December 31- As we do every year, we hosted a group of Masters and slaves for our traditional New Year's Eve Dinner and Celebration. We have Daddy Don and Sir Brian coming from Buffalo to join us this year. Bye 2006! Thanks for the memories.

December 25 - Christmas. Not an easy one as we see my Dad's health deteriorating day after day.

December 18 - A day of realization. My Dad's health has taken a turn. As a family, we have decided to bypass dialysis for my Dad and allow him to start the journey of dying at home with dignity. Tough times lie ahead.

December 4-11 - For the first time in almost four years, I had the opportunity to go back to Puerto Rico, my homeland.

The stay was mostly to visit family members and some old friends. Going back to my hometown is always emotional and it was highlighted by dinner with two of my best friends and classmates from kindergarten to High School.

It was great to meet slave carlos, after two years of talking in the net and over the phone. Thanks to willie for hosting me in San Juan.

December 1-3 - BR 2007 was great. Friday was limited to dinner with my brothers of the Men of Discipline. On Saturday, I offered my class on the "Calling for Mastery and slavery" and was very well attended and received. The banquet was a great gathering as well as the Celebrity Auction. Good to reconnect again with boy brian, whom I met in BR two years ago. WOOF!

November 24 - slave drew came for his second visit in eight days. We had dinner and an opportunity to talk more and get to know each other better.

November 23 - Thanksgiving Day! Busy day. First I went to lunch with my elderly parents. In late afternoon, slave david and I went for dinner to slave nyteMare's house. I cooked Puerto Rican rice and slave david did mashed sweet potatoes. We had a great time. It was good to meet slave nyteMare's children as well as to see again Master Jim and boi kim.

November 22 - All Colors Night at the DC Eagle. Members of the different clubs sponsored the traditional All Colors Night at the Eagle to raise fund for Brother Help Thyself (BHT). I volunteered for the first two hours at the door with one of the boys from DC Boys of Leather. Great evening of fun and Leather brotherhood as we raised $1,000 for BHT.

November 19 - Finally Master Tallen came in the afternoon to pick some things we offered him for his new place in Texas. He will leave Monday morning for a two-day drive to Texas. It was sad to see him leaving and we wished him the best in his journey.

November 18 - This evening was the 35th Anniversary of the DC Eagle. The Mr. DC Eagle Contest took place in the early evening with Joe, the partner of Scott, Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 2005, was the winner. A highlight of the evening was meeting Luis, a Venezuelan Leatherman who competed in the Contest. He was asked during the interview about Leather in Latin America. To my surprise, he mentioned my trip last year to Buenos Aires where I was well received by the Buenos Aires Leather Club and I offered a presentation on Mastery and slavery as well as a flogging demo.

This evening, I also met Pablo, a fine boy from Peru. I have talked with him online in the past before we met. Sweet boy.

November 17 - As part of the celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the DC Eagle, we attended the Eagle Wings - an annual charity auction. We ended up spending some money. My best prize was a new whip for my collection. This one is all rubber... nasty! slave david ended up with new leather pants and a set of boots.

Earlier that evening, drew, a novice boy came over to talk with me and start his journey. he did very good and will continue to explore things under my wing.

November 14 - We had the opportunity to host in our home Sir Larry and slave barb, the current Northeast Master/slave 2006. They offered a great presentation before a joint meeting of MAsT Washington and MAsT DC Pan.

November 9-12 - The slave Training Weekend XXVII was a great one with participants coming from Florida, Texas, Michigan and Spain. Excellent group of male slaves. It was very special to have back Master Vince and slave neil in the faculty and staff. WOOF!

November 7 - Master Tallen finished the remodeling of the slave quarters in the basement of our home. He did a fantastic job.

Those who has been here before won't recognize the new look. The room at the slave quarters is now bigger and holds all three bunk beds and the steel cage. The open area now has four new computer desks, all of them fully equipped with computers for slaves' use.

At the same time, the facilities will be more enjoyable for the participants of the Academy's training weekend events.

November 6 - As arranged, slave dewayne returned to the Bay Area. In the weeks he spent here, he learned a lot although he is still searching for his true heart. The boy also was very helpful around the house, and in particular in the yard.

October 31 - Happy Halloween to everyone!

slave dewayne - the trainee who has been in the household for the last few weeks, has decided to return to the Bay Area and we have agreed that it is the best. Sometimes a move from coast to coast is not an easy task for some young men in search for their calling. slave dewayne will be leaving next Monday. Good luck in your journey, boy!

