leather club for the last 15+ years. My slaves attended with me and we had a great time.

Master Ted celebrated his birthday but unfortunately we returned home too tired to try to make another event.

August 15-17 - No breaks! Just four days after getting back home from MsC, slave bobby and I headed early on Friday morning to New Jersey to participate in The Floating World. During the weekend we offer three classes and had some fun at the huge dungeon. It was slave bobby's first experience in such a dungeon. We did some flogging scenes and I allowed Master Larry to do a hot scene with knives on slave bobby. The slave is learning fast.

It was good to run into several participants of MsC and hear how the word of mouth is being so positive to our event.

August 11 - Today is a day of milestones. It marked three years since slave david arrived to our household and six months since the arrival of slave bobby.

August 6-11 Master/slave Conference 2008. WOW! What a weekend. Our fifth anniversary was a blast. The Conference broke record of attendance even that we are in the mid of a troubled economy.

Many highlights for this year:

Sir Brian and I with our slaves arrived on Wednesday to be ready as most people will be checking in at the hotel the next day and we wanted to have the office and registration area ready. It worked! There was never a line for registration. It was smooth and everybody was taken care of by slave nyteMare and her staff. Good way to start.

The meeting of the Board went smoothly and we welcome Lady Lynette and Master David as Board members. Master Tallen was elected new vice president and Sir Stephen the new secretary.

When we arrive to the "Meet and Greet", we immediately felt the great energy in that ballroom and we knew we were going to have a great weekend.

It was an event of traditions: a group of slaves began a "Peer Affirmation Ceremony" to honor of their own, slave lara. And that ceremony marked a new tradition similar to the "Capping" of a Master. We also has the Capping Ceremony of Master Rick from North Carolina and the collaring of slave becky of New Jersey.

The Opening Ceremony was full of emotions with the Candle Lighting Memorial of eight who passed during the last year, including three dear friends: Carlos, Master Logger and Bob Ehrlich. We presented the Leather Archives the title vest of Bob when he won the International Boot Black 1999 and to the Vi Johnson Library the chaps he wore during that contest. We also presented photos of him and Master Logger's Leather Family to both institutions.

The Keynote Speech delivered by Master Skip was absolutely powerful, exactly as I expected.

Master Tallen and slave angela won the Northeast Master 2008 and will compete now for the International title. He is the first gay man to win that title, even that his slave is a het female. The region will be well represented by both and we are very proud of them.

This year we offer more than 50 workshops, panels, and round tables and everyone was very happy with the curriculum. I presented a new class "Masters in Service" and it was well received by all the Masters in attendance. For the first time, Master Larry and I presented a workshop on "Leather Families". Now he want to keep presenting with me. And I do not mind. WOOF!

The staff and volunteers were awesome this year. What a group of dedicated men and women. Everyone noticed since arrival. That made a huge difference. Sir Brian did a great job as Chief Operating Officer.

What we created in 2004 has become the premier event for Master/slave relationships and we cannot be more prouder. To all of you who contributed to its success, thank you very much.

August 3 - Full house. We held our traditional staff meeting today to ultimate details and coordination for the Conference. We are rolling and ready.

August 2 - We have been busy the last couple of weeks preparing for the Master/slave Conference. Sir Brian, our operations manager for the Conference (and a member of our Extended Family), has been here since Tuesday and has been as always an awesome help.

Today we had a group of volunteers to stuff the event bags. After that we hold a surprise birthday party for slave david, who turned 44 today. The slave was surprised and very happy for the love and affection shown by all here.

Master Tallen arrived this evening and join us for a special dinner with Roast Pork and Puerto Rican rice as part of slave david's birthday celebration.

In reality, today was a huge Birthday date. My former slave neil, now living in Chicago, turned 47. We had a nice phone conversation. I look forward to see him this week when he will be in town for the Conference. And Lady Lynette, our current Northeast Master, also had her birthday today, and of course she also got a call from me as well.

