December 31 - Another year is gone from our lives. It was in general a very good year. The sad note was the loss of my father in March. But my educational endeavors were at its best. The Academy and the Conference flourished and I presented classes and workshops all around the country.

Tonight we gather a group of my Leather Family as well as Masters and slaves close to me for our traditional New Year's Eve Formal Leather Dinner.

December 24 - Sad day for our community. Just learned that Dakota Cowgirl Restaurant and Titan's Ramrod Bar closed for business last night as a gay venue and was sold. Skip, its owner and a Leatherman, was always very supportive of our endeavors hosting for several years the annual reception for Masters and slaves during MAL, a reception during the Master/slave Conference, the annual Leather Flea Market and just agreed to host our MAsT meetings. It is sad to see another good venue to go. Wish Glenn the best. Now in the next few days we have to find new venues for the MAsT meetings, the MAL reception and the Flea Market.

December 22 - Yet another holiday gathering. This time, boy marc invited me to attend the gathering of The Resource Pool in Maryland. This group, which I am familiar with for years through my dear friend Sir Ken, who was one of its founders, is dedicated to education in BDSM. It was a great gathering and I ran into several friends. There was time for some play at the dungeon, so I ended up doing a great hot wax scene with boy marc.

December 21 - boy marc and I attended a nice pot-luck gathering at Daddy Ed and his partner Steve's home in Northeast DC. It was special to share with Daddy Ed again as we both know each other for about 15 years. We worked together in SigMa, he was a member of the Faculty of the Academy for several years and we both have been active in activities and fund-raisers in the Leather community. Now we both are still associate members of the Men of Discipline. It was great to see Danielle from Black Rose. she has been very supportive of MTTA and all our endeavors.

December 16 - Another holiday party, this time at the SigMa Dungeon. I have been a member of SigMa since the early 90s, a former Board member and the founder of the original SigMa dungeon. But I have not been that much at the new dungeon as I have my own play space at home for the last eight years.

It was great to see again some of the "Old Guard" of SigMa. boy marc also attended and we were able to spend again some time together.

December 15 - Master Nick hold a Holiday Party at Master Ted's house in Northern Virginia. We (slave david and myself) attended and had a blast. The attendees loved my Puerto Rican rice and the dessert I coked earlier.

It was yet another great gathering of Masters and slaves in this Christmas season. It was great to see Master Nick with his new slave jenna - both alumni of the Academy. Well, ten attendees to the party were alumni and two others faculty of the Academy.

Among others in attendance were Master David and slave t, Master Loki and slave nyteMare, Daddy ML, Master Will and slave gema Master Tom and pyrategrrl, and the big surprise, Tata Alfred and slave traci from North Carolina.

December 9 - We have a nice Holiday gathering at my house for MAsT members and the local faculty and staff of the Academy. When 26 Masters and slaves get together, it is always a great thing... to share with our own.

A highlight of the afternoon/evening was when we called Master Tallen in Texas and sing Happy Birthday to Him over the phone. Then many of us talked one on one with him. We made him part of the gathering. We surprised him big time and hope we make His day a special one.

slave serenity and slave sarah came early to help out. Thanks, girls. marc, whom I met last weekend in BR, also joined us and had a great time.

November 29 - December 2 - BR XX was an awesome event, the best I ever have attended and the more fun. Congratulations to all members from Black Rose who made this 20th anniversary am unforgettable event.

My workshop was well attended and went well. It's always good to see so many BDSM folks interested in the Master/slave dynamic.

Congratulation to our dear Master J for her award.

And I was active in the dungeon as I ever been in a BR events. The icing on the cake was my last scene on Sunday evening with boy marc. That boy rocks and we had a very special experience.

It was great to run into so many alumni from the Academy as well as so many friends.

November 17 - boy travis left today after a great visit of five days. he was so much fun. WOOF, boy! Look forward to have you here back real soon.

November 12 - slave dennis left this morning so full of energy and as he said "with fireworks inside his heart" to go back home to San Francisco. As well as his slave brothers who attended the Academy, he has a lot of process after a powerful event.