October 27 - Master Tallen has been working hard in our house remodeling the slave quarters and the basement area which is also used for the Academy. For those who has been here, the slave quarters will look much different and better when Master Tallen is done.

October 24 - Well, one year older. Thanks to all the members of my Leather Family, friends in the Leather community, alumni from the Academy for the warm wishes for my 56th Birthday. I always say that I am not getting older, but wiser, and with humility, it is that wisdom what I put day in and day out in my Mastery and my reaching out to our Master/slave community, in particular those who are discovering their calling and journey.

October 17 - I picked up at Dulles International Airport my new slave-in-training dewayne, a 26 y/o black slave from Santa Clara, California. It was such a great feeling to see his broad smile greeting me at the airport. It is the beginning of his new life. Today ha starts a period as a trainee that should lead to a contract and the slave collar. slave dewayne received his trainee collar after we met in San Francisco last month and has been wearing it since. The fact that he has just lost his job and was living with friends facilitated for him to do this try-out.

From the airport, we drove directly to the MAsT event where Master Murray from New York City made a presentation on 'Hypnosis in M/s relationships". Both slave david and slave dewayne were hypnotized during the event.

October 12 - After 12 days in the hospital, my Dad is back at his home... still in very delicate situation, but at least resting better at home with my Mom. Once again, thanks for all the support, thoughts and prayers from my Leather Family and friends from our Leather Community.

October 11 - I received two new books today. First, the last book from my friend Jack Rinella: Philosophy in the Dungeon. In this book, Jack takes on the reconciliation of sex and spirituality. For me this topic hits home as it was the way I entered the Leather community in the early 90s, when a friend put together those two terms in the same sentence.

The second book that was mailed to me today called my attention right away when I read the title: The Destruction of the Moral Fabric of America by Steven Toushin. My first thought was that it was a extreme right book, but I realized it was directed to "Master Taino". When I noticed the introduction was written by Guy Baldwin, I realized this was one of "ours" books. After a glimpse to the table of contents and the preface, I realized that I was before a very powerful book on the freedom of speech and the separation of church and state, principles that most of us cherish very seriously, and wish our government can live by the legacy of Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers of our country.

October 9 - Happy Birthday to my late slave tommy. Today he would have turned 43. He passed in 2001 just 17 days away from his 38th birthday. A life cut too short, but his memory lasts. And through his pages in this website, he keeps touching so many people. What a legacy, boy!

October 5-8 - The second slave Training Weekend for females took place. Another great success. Great girls very hungry to learn about their calling for slavery. Once more, thanks to Master Tallen and all the staff of the Academy for all the hard work done over the weekend while I was dealing with my father's illness.

This event also marks the fifth anniversary of the Academy, founded in October 2001.

September 30- Just 40 hours after I return from the West Coast, I had to deal with a family crisis. My octogenarian father suffered a heart attack and was taken in emergency to the hospital. He underwent a procedure to clear the blocked artery that cause the heart attack and remained in the hospital.

Thanks to all the Leather Family members, friends from the community, club brothers, MAsT members, and many others who kept me and my family in their thoughts and prayers.

September 21-28 - San Francisco, California - My vacation continued with another week in the Gay and Leather mecca: San Francisco. Being in this city is always very special. Here in the Castro District, I tasted years ago the great feeling of being myself. Every time that I return to the city by the bay is an unforgettable experience. Sir Steve hosted me in his home in Castro Street. He is always such a great host.
slave tony from British Columbia, Canada - who visited me for a week last year - joined me on Friday to be in my service over the weekend. tony is always a lot of fun to have around and he loves my flogging. We attended the play party at the Citadel sponsored by the Men of Discipline on Friday evening. As always, a great event with many good friends, among them, Sir Ian and slave mickey, as well as Doctor Larry from Los Angeles, Master Mick and slave bill as well as Mario from San Francisco, and Master Michael and slave steve from Seattle.

On Saturday, slave tony and I were relaxing having some coffee on Castro with Sir Ian and his slaves. After that, in the corner of Castro and 18th, I ran into a young novice slave, and we hit it off right away. After we talked for a while, slave dewayne was hungry to stay with us and explore more. While on his knees on a sidewalk, he received a training collar and was invited for the party that evening of the 15th Association. (Only in San Francisco!!) he was a bit scared on our way to the event, but that changed quickly. He saw me whipping slave tony on his chest and could not contained his excitement. I was able to explore with him and give him his first taste of SM. What a great boy!

On Sunday morning, we all three went for brunch at Luna Restaurant and then to the annual Folsom Street Fair in the South of Market neighborhood, the largest one-day Leather event in the world. Both slaves were in iron shackles and slave dewayne were put on a CB-2000, They both called a lot of attention during the lovely afternoon and being photographed more that they ever imagined. For both of them it was their first experience at the famous Leather fair. For me, it has been my ninth since 1995.