July 13 - We were invited to present before the first official meeting of the new MAsT Chapter in Baltimore. We met at Master David and slave t's lovely home where we, myself and slaves david and bobby, had dinner with our hosts and Master Don and slave orja. After the dinner, I present my workshop "The Calling" before a great group.

July 8-12 - Sir Brian from Buffalo, NY and a member of our Extended Family was here for most of the week. He is the Operations Manager for the Master/slave Conference and we hold several meetings with key coordinators of the event. Very productive visit and meeting. He will be back before the Conference.

July 8 - Our second four-chapter joint MAsT meeting took place tonight with the attendance of 31 members from Pennsylvania to Southeast Virginia. A great panel of four slave responded tough questions from the attendees.

July 2 - Tata Alfred, a Master from Charlotte, visited us and stayed overnight. He is an alumni of the Academy and always keep in touch. Good to have you here, Tata.

June 19-23 - Trip to New York City

slave bobby and I spent the weekend in New York City for the Leather Pride events.

We drove up on Thursday and were hosted by Master Robert in Jersey City. He and his partners welcome us with a nice dinner. That evening, we went to the NYC Eagle for the Leather night there. We were joined by slave scott, a big (6'6") boy from Idaho, who I met briefly in San Francisco and later online.

Friday, slave bobby and I went for dinner at my favorite Puerto Rican restaurant in Chelsea and after spending some time in the neighborhood where I spent three years with slave neil, we went to the Eagle for some fun.

I took this opportunity to invite Master Robert to be part of the Extended Family. He is an alumni of the Academy and has been a great supporter of all our educational endeavors. Since 2005, after slave neil left New York City, he has been hosting me during Leather Pride weekend.

Saturday was Leather Pride Night, the huge fund-raiser where the Leather Community of the Big Apple raises thousands of dollars for gay and AIDS charities. Thanks to Master Tip, a dear friend from MAsT New York, who hold our tickets and had first-row seats for us. It was a treat to have Master Larry on his knees selling me tickets for the raffle. WOOF! A good night to reconnect with so many friends from the area. After that, we went for dinner and finally to the Eagle again.

Sunday was the big day: Folsom Street East - the block fair resembling Folsom Fair in San Francisco. We had a booth to promote the Master/slave Conference and the Academy. GMSMA, the organizers, allowed us to bring the St. Andrew's cross from my dungeon. The results was six hot intense flogging scenes including slave bobby and slave scott. I also had a chance to have a heavy flogging scene with slave geary (piggy), a slave I have met online. Pictures of the flogging will be posted soon in the Gallery section. Thanks to slave angela for staffing the booth.

Close to the end of the Fair, I spotted slave chris, a newyorker boy who served this Master from 2002-2003. I consider him the "lost child" from the Family as he has not keep in touch recently. But this was a great reencounter that filled me with pure joy. And of course, he got a well needed flogging. he has not been flogged since I did it last time five years ago. he made my day as we both enjoyed the reunion. This time, he promised to keep in touch and to visit us here.

We also spent some time with Sir Brad, who we met in 2001 in this same event when slave tommy spotted him then. He accompanied slave bobby and me for dinner at a cozy Cuban restaurant in Chelsea on Sunday evening.

slave bobby had a ball. This was his first trip to the Big Apple since he was a Navy boy thirty years ago. he enjoyed everything, from the Landscape of the City from across the river, the people, the Eagle, the Leather community, his flogging on the street fair, to Master Larry doing some knife play with him.

June 11 - In a private and emotional ceremony in our dungeon and exactly four months later after he joined the Family as a slave-in-training, slave bobby was collared as an owned slave and signed his contract as my property.

slave david was the only witness to the ceremony that also included the formal presentation to both of them of their vests with the Family patches.

It has been a journey for slave bobby but he has found a place to belong and this Master is very pleased with his service. It has been a happy day for our family and household.

June 9 - A sign of relief today. My biopsy came up negative. Life goes on.