Master Tallen followed him at noon always extremely satisfied with the results of this class.

And the day was capped with the arrival of slave boy travis, the young boy I met back in New York City during Folsom East. slave boy travis arrived this evening for his first visit to our household. So great to see his beautiful face and that re hair that makes him so special. WOOF! Welcome boy, boy!

November 8-11 - slave Training Weekend. Four male slaves participated in the 31st slave Training Weekend of our Academy. What a great group. No doubt that we had four unique individuals with great slave hearts. We all, myself, Master Tallen and the rest of the faculty and staff enjoyed teaching this group.

November 7 - slave dennis, who I met in San Francisco during Folsom just few weeks ago, arrived home to participate in the slave Training Program this coming weekend. Welcome home! Master Tallen, the Academy's deputy director, also arrived tonight.

October 25 - slave ed from the Netherlands left this morning back to his native land. He had a great time, was able to see the Nation's Capital, went a couple of times tot he DC Eagle with me during the weekend, and made new friends. I look forward to his next visit.

October 24 - Well, another birthday. Today I turned 57... and counting. It was a very good day. It started with a special breakfast with slave david and slave ed.

Then phone calls, e-cards and e-mails during the whole day. A nice surprise was the call from Master Steve from Butchmanns, right after breakfast. As always we had a nice conversation and I look forward to pay him a visit in Tucson next January.

Many of the members of the Leather Family also offered their best wishes including slave neil who called from Chicago, slave mike II from Detroit, Master Tallen from Texas, Daddy Don from Buffalo, Sir Ian called from Los Angeles, slave michael from Berlin, slave will called from the Philippines, Sir Mauro from New Mexico. Others from the community who expressed their birthday wishes were Master Z and slaveboy tony from Dallas, Master Alex from Michigan, Catherine Gross slave angela from New York and boi kim, from Virginia, among others.

I was able to visit my mother in the afternoon and all my children called as well.

The day ended with a nice family supper with my slave david, slave ed and my former slaves ricky and ken. The victory of the Red Sox in the first game of the Baseball World Series was icing on the cake.

October 11-14 -- The Academy's Sixth Anniversary was celebrated with our 30th slave Training (this one for females). Seven great slave girls made this weekend one of the most memorable in the Academy's history. Master Patrick from the previous Masters Training, and whose slave was attending this one, sent a cake to celebrate both here slave birthday and the Academy's anniversary. Thanks very much.

September 30 -- Folsom Street Fair XXIV.

This was my tenth Folsom Street Fair. The first one was all the way back to 1995. Also I have been in two Dore Alley Fairs as well.

Each fair is always special. I arrived early and made the rounds through the vendors. When I greet Richard, the owner of Mr. S, he invited me to use the cross of his booth if I wanted to do a flogging scene. I took him on his word, but I could not imagine how wild the day was going to turn and that I will spend the full day flogging boys alongside him.

First I ran into boy cary, from Reno, Nevada, whom, I met briefly the previous night at the 15th. Hot Japanese boy with an awesome smooth body. I was able to slap his well defined chest, spank his nice bubble butt exposed by his chaps, and yes, I play with his nipples and balls a lot. he still should be feeling the tenderness in those beautiful nipples. I determined that he was not ready for the flogging, particularly in public, that was left for a future encounter.

The big surprise came after lunch when I spotted boy patrick, a gorgeous Asian Canadian boy that I met in 2000 in my first visit to The Hoist Bar in London. he also came to DC to visit me for a week later that same year. After a big hug in this unexpected reencounter, he shares that he never has been able to forget how we met and that he only will entrust his back to this Master for a flogging. Well, I grab him by the arm and took him to the Mr. S both. After he stripped to his leather jock shoeing his nice defined and muscular body and Richard ended a scene, I got patrick to the cross. I slapped his chest to warm him up and proceeded to flog and whip his awesome smooth pecs. After that, he was turned and showed that broad back. The boy got his more intense flogging ever and confirmed how much he trust this Master. The scene was the best of a full day of flogging and the public gave him a big applause when it was over and we were hugging. This scene was partially filmed by the San Francisco Chronicle and the video is posted in the Gallery of Folsom of the Bay Area newspaper.