At the fair, we went to the studio of the acclaimed fetish photographer Mark Chester who took some professional pics that will be posted in this site soon. I also got the opportunity to buy another quirt and immediately used it on slave tony’s chest.

We ran into many friends among them Master Skip and his Leather Family from Los Angeles, and Master Steve's slave david. We also met Master Shuni and his slave from the Netherlands, whom we were able to meet several times more over the week. That evening at the Eagle Tavern, I ran into pup spike from San Jose, a member of our Extended Family. It was so good to see him again.

On Monday, I invited my host Sir Steve to AT&T Park to see a Giants ballgame. It was a nice cool evening to watch baseball.

slave dewayne is interested in visiting and exploring more with this Master. (He is still wearing my collar!) We'll see what happens with this fine young slave boy.

On Wednesday at Leather Buddies, I met an Puerto Rican Leatherman, Master Fuego. A fellow "boricua", we connected well and became instant friends. It is so good to run into other fellow Puerto Rican in our community. WOOF to you!

September 22 - Another day for reflection. Today is the fifth anniversary of my late slave tommy’s passing. his memory is still so fresh that it seems that it was just yesterday that he was enjoying with me one of our trips. Love you forever, my boy!

September 14-21 - Denver, Colorado - First part of my late summer vacation - a full week in Denver, the beautiful city at the skirt of the Rocky Mountains.
Besides spending quality time with my youngest son and my four-month old granddaughter, I have the opportunity to meet some leather folks during this trip.

As it has happened before during other trips, I was invited to present a workshop on Saturday evening to the Colorado Leathermen, on the "Calling for Master and slavery". The presentation was well received and the group was an excellent one. Around 25 Leather guys showed up. Thanks to Master Bob for arranging the presentation and for his hospitality at his lovely house.

That same evening, I had the opportunity to go to the new Denver Eagle. The owners of the new bar have done a great job. The bar is very spacious and easy to move around. As pre-arranged, I met jeff at the bar. he is a very interesting young Leatherman, who is exploring both his submissive and his dominant side. During my week in Denver, we have the opportunity to meet more than once and I was impressed by this young man, particularly for his interest in learning more about the Master/slave dynamic.

At the presentation, I met slave keith, a very handsome slave with an awesome back. he was wearing just a harness, so I can appreciate his wide and nicely built back. That lead me to ask him if he has been flogged. slave keith got interested and called me on Sunday to arrange a meeting at Master Bob’s dungeon for a flogging scene. WOOF!! According to him, that was his most intense flogging scene ever. For this Master, it was an awesome one and we both got into an incredible head space. Great energy, boy. Without doubt, that was one of the highlights of this trip.

September 8 - A group of members and associates of the Men of Discipline gathered informally at Caribou Coffee for some lattes and chat. The weather was just awesome. After that, most of the group moved across the street to Thai Tanic Restaurant for a great dinner. The men from MOD-DC are a great group and I have been an associate since 1999. Always good to share some time with them.

August 26 - The first Master/slave Retreat sponsored by MAsT Washington took place in the private residence of Master Kurt and slave john alongside the Shenandoah National Park. Fourteen participants attended and it was a great experience for all involved. In a very relaxed atmosphere, Masters and slaves were able to discuss issues regarding our relationships and four different sessions and then a final joint one. Thanks to our dear hosts for their hospitality.

August 11 - The first anniversary of the arrival of slave david to the household and family. We celebrated with a dinner at a neighborhood Chinese restaurant.

July 20-23 - The Master/slave Conference 2006

Our third annual Master/slave Conference was another tremendous success. Thanks to all our staff and volunteers, as presenters and judges that made it possible. Great to see again so many friends from all around the country.

My slave david was in charge of Tech Support and managing the Conference's Office and slave boy brandon, my new trainee, assisted as workshop monitor and My personal assistant.

Members of my immediate family were also active. Sir Paul was part of the Committee assisting the Contest and Stage Production departments. slave mike was part of two panels. boy ricky, boy ken, boy rene and boy spencer -- all members of the DC Boys of Leather -- volunteered in the security. ricky and spencer were part of the Color Guard.

The same for members the extended Family: Master Tallen was the Stage Producer and also presenter, slave andrew was a judge, Daddy Don was in charge of Registration, boy jose was the judges' boy and slave buck, not only produced the Program booklet, but was helping in everything he was asked.