June 7 - DC Leather Pride - For the second consecutive year, MTTA sponsored the Educational Program for the DC Leather Pride. This year it was an all day event at the Eagle where we did present eleven classes. We hot a very good attendance and it was good to see some new and young faces attending. Our thanks to boy ky, Lady Lynette, Master J, boy keith, boy gene, Master David, Master Jack, Master Pete, Jim Raymond and boy alex for presenting wonderful classes. slave david - sporting for the first time the family colors on his vest, was very helpful during the full day.

In the evening, slave bobby and I did go to the All Colors Night where we raised funds for BHT and the DC GLBT Center.

June 6 - The Giants are in town, and it was time to see for the first time the new Nationals Park. boy marc went to the game with me. It was another deserved break as the work for the Master/slave Conference is beginning to increase. i

June 4 - Well, today was time to deal with health issues. I had a prostate biopsy for the second time in less than two years. It is always time to think ad put life in perspective, but I truly believe everything will be OK.

June 2 - Time to get some time off. I went to see the Red Sox and Orioles at Camden Yards with Master David. Not only it was a great game but Master David and I did enjoy our time together.

May 29 - June 1 - Another successful training at the Academy. This time we did have seven male slave participants including one Canadian and ages 23 to 59. Great class. We welcome the help of Master Vince from Chicago who spent the weekend with us and who was extremely helpful with his wisdom and insight. This was the first time in the almost seven years of the Academy in which we have four resident Masters the full weekend and a fifth Master-in-training during part of the weekend.

May 16-26 - Back home in Puerto Rico. My trip to the Caribbean Island where I was born was a great success. I was hosted in San Juan by an alumni of the Academy. he was very kind an a great host!

Regarding Leather and M/s, the trip's highlite was to reconnect with slave carlos, a young Puerto Rican slave whom I have been mentoring for few years now. This time I was able to give him his first flogging and it was a very special one. WOOF!

Among some other boys I met, I connected with one in particular. We met twice and at a third time, he took me to dinner at Old San Juan.

The main purpose of the trip was my 40th High School class reunion and that was an awesome event. A nine-hour party of a great school mates most of whom I have not seen in two, three and up to four decades. It was great to remember the memories of childhood and teenage years.

The rest of the time was getting together with relatives (including for a funeral of an aunt), and old friends.

At the end, it was great to be picked up by my slaves david and bobby at the airport and be back to the area I have called home for the last quarter century.

May 15 - Leaving for Puerto Rico early tomorrow morning for ten days. I look forward to my class reunion, visiting some relatives and friends and seeing some boys interested in the lifestyle. There is not much leather in Puerto Rico (that may be an understatement), so when I travel to the island where I was born and raised, I always go with a mindset to teach some boys what is probably their first experiences. In particular, I look forward to see slave carlos again, a boy who I met in the net while he was attending school in Mexico several years ago and who I finally was able to meet in person during my last trip to San Juan in December 2006.

May 13 - Another great MAsT meetings. We addressed the topic of "Giving and accepting service" which provoked a great deal of discussion in which everyone participated. We welcome some new members as well. The meeting was preceded by a great munch. This new munches are allowing our members for more communication and socializing among themselves.

May 12 - I was part of a panel on relationships in the SM 101 series that SigMa presents at the Dc Eagle. IT was good to be with Master David, his partner Larry and his slave dave (my former slave) as well as Sir Luis with his partner and his boy eddie. Very nice discussion and well attended.

May 3 - I had two presentations during the afternoon before The Resource Pool in Maryland: "The Calling for Mastery and slavery" and 'Cathartic Flogging".

slave matt, a local boy I have been mentoring during recent weeks, accompanied me to the event. Lady Lynette's slave sarah was my subject for the cathartic flogging scene. slave bobby could not do it this time as he had to work.

Great crowd at the workshops and they did enjoyed both presentations. The flogging class in particular was an eye opener for many attendees.

After that, the whole group went to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

During the evening, slave bobby and I went to the DC Eagle for a little while.

April 25-28 - slave bobby and I attended CLAW in Cleveland this weekend. This was the second consecutive year I attend this event. It is a great social Leather event with no contests. It also aimed to raise funds for charity... and that they do very well.