Other boys that I flogged included a straight young man who saw me flogging and accepted my offer to flog him for the first time. he did excellent but his emotions overwhelmed him and he fainted. I got him out of the cross and sat him on a chair until he recovered. He was at awe with the experience. No doubt that he was craving that for a long time. he said that seeing me flogging inspired him to surrender to it. Then he shared that he will turned 24 the next day, so I offer to give his 24 birthday spanks. he pulled his pants down and took the 24 spanks, including several with a paddle and a leather strap. The boy earned my immediate respect for his willingness to submit to a gay Master for both the flogging and the spanking, even though he was het.

Another awesome scene was when Richard was flogging a boy. When the scene intensified, the boyfriend of the boy, jumped to the other side of the cross to support him. he happened to be just few feet away from me, so I cannot resist but start flogging him slowly. In a matter of minutes, it became a double scene: the boys at each side of the cross -- holding together -- while Richard and I flogged them. The energy created by all four was awesome.

The last flogging of the long afternoon turned to be a Latino boy from DC with a nice dark skin and tattooed back who received his first flogging, and a good one. he also had a great energy.

September 25 - October 2 -- A week in San Francisco -- a city that I call my second home. This trip is my 17th to the City by the Bay. As always, a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet old friends and meet some new ones.

Some of the highlights include:

-- Spending some good time with my former slave jody and his new Master Munter.

-- Seeing again and spending some quality time with boy phillip, who I met first in the Spring of 2000 and we have keep in touch year after year. he never gets tired of hearing my advice and encouragement.

-- Reconnecting and getting to know better Fuego, a young Puerto Rican leatherman who lives in Castro as well. We met briefly last year, but we finally were able to get to know each other better in this visit.

-- The training session with slave dennis. Another slave who will never forget that flogging experience with this Master.

-- The MOD play party on Friday at the Citadel where some other boys were also flogged.

-- The 15th Association's play party on Saturday. Crowded party but met a special boy, shane. His reactions to my play were just awesome and the intensity of his eyes were very touching. WOOF!

-- Always good to see Sir Ian from Los Angeles, a member of the Extended Family, and His slave mickey. Also ran into puppy spike from San Jose, another member of the Extended Family.

Among others, ran into Dave Rhodes from The Leather Journal, Mario from the Defenders, Master Mick and slave bill, and Steve from Ohio.

September 25 - After my flight was canceled on the 24th, I finally arrived to San Francisco on Tuesday the 25th. For the third year in the last four - Sir Steve -- the Treasurer of MTTA, hosted me in the famous and very gay Castro Street. Here I am for Leather Week and all the festivities associated with Folsom Street Fair this coming weekend.

September 18 - 25 -- A full week in Honolulu. I spent a good time with my son, his wife and my adorable granddaughter.

Also had the opportunity to meet some Hawaiian boys, most of them fully novices but hungry to learn.

Waikiki Beach is always a good place to walk, watch the hot boys and the surfers, enjoy the breeze from the Pacific Ocean, but not necessarily the heat.

My leather and boots stayed in the suitcases and were substituted by shorts, tanks and sandals.

It was great to see again my friend Kevin, a local Leatherman that I know for years and who was very helpful in finding me a inexpensive place to stay in the center of Waikiki.

September 18 -- After a very long trip, I arrived today to Honolulu, Hawaii. The main purpose of my trip is to visit one of my sons and my granddaughter. She is the most beautiful Hawaiian girl in the world. Of course I am biased. Thanks to a local friend, I found a very nice place to stay in the center of Waikiki. Look forward to relax some, enjoy my son and granddaughter and yes, there are some boys line-up as well.

Hawaii is very similar to my native Puerto Rico. But what drives me crazy here are those small framed, slim and smooth Asian boys. WOOF! They make very nice toys to play with.

September 15 -- slave david returned home from California where he was taking an intense training on computers. From his class of 11 students,. he was only one of four to pass all four tests that certify him with the A-Plus, Security and Netowrk. Now his task is to get a new job. Good job, boy.

September 11 -- slave damian, a young 20 year-old slave from Southeast Virginia, arrived to visit this Master for a try-out. he was able to attend his first MAsT meeting tonite.

September 6-9 -- The tenth Master Training of our Academy took place this weekend with a record attendance of 12 participants and a staff of four Masters and 8 slaves. It was another awesome experience and another success for our Academy. It also marked the first time that Master Larry and slave barb, the current International Master/slave, and Doctor David presented at the Academy. The new slave girls joined the staff as well.

September 5 -- slave david left for Freemont, California for an ten day intense training to get his computer certifications. For the first time in his life, the slave will be able to have a career. This opportunity will open doors for him for better employment and career opportunities. And of course the slave will put his knowledge to serve the Master's household.

Master Tallen arrived in the evening for the Master Training Weekend.

August 23-27 -- Great Lakes Leather Alliance 2008 took place this weekend in Indianapolis. It was my first visit ever to that city and to the event, home of the Great Lakes Master/slave Contest. Our titleholders - Lady Lynette and slave lamb - drove with me in my conversion van. In a matter of a month, the Academy has produced two regional Master/slave titleholders: slave talina won the Great Lakes slave title joining Lady Lynette.

I presented my workshop "The Calling for Master and slavery" and it was well received. Among those at the event were Master Larry and slave barb, Master Steve from Butchmanns, Master Z, Master Alex, slave Alia and slave caroline, and many other good friends.

August 18 -- The second annual Master/slave Retreat, sponsored by MAsT Washington - took place in Front Royal, VA, in the house of MAsT co-founders Master Kurt and slave john.

We have 18 participants - ten Masters and eight slaves - and it was a great day for mostly separate discussions and get to know each other better. Everyone was pleased with the Retreat.

July 26-30 - The Master/slave Conference 2007 is finally here. We got to the Washington Plaza at mid morning in the middle of a emergency at the hotel when some pipes broke and the pool was emptied and flood the basement. That did not affect us to get settled and ready for our big weekend.

That evening close to 100 people were already at the hotel bringing a great energy, that lead us to believe something great was about to happened.

Thursday evening, we held the annual Board Meeting of MTTA and welcome two new members: Master Larry and Sir Stephen, both from New Jersey.

Friday, registration was at full swing, vendors were ready, Vi Johnson opened her library, workshops started in mid morning and the staff was working to make this the best Conference ever.

The evening events were very powerful. They start with a Meet and Greet reception and the slave auction. The auctioneer Jo Arnone did a great job, we all have fun and we raised a record amount of money for the Scholarship Fund. Special thanks to Master Steve from Butchmanns for his generous support.

We remember Ms. Velvet, Beverly from Achella with a moment of silence and a great applause. We also remember others we lost during the year with the traditional memorial candles. On my remarks, I remember my father and his influence in my own Mastery.

Master Jack McG offered a good positive and inspirational Keynote Address. We presented Master Steve with seven new panels to be added to his Leather Quilt Project. We honored Master Tallen for his great service to MTTA, the Academy and the community in general.

The Master Heart Award 2007 was granted to Master Larry and the slave Heart Award to slave catherine.

Saturday was a day to learn and share all day. Both the BBQ lunch and the Formal Leather Dinner constituted a great opportunity to share and network.

The Contest was as close as it can be. based on the addition of the sores of all six judges, it came to just five points difference between the two contestant pairs. If we average the score to the 500 max, the difference was just 1.166 points. And the new Northeast Master/slave 2007 are Lady Lynette and slave lamb.

The whole conference was a great success. The best ever and the best attended ever (around 300 people). The whole staff and volunteers delivered in top ways. Thanks to all of you who make a difference in this year's event. And I am counting with all of you for 2008!