I was able to present two classes: 'Cathartic Flogging" in which slave bobby was the subject of my flogging scene during the workshop, and "Polyamory and Leather Families", where I was able to lead a discussion on the topic. Both were well attended and received. It is always good to see educational classes in the mid of a social event and still have a good attendance.

We spent a lot of time with Sir Brian and his family - slave rene, boy paul and boy rick.

April 24 - slave bobby just called from work to let me know that Bob Ehrlich passed away last night after suffering a heart attack. I knew Bob since the mid 90s and he lived in our neighborhood. He was a boot black at the DC Eagle, won the International Boot Black title at IML in 1999, presented several Boot Black seminars at MAsT Washington as well as in our Training Academy. I was one of his first trainers in BDSM which included of course, his first flogging. Currently Bob was a co-worker of my new slave bobby. I will miss seeing him at the store when I go shopping. Thanks for all the memories, Bob!

April 22 - We got word today that out friend and club brother, Kent Epperson, from Denver, Colorado passed away. Kent was a former president of the Defenders chapter in the High Mile City and a leader in Dignity USA. He used to attend MAL in DC during the 90s as we ran into each other often at Folsom. I had the privilege to be hosted by him in 1997 while I was in Denver. Rest in peace.

April 14 - slave david is very happy today as he was able to purchase his first new car. With all the driving that he is doing in his current job, the old car was rapidly dying. he was able to get a new Toyota Yaris 2008, a small car which is perfect with the current gas prices.

April 8 - The joint MAsT meeting of the two DC chapters ended up being a four-chapter joint meeting. We were joined by a group from the new MAsT Baltimore chapter whose director is Master David and by the new leader of the MAsT Hampton Roads chapter, Lady Lynette, and her slave llamb. We agree that from now on, the joint meetings will include all four chapters. The topic was "The process to become a slave: petitions, applications and contracts".

April 6 - Interesting day. A US Marine young straight boy whom I have been talking for a while finally made it to my dungeon and had an initial experience of playing with another male. he is based in Quantico, 30 miles south of my house. Even that he is very shy, we got comfortable and was very good at learning. I am not disclosing his name for obvious reasons.

April 5 - The Sixth Annual Leather Flea Market took place today. The event is sponsored by my club, the Defenders LLC and most area clubs do participate. I brought the idea back in 2003 while I was president of the club and we are running six years and counting. MAsT had its own booth and both slave david and slave bobby were helping.

April 3 - boy marc, whom I met in BR late last year, visited for dinner with our family. I always enjoy having guests for dinner. I have informally mentoring marc and he is growing fast. We had a long chat before he went back to his home in DC.

April 1 - Tonight we presented a new workshop "Transition from BDSM into Master/slave" before members of Black Rose. About 50 people attended and the workshop was well received. The evening started with dinner with some of t he board members of Black Rose. slave bobby accompanied me and had a great time. This was the first time that slave bobby attends one of my presentations.

March 30 - Well, two events happened on this Sunday. During lunch at the Academy, we surprised Master David Cook with a birthday cake. Master David has been a formidable supporter of MTTA as presenter at the Master/slave Conference, faculty member of the Academy and member and facilitator of MAsT Washington. We also have become very good friends.

After the Training was over, we hosted in our dungeon the collaring ceremony of slave angela by Master Tallen. A very simple ceremony, but an emotional one where a good group of friends witnessed and supported the ceremony. To my dear friends, Master Tallen and slave angela, I wish the best to both of you.

March 27-30 - This weekend at t he Academy, we had our fifth Training Weekend for female slaves. We had eight girls including a F2M trans. Great class. This event marked a milestone for the Academy: we surpassed the mark of 200 participants since the Academy's inception in 2001.

March 22 - Our Leather family went to the DC Eagle early to support a special dinner for two friends of the Highwaymen TNT, Ken and Alex, who were victims of a fire in their home. Both slave david and slave bobby were helpful on setting up the dinner and the food was great. We also shared with ricky and ken, members of our Immediate Family. After dinner was over, slave david returned home as he is not a late person.