July 14 - 26 - Full house in preparation for MsC 2007. Sir Brian from Buffalo, and slave rene arrived on Saturday July 14 and we began to work together for the Conference. Master Tallen -- our co-chair and Stage Producer -- arrived on Friday with Master Drench. slave don joined the crew the same day and the house was in full swing. Other volunteers came in to assist in different areas. On Sunday July 22, we had a meeting with all the staff and we felt very good about the upcoming event.

July 2 - In the middle of the busy day working for the next Master / slave Conference, we got news of yet another passing: Beverly, Ms. Velvet, the owner of Achella, a Leather vendor that can be found in many Leather events across the country. Her passing was sudden in the early hours of today. Too young to go. To full of life for us to realize she is no longer with us.
We were together at SELF in Atlanta, where she handed me the patches for the Northeast Master/slave Contest to take place during MsC later this month. When I asked here if she could do those patches, as always her answer was yes. And the patches were ready six weeks before the conference.

She is one of our main sponsors and vendors for this month's conference, and still is hard to believe, she won't be here with us.

But she will be with us in spirit. I will never forget the incredible giving heart that she always had for our community. I will never forget how badly she wanted to be part of our event. We will miss you, Ms. Velvet.

June 14-18 - My annual trip to New York City to be part of Leather Pride Night and Folsom Street East Fair. I arrived on Thursday late afternoon and for the second consecutive year, I was hosted by Master Robert - an alumni of the Academy - in his lovely house in Jersey City. There I met Master K from the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania who also was been hosted by Master Robert.
On Thursday evening, we went to the NYC Eagle Bar for the Leather Night. On Tuesday, after a great dinner with Master Robert, his partners, and Master K and his slave, we headed for the Eagle to join Master Larry and slave barb for the Northeast Leather Sir/boy Contest and from there to the "LURE in Exile" party. It seems that my good friend sparky may be close to reopen the LURE in a new location. Gee, we miss the old good times at the LURE.

Saturday we all met at my favorite Puerto Rican restaurant on Eight Avenue and from there to the Splash Club for the annual Leather Pride Night, an event where thousands of dollars are raised for charity. Finally, I ended up at the NYC Eagle to close the evening.

Sunday was Folsom East Fair on 28th Street, the block of the Eagle. We had our MTTA booth to promote the Master/slave Conference and the Training Academy. As usual, our booth was next to MAsT NYC and MAsT Metro NY. That was the Master/slave area of the fair. It was good to spend time again with Master Larry and slave barb, slave david stein, Master Tip, among many others.

The icing to the cake was when this young handsome boy, travis, showed up in my booth at the end of the day after I "woofed" him. We connected well and spend the rest of the evening and the next day together. What a lovely young man and so eager to learn. WOOF to you boy.

Thanks to Master Robert for his hospitality. Since he attended our Training Academy, he has been great to me and my Leather Family.

June 6-9 - Southeast Leather Fest in Atlanta. My first trip to Atlanta since September 2002 on the first anniversary of slave tommy's passing. It was also the first time back to SELF since June 2002.
Catherine Gross - the producer - had me in the panel of judges for the Southeast Master/slave Contest as well as presenting the workshop "Dominant and Caring". It was great to share the judging duties with Vi Johnson, Master Steve, Ms. Suzan, Boymeat, and David Nelson. Sir Top and slave bonnie became the first regional titleholders to be selected to compete in Dallas for the International title.

Master Larry and slave barb were in attendance as presenters and we had the opportunity to spend time together. They have been doing an amazing job as the current International Master/slave.

Friday was marked by the collaring ceremony of slave andrew by his owner, Tia. I met them in Phoenix in January 2006 and I was honored to be part of the collaring ceremony. Tia has joined the staff for the Master/slave Conference as VIP Coordinator.