I stayed at the bar with slave bobby and had a great time. We were able to spend some good time talking with Master J and many other friends gathered at the Eagle. We ran into Richard, who we met the previous weekend and had a great time all three together.

March 19 - Sir Brian from Buffalo, a member of the Extended Family, arrived to spend few days during his spring break. boy rick, who is also a member of the extended family and whom I have mentor for more than ten years now, brought him from the airport. They are exploring possibilities. It is always good to see members of my family getting together. All five of us had a nice Puerto Rican dinner that I cooked.

March 17 - Master Jack and Master J came from dinner to discuss some issues related to the next Master/slave Conference. It is always good to have our friends over. slave bobby cooked dinner as he had the day off.

March 8 - This afternoon we attended the Flea Market at the Crucible. I was not shopping as I have way too many toys. But I use this occasion to network, promote the Conference and the Academy. The place was packed. A couple of the MsC vendors where there, Liz from Rainbow Rope and Dottie from Needle Play Design.

In the evening, I took slave bobby to the DC Eagle. It was his first time there since the early nineties when he used to live in this area. It was a great evening as SigMa had a bar night and many friends were there. I also introduced him to several members of the DC boys of Leather.

March 4 - This evening we met for dinner at Master Vince and slave neil's apartment in Lakeview. After a great dinner, we watched the results of the Democratic primaries. A visit to Chicago cannot be completed without seeing Master Vince and slave neil. Tomorrow is time to go home.

March 4 - It was supposed to snow in Chicago, but it did not., I spent some time with Jim, a young gay dominant who I met in San Francisco during Folsom Street Fair. He needed some help and guidance regarding his dominance and Mastery. It is always great to see young people -- particularly dominants -- who are humble enough to realize that they need to learn and be mentored by those of us who have been around for a while.

During the evening, I got together with chad, a young college student who I met here during IML 2005 and who I also has the opportunity to reconnect last year when I visited Chicago to present another class. chad is a handsome and very submissive boy doing his baby steps in slavery. With school and work, he does not have much time to play or learn, but when this Master is in town, he always has time for me. As always, we had an awesome time.

March 3 - As planned I stayed in Chicago and moved to Jack Rinella's home. He and his slaves Patrick and Matt are always great hosts. We had a great dinner together - cooked by slave Patrick -- and I crashed early to recover from the weekend.

February 29-March 2 - Chicago in the middle of the winter. Not my cup of tea, but I cannot ay no to Master Z from Chicago when he invited me to present two classes at SINSations of Leather, a great pansexual event in the Windy City. I arrived early in the morning with few inches of snow in the ground. We were lucky as our flight was not delayed. Many other attendees have delays of several hours.

My first workshop was "The Calling for Mastery and slavery" and was well attended on Friday afternoon. The second was "Dominant and Caring: a philosophy on Mastery" which I presented on Sunday afternoon with another good crowd. It is great to see how many BDSM folks are transitioning into Master/slave relationships. During my flight here, I was working on the outline for a new class: The transition from BDSM to Master/slave dynamic. I plan to present that class in Black Rose next month.

The highlight of the event has to be meeting Will, a hot gay Leatherman from St. Louis. We hit it off right away and agreed to have a scene which will include his first real flogging on Saturday evening during the play party. WOOF! That was awesome. We put together a hot intense scene that rocked the place. And there is always a first.... we ended up doing the aftercare lying on the floor. Something to remember.

February 27 - slave bobby is doing very good and adapting well to his new life as a slave. he gets along with slave david which is very important in a multi-slave household. It is good to see how his face has transformed from the moment he arrived to the house to the following day. he is very happy to finally have the opportunity to serve a Master and love to be back to the DC area.

Just a week after he went to his first sand only job interview, slave bobby was offered today a great job opportunity walking distance from the house. he will start working tomorrow and he is so happy about it.

February 21-25 - South Plains Leather Fest - International Master/slave Weekend in Dallas, Texas. Our annual pilgrimage to Dallas took place this weekend. Weather was miserable in the Texan city but seeing again so many friends was always warm.

Lady Lynette and slave llamb did an awesome job in the run for International Master/slave 2008 and fell short for just three points to win the title. We are so proud of them.

It's amazing how many alumni from the Academy got together in Dallas this year, as well as a huge number of Masters and slaves from our Northeast Region. All of our four regional titleholders were present as well.

February 18 - After more than a month since slave-in-training wayne arrived to the house for a trial period, we have concluded that we are not compatible and that he was having trouble adapting to a Leather household like ours. wayne will stay in the household until he gets a job and/or decide what he will be doing next.

February 11 - slave bobby arrived home to become a slave-in-training. he moved here from Wisconsin where he lived the last few month after many years in Springfield Missouri. he signed a three-month trainee contract and received his trainee collar.

February 7-10 -- We held the Master Training Weekend XI this weekend. Another great and diverse class of seven Masters participated in the event. Unfortunately, I was under the weather all weekend and had to make a special effort to offer my classes. Thanks to Master Tallen and Lady Lynette as well as the great staff of the Academy, everything went smoothly and the training was another success.

February 2-3 - Alongside Lady Lynette and slave llamb, the current Northeast Master/slave titleholders, we presented a workshop on Master/slave relationships before the Amatorius BDSM group from Virginia Beach. This was an invitation from Michael, one of my first friends in the Leather community. The group was fantastic and very interested in the topic to the extreme that the presentation lasted two and a half hours.

Before the event, we were invited for a lovely dinner in Norfolk. Michael hosted me for the evening and we returned back home on Sunday with a short visit to Lady Lynette and slave llamb at their home in Hayes, Virginia.

January 22 - Well, the best of MAL was the aftermath. boy keith from Denver stayed in town two more days and came to visit me. We had lunch together and talked a lot about the Master/slave dynamic that he is exploring. It was great to answer all his questions.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the dungeon and had a blast. keith liked my dungeon and we went from CBT and TT to electricity, flogging and hot wax. WOOF!!! I look forward to your next visit, boy! That was the icing to the cake of MAL Weekend.

January 20 - Last day of MAL. Another opportunity to interact with so many good people. At 6 PM, we had the Leather Mass as part of the Celebration of the Defenders 16th anniversary. That is always a special moment during the MAL weekend.

January 19 - We held our ninth annual reception for Masters and slaves attending MAL. After the closing of Titan's Ramrod Bar, we moved the event to the 1409 Playbill Cafe, our original venue. More than 50 people attended and we had a great time. Many alumni from the Academy were among the attendees.

After that, we moved to the Defenders 16th anniversary reception at the Residence Inn. As you all know, Defenders was my first club and the one who open the doors of the community to me in 1993. So, every anniversary is special. During this reception, we had the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to Master J. We caught her by surprise and enjoyed the moment. She is a het woman who belongs to a gay Leather club and have done more for our gay community that many gay leaders. Currently she is the president of Brother Help Thyself, a local gay charity owned by the leather clubs.

The lobby of the hotel during the evening was very crowded and I had the opportunity to meet new people and did two flogging scenes. For the first time in so many years that I have been attending MAL, a hotel employee interrupted a flogging scene. But we were pretty much done when it did happened. It is always a kick to flog someone with the police officers from the Gay Unit of the Metropolitan Police sat in first row.

As it happens every year, I was able to spend some time with Master Tip and Master Ron from MAsT New York. We always have the opportunity to sit down and talk.

January 18 Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend is here and it is going to be a very cold one as sub-freezing temperatures prevail in DC. We moved to the Residence Inn, next to the host hotel Washington Plaza. Today was a day for many reencounters with people I care for.

First, I was able to speak long with slave jim, who served Master Logger for 13 years. We talked a lot about the man we loved and care for. I invited him to join us at the next Master/slave Conference where we will be including Master Logger in our Memorial during the Opening Ceremony.

It was also great to see boy keith from Denver, Colorado. I met him in Denver in 2006 and we had an awesome flogging scene. he contacted me earlier this week to let me know that he was going to be in town.

To run into Mark was very special indeed. I have known him for more than ten years since we meet at the DC Eagle and have remained close friends. He has withdrawn from the community to pay more attention to job and family affairs. So we talked a lot in the lobby of the Plaza.