June 1-3 - DC Leather Pride -- Under the leadership of Master J, we were able to pull the second annual DC Leather Pride. On Saturday, our educational organization - MTTA, Inc., put together with the financial support of Black Rose, a full-day educational program that included 12 workshops. I was able to present the Cathartic Flogging workshop that draw a great attendance. Thanks for boi kim for being my demo boy and welcoming his best flogging ever. I also present the Calling for Mastery and slavery and moderate the "slave or boy" presentation that boy ky and slave john did.
For the visiting slave don, the full weekend was a great experience for a novice slave like him. He returned home on Sunday but should be back later this month.

May 30 - slave ian was notified last night about his grandmother being hospitalized in an emergency. That prompted him to cut short his stay here and took a flight home this morning.

Well, it seems summer has started on the right track for this Master. Another slave - slave don from Western Pennsylvania - arrived today for a week-long trial visit. If first impressions are important, the boy, though a novice, has impressed this Master very well. Lets see how the visit goes.

May 27 - After a stay of 11 days, Billy left today back to Seattle. What a journey! He has been in a self-discovery journey and his attendance to the Academy and his prolonged stay here has helped him to clarify his heart and spirit. It seems that Billy is now leaning to be more of an Alpha and would be interested in being some sort of Junior Master. It was a real pleasure to have you here and look forward to hear more from you. As I told you in my first communication, you are worthy to be respected and admired for what you have achieved. I salute you. WOOF!

May 26 - slave ian from Toledo, Ohio arrived today for a week long visit. he is interested in being considered for a PT situation as he cannot relocate and has a partner back home. Welcome home, boy!

May 21 - After attending the slave Training Weekend, slave billy, from Seattle, Washington is extending his visit for a full week. slave billy has petitioned to be a member of our household and family and this week will be his first experience at the house. he is a remarkable man, who has overcome a lot in his life, and it seems to be ready to surrender and service and obedience to a Master. he did and grew a lot during the weekend.

May 17-20 - Another slave Training Weekend took place this weekend. Five great slaves coming over from coast to coast, north to south and all the way from the Caribbean. Great class! It was always great to have Master Tallen back in town and doing such a great job at the Academy. The whole faculty and staff excelled as always. To all five participants, once more, good luck in your journey.

May 10-13 - A short visit to Chicago, invited to present at Galleria Domain, a pansexual BDSM group in the Windy City. The presentation on Mastery and slavery took place on Saturday May 12 in the great facilities of this group. The group was very friendly and made me felt very welcome.

Thanks to Jack Rinella and His slaves Patrick and Matthew for hosting me at their house during the three day stay.

Upon my arrival, we had dinner with Master Vince and slave neil, members of my Leather Family. Always good to see them.

Also I reconnected with chad, a new and young slave boy who I met at IML two years ago. We spent some time at the Eagle on Saturday night. WOOF boy!

I returned back home on Sunday on time to spend some time with my mother for Mother's Day.

April 26-30 - A much needed distraction. My first CLAW (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend). Great event, hot men and boys. Met old friends and meet new ones. Sir Brian and his slaves rene and boy paul, as well as Joe, rene's partner were in attendance. Good to see Master David and slave dave, the other family members at the event. From DC as well, it was good to see Scott and Joe.

Thanks to the organizers of CLAW for inviting me to present on Mastery and slavery, a first for the event. We had a good turn out and a lot of interest.

The Shed happened to be a great Leather Bar. And I had a blast with boy marshall, the current International Leather boy. That boy is just a lot of fun. Also it was good to see and finally connect with boy douglas from Ottawa. WOOF!

This guys from CLAW know how to raise money for their charities. I ended up getting a nice leather straight jacket at the Silent Auction.

April 11-14 - Sir Brian - the Operations Manager of the Master/slave Conference - and Daddy Don visited this week. We held a series of meeting with the hotel, the Executive Committee and the Staff of the Conference. The MsC 2007 is just 100 days away and we are getting ready for the best conference ever.

March 29 - April 1 - This weekend we held our third slave Training for females. We had four incredible girls who made the weekend a special one. The faculty and staff did wonders again.