Several members of the Immediate and Extended Family attended MAL as well, including Sir Brad, Sir Brian and slave rene (we sat together for breakfast all three days), Sir Paul and boy jose, Daddy Mauro, ken and ricky, boy spencer, boy rick and wayne.

January 17 - An unexpected snowstorm prevented me of attending the wake, viewing and funeral service of my dear friend Master Logger. I did sent his obituary to be published in the Leather Journal and I am posting it here:

Master Logger


By Master Taino

“Master Logger” passed away at 1:30 AM on January 13, 2008 in Washington, DC.

Master Logger was an icon in the Capital Area Leather community for many years as a member of the Centaur MC, a prolific piercer for the Leather Rack and a sign-language interpreter and judge in many Leather events.

Master Logger served in the US Navy from 1972 to 1976. After retiring from the US Government (FDIC) after 25 years of service, Master Logger and his partner Denny Jernigan, moved to Costa Rica by the turn of the millennium. They had to return to the DC area for health reasons. Denny passed away earlier last year.

During 13 years, Master Logger was the owner of slave jim and did have several other boys (Alan, Mark and Jeff) as part of his Leather Family. He also was a mentor, trainer and teacher of many Masters, Sirs, Daddies, slaves and boys during his many years involved in the Leather community.

He was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico on November 18, 1950 and was very proud of his heritage. He is survived by three daughters and seven grandchildren.

The funeral service, wake and viewing took place at Spirit of Faith Center in Temple Hills, Maryland on Thursday, January 17 while the Nation’s Capital was blanked with snow in the eve of Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend, an event that Logger gave so much throughout his many years as a member of the Centaur MC. During the service, slave jim gave the eulogy speaking on behalf of his Leather Family and many friends. Master Logger’s remains were cremated.

Speaking for myself, I had the privilege to know Master Logger and share time with him and will never forget his heart, spirit, wisdom and good humor. I always will be thankful for being a mentor and a role model, when I was beginning my journey. Thanks for your service to the community and for the memories. May you rest in peace, my brother.

January 16 - slave wayne arrived home this afternoon. he is joining our Leather Family and household as a slave-in-training. he is a from New England but was living during the last few months in Seattle assisting some friends there. he is 52 and a former US Marine. Welcome home, slave wayne!

January 15 - Back home after a week in Arizona. Yesterday, Master Steve and I drove back from Phoenix to Tucson and had a great chance to talk more. He told me the full story about the tomcat whip I got in the auction. It was ordered by Guy Baldwin and used personally by Him until it was transferred to Master Steve in the mid-nineties. I did let him know of my commitment to donate the whip to the Leather Archives after my death with the names of all three of us as owners.

We also talked a lot about how our Master/slave Community have grown in Heart and Spirit as a big family. This past weekend was just another powerful experience of it.

As always, Master Steve and slave kirk were great hosts and we appreciate their hospitality. WOOF!

January 13 -- During the brunch this morning, our dear Master Fire, an alumni of the Academy - was awarded a scholarship to help in his spiritual studies. That was very meaningful as we had the honor to write the letter of recommendation for her.

After the brunch, I received very sad news through an e-mail from slave jim. he announced the passing at 1:30 AM this morning of his former Master and our dear friend Master Logger from Washington, DC. Even that we were expecting the news, still was hard to swallow. When I was still green in my journey towards Mastery, it was Master Logger the one who served as an initial mentor and role model. As myself, He also was Puerto Rican and he was just tree weeks younger than me.

Interesting coincidence is that Master Logger was a piercer for many years for the Leather Rack. I even remember the first time I met him was in my very first Leather event. He was doing piercings at the event. Well, our conference here ended this afternoon with the traditional Dance of Souls that include a piercing ritual.

This was my fifth Dance of Souls. And each time becomes a more powerful experience. Such a great energy! So much love! A huge big family dancing together at the sound of the drums, exchanging energy, supporting each other, an intense emotional spiritual, healing experience. It is always great to be able to express our love and care for so many good friends of all genders and sexual orientations, sometimes verbally, others with a good hug and kiss. When we left that ballroom, we were floating but full with joy and love.