March 29 - In a very private ceremony, my father's ashes were buried. The chapter is closed but the memories and his legacy will last forever.

March 27 - I had the opportunity this evening to present my workshop "Dominant and Caring" before Black Rose's members. Thanks for the invitation. We had over 40 attendees, mostly heterosexuals, and my message was well received. It keeps amazing me how there is more and more interest among het folks in the Master/slave dynamic, and how much they enjoy learning from us gay men.

March 24 - The fifth annual Leather Flea Market that my club sponsors every year was held today. It was a good distraction from a full week of sadness, grief and family affairs. The event was another great success and a great camaraderie among our local leather folks. And I get a good share of hugs from many Leather friends and brothers.

March 19 - After a weekend of great emotions, today was the Funeral Mass for my father. Pretty much a family affair with some friends. My parents moved here from Puerto Rico almost four years ago and their relatives and friends of a lifetime are mostly there.

Three of my club brothers attended the Mass. I saw them as representative of the legions of Leather brothers and sisters from the whole country and as far as Canada, Australia, Germany and Argentina who sent me messages, cards and calls of condolences, as well as flowers which were given to my mother. To all of you, thanks a lot.

March 16 - My dear father passed away peacefully early this morning after a long illness.

I thank God for the blessing of having our family together at this sad moment where we were able to bid farewell to a great man – the source of my life and the one who inspired most of the values that still guide me today.

I ask you to remember in particular my mother who has lost her partner of 61 years and who at 89 has been weakened by my Dad’s illness and passing. She is the one who needs the most prayers now.

I want to thank all of you who have been so supportive during the last five months. It has been a realization how big of a Leather Family I have and how many people in our community cares for each other.

When you see me next time, please give me a hug.

February 22-26 - South Plains Leather Fest & International Master/slave Weekend 2007. Once more, what a weekend!!! This, our top nationwide event for the Master/slave community, once more rocked.

The highlight had to be Saturday evening. Our Northeast Region once more excelled. Master Larry and slave barb -- the current Northeast Master/slave 2006 -- rocked the event and brought home the International Master/slave title for 2007. We are all so proud of them. They put a great effort and after a two year preparation, they did got the reward they deserved.

But that was not all. slave catherine - Northeast slave 2004 and International slave 2005 - offered to cut her waist long beautiful hair to be donated for a charity who makes wigs for children with cancer if we raised money for the travel fund of Master Larry and slave barb. The attendees responded in a huge way raising close to $2,000. Master Z had the honor of cutting the hair.

I was able to present two classes and both were well attended. It is always a great feeling when we can touch people lives through education. Thanks to Lady Lynette for joining me in the "Mentoring" class.

This is the kind of weekend that I love. We are such a big family. There is so much love and fun. So many friends from all around the country.

And we met such wonderful boys during the weekend. slave joe is one of a kind with a very special heart. slave brandon and slave tyler are so hungry to learn. you all embody the next generation. Good to have planted a small seed in your hearts. And boy squirrel was fun!

Master Jim, slave marsha and Mark Frazier as well as all the staff and volunteers: thanks for a job well done and an event to remember.

February 21 - For those who are asking for my father's medical condition, let me just share that is is -- within his terminal condition - in a more stable situation, with its ups and downs. Some days better than others, but the old man is hanging there. Thanks to all for your love, support and prayers.

February 17 - Just got a phone call from Chicago. slave talina, an alumni of the Academy let me know that Pantheon of Leather honored me with its 2007 Mid-Atlantic Regional Award. I want to express my appreciation to whoever nominated me and to the selection panel. I humbly accept the Award on behalf of those Masters and slaves who have joined me in making the Training Academy, the Master/slave Conference and MAsT Washington a real success, as well as my brothers from the Defenders and MOD-DC. And from the bottom of my heart to my slave david, and all the members of my Leather Family for the continuous support and love.

I wished I could have been in Chicago this weekend for Pantheon of Leather, but the illness of my Dad has limited my trips to those who are strictly necessary. It was interesting that while the awards were given in Chicago this afternoon, I was spending time with my Dad.