January 12 - The whole weekend has been awesome as expected. Workshops, gathering with old friends and networking with new ones. With the Southwest Master/slave Contest held on Saturday evening, the four contestant pairs who will go for the international title are already set.

An unexpected twist happened during the silent auction. A beautifully crafted tomcat whip was for auction. That is a type of whip that I do not have in my collection. First I noticed it was donated by Master Steve, and then I realized that the original owner was no other than Guy Baldwin. That made that whip "priceless" as it has been owned by two instrumental Leatherman in my Master journey. Well, I ended paying more than I thought (as there was another bidder who wanted it for the same reasons), but that was a one in a lifetime opportunity. Immediately I made the commitment with myself that I will keep that tomcat whip until my death. And at that time it will be donated to the Leather Archives with the names of the three owners Guy Baldwin, Master Steve and Master Taino. WOOF!

This evening, I got to use it for the first time during a flogging scene with boy chris.

January 11 - First full day at the SWLC. I have to mentioned how great was to see slave Alia, who lost his husband shortly after my own Dad passed last year. She cut and donated her long hair and lost so much weight that she looks so much younger now.

Also is always special to see slave Caroline from Sydney. This time she came with a young Aussie friend of hers who is new to the lifestyle. During the OASIS event ( a series of BDSM demos) It was special to sit down with him and explain what was occurring during a demo that Master Z from Dallas was putting together.

A good surprise was to see Master Mick, an old friend from San Francisco.

From our extended family, only Sir Ian from Los Angeles made it, and of course with His slave mickey.

The evening ended with a short visit to the Phoenix Eagle with SlaveMaster and His slave nick.

Today is the birthday of slave wayne, who will join the household next Wednesday as a slave-in-training.

January 10 - We droved together to Phoenix for the Southwest Leather Conference. This is my fifth SWLC in as many years. It is one of my favorite events. The people here are great and I am pleased to have so many good friends.

A good group from our Northeast region was here, including all our titleholders: Sir Stephen and slave catherine (2004), Master Jack and slave raven (2005), Master Larry and slave barb (2006) and Lady Lynette and save llamb (2007). A good surprise was to see Master W and his slave barbara, both recent alumni from the Academy.

January 9 - I took advantage of my visit in Tucson to go to visit Ted, one of the founders of my first club, The Defenders, who recently moved to Tucson. He also has a gorgeous house next to a national park overseeing all the city. We had lunch in a nearby restaurant and talked a lot about the good old times.

Both Master Steve and Ted have great houses in this desert city. Weather for January was great, but summers here are hot. Not for me.

January 8 - Travel to Arizona. The first stop was in Tucson to spend three days with my dear friend and mentor Master Steve from Butchmanns. This is my third visit to Master Steve and His Leather Family. It is always good to be here. I sleep very well in the calm Arizona desert.

Master Steve is going though deep changes in His life and it was a special gift to be able to share time with Him and slave kirk.

January 5 - The last holiday party. As usual, my leather Club -- the Defenders -- held its annual Christmas party at one of our members' home. It has been a ritual of more than 15 years to gather during the holidays with our leather brothers.

January 2 - I had a great dinner this evening with Master David C. During the last year, he has become an integral part of my life as a friend and peer. We profess mutual admiration and respect. It is awesome when two people achieve this level. And I have been blessed with a formidable group of Masters and slaves that we can say the same.

During the last year, Master David C. has joined us in all of our educational events: the Master/slave Conference, MAsT Washington and as a faculty member of the Academy.

January 1 - Happy New Year 2008 to all of you. As we do every year, we have a group of Masters and slaves and members of my family gathered for our traditional Formal Leather Dinner and welcome the New Year. We had a great time, and my guest did enjoy my Puerto Rican food.

This year's guests included: Master J, Lady Lynette and her slaves llamb and sarah, Master Jack, Master Kel and his slave sandy, boy ricky and boy ken, and boy marc.