To Dave Rhodes and the family of Pantheon, thanks very much.

February 8-11 - Another Master Training... and another successful event. Great class! We had ten participants from around the country, from San Francisco to Chicago, New York, North Carolina and Florida, as well as some locals from Virginia and Maryland. And we did have our first participant ever from Germany and firth European.

It was great to have Master Tallen back from Dallas to take charge of the management of the Academy and to have such a great and wonderful staff. They did a great job and I have plenty of time to go and visit with my ill Dad every day.

January 23 - Got a message today from boy stephen from Phoenix. His Master, Sir Jim, suffered on Sunday a heart attack and underwent on Monday triple by-pass. It is hard to believe after a great weekend sharing with Sir Jim and boy stephen, that something like this can happens at his tender age of 49. My prayers and thoughts are with both of them.

January 18-22 - After struggling with the emotions of the illness of my father, I decided that I needed to spend the weekend in Phoenix, AZ attending the Southwest Leather Conference. And I was right. The support I got from friends from the Southwest region as well as the spiritual nature of the event were what I needed in this difficult time of my life.

Thanks for Master Steve, Master Skip, Master Bert, Master Z, slave robert, slave girl rhonda, slave alia, and all the Leather Tribe from Butchmanns and the Southwest for all the support and love expressed during this past weekend. Thanks Master Steve and slave alia for allowing me to express my deepest emotions. Thanks Master Skip for your time and your words of wisdom, and by sharing your own story and listening to mine. My heart and spirit is in better shape today than five days ago.

Our Northeast Master/slave titleholders, Sir Larry and slave barb, made the event for the first time and had a blast. Now they are getting ready for Dallas next month.

The Dance of Souls was another spiritual awakening that ended the event in the best way. It was great to participate and in particular to support again boy byron.

My workshop 'The Calling of Mastery and slavery" draw a good attendance and many of them expressed to me how helpful was the class.

I was able to visit the new Phoenix Eagle owned by Master Z's slave bill. Loved the atmosphere. I had the opportunity to reconnect with Sir Jim, whom I was able helped several years ago during difficult times. Sir Jim allowed me to flog his boy stephen and that was an awesome experience for all three of us. Also it was great to spend time with boy mark and my appreciation to his Master for allowing us to have some good time.

Always good to see Sir Ian -- a member of our Extended Family -- and his slave mickey from Los Angeles. Among so many friends from around the country, I should mention Master Alex from Michigan, Master Roy from Houston, Ms Suzan and slave ed from Atlanta, Dave Rhodes from The Leather Journal, as well as some of the Alumni of the Academy including Master Robert from New Jersey, Master Fire from North Carolina, slave liz from Texas and slave jan from Virginia.

Thanks to slavette and Corwin for the autographed copies of their books.

January 12-14 - Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend, the DC area major leather event took place again over Martin Luther King's Birthday weekend.

It was not an easy one. We tried to make some of the events -- in particular the Master/slave Reception hosted by MAsT Washington. I have been physically and emotionally drained dealing with the illness of my Dad. But it was great to have the support of so many friends and family members during MAL. Those hugs meant a lot to me.

Among our Leather Family members in attendance were my former slaves ricky, ken, rene and spencer, the gang of the DC Boys of Leather. Also was good to see others from the Extended Family as Sir Brad from New York, Doctor Larry from Los Angeles, Master David and Sir Travis from DC, and slave wayne from Pennsylvania.

Good to spend some time with Mario, Master Mick and slave bill from San Francisco, Sir Brian from Buffalo, Jesse, boy ron, slave jalel, slave tony and slave art, among others.

January 6 - Defenders held our Holiday Gathering at our President's house in Maryland. Always fun and a good time and food.

January 1 - Happy New Year to all - The house is still crowded with Daddy Don and his boy chamray and Sir Brian and slave rene.

I remember that with the bells of the New Year, the though crossed my mind that his will be the year in which I will lose my father.