We were saddened by the absence of slave neil, slated to be the Judges' slave but who has to cancel due to a fall from his owner, Master Vince. Also slave jody canceled because of the illness of his mother. Sir Brad has to cancel as well due to last minute travel for his job. Sir Ian missed his first conference as he is spending the summer in his native England. All were greatly missed.

Some highlights include:

- The stand-up comedy by Sir Joe to get the Opening Ceremony started.

- The controversial Keynote Address of Jack Rinella

- The Master and slave Heart Awards given to Master Z and slave john.

- The slave auction with so many hot slaves - both males and females.

- The Academy Dinner Reunion with more than 50 in attendance.

- The kilt challenge when Master Skip and other dear friends decided to embarrass me, but the Travel Fund got a good amount from the "embarrassment". It was all worthy.

- The selection of Sir Larry and slave barb as Northeast Master & slave 2006. WOOF!

- The always busy Vi Johnson's Leather History Library. Vi was so happy with the results.

June 30 - July 2 - slave boy brandon - a cute 21 year-old boy from New York - came over this weekend to visit our Leather Family. After submitting his slave application and the essay required from him, he was accepted as a slave-in-training. he received his collar on Saturday afternoon after receiving his first flogging session. he is getting along extremely well with slave david. slave boy brandon will be back to DC to attend the Master/slave Conference later this month.

June 17-18 - Leather Pride Night and Folsom East Fair in New York City - As always, both events were awesome. Good to see so many friends from the Big Apple as well as alumni from the Academy.

Thanks for Master Robert for hosting me during the weekend.

boy dominic, an Asian boy from Australia that I met in slave4Master site, served me over the weekend and stayed with us at Master Robert's.

On Saturday evening at LPN, I met boy brandon, a very young and special boy. We connected well, and the boy returned to spent most of Sunday afternoon at the Fair with us.

Our table to promote the Conference and Academy was very successful. It also brought the opportunity to network with so many.

Finally, on Sunday nite at the NYC Eagle, I met another nice boy, robbie. WOOF! We had a great time and I will hear more from that boy.

June 15 - DC Boys of Leather's Anniversary - Tonight we were invited to participate in the Anniversary Dinner of the DC Boys of Leather in a gay restaurant in Baltimore. Thanks boy ky for the invitation. I had a great time. It was a great event and always good to see the boys. For the second consecutive year, the boys nominated me for one of their awards.

It became a even more special evening when boy ricky - my former slave and part of our Immediate Family - became the new President of the DC Boys of Leather. Just four years ago, that boy arrived to my house so scared of his feeling and the Leather community. he served me for a year and his personal accomplishments as well as his contribution to the community make this Master very proud. WOOF, boy!

Always good to see boy spencer, boy rene and boy ken who also belong to our Immediate Family. Way to go, boys!

June 10-11 - Capital Pride Weekend - The weather was a blessing. Probably one of the best mild summer days in my 23 years in the DC area. We had Daddy Don and his boy as guest over the weekend. Daddy Don as well as my slave david enjoyed their first Pride event ever.

During the Saturday parade, we joined the float of the DC Eagle. A lot of fun and many boys in the float got their butts spanked. After the parade, we all went to Dakota Cowgirl for dinner.

Sunday was the street festival right on Pennsylvania Avenue, in the shades of the US Capitol. Very festive and a good crowd. Wish there would have been more Leather folks.

May 18-21, 2006 - Master Training Weekend VIII - The largest class ever in the history of the Academy gathered this weekend for the eighth Master Training Weekend. An incredible group of het, gay, bi and trans men and women who really got into the curriculum at the same time that they knew how to have some fun. A special thanks to the slaves in the staff: john, david, angela and buck for all the hard work they did over the weekend. This Training Weekend really rocked! WOOF!

May 5-7, 2006 - DC Leather Fest. The first DC Leather Fest took place this weekend. It was a great success and a great event that could become a major gathering of Leather folks in years to come. Our family was a big supporter of the event since its inception and MTTA, Inc. was a Gold Sponsor.

The weekend began on Friday night with the Casino Night, a fund raiser for our four charities: Brother Help Thyself, Joseph House, The DC Gay Center and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. Lots of fun. The Black Jack tables' dealers were "Leather Celebrities". I spend some time at the tables of Lolita Wolf from New York City, Tsar, the current Mr. Capital Pride Leather and Scott, the Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather. After that we got to the Eagle where SigMa had its bar night.

Saturday afternoon brought several workshops on BDSM and relationships held at the Crucible, the DC Eagle and Titan Bar. I was part of a panel on Dominant/submissive relationships, moderated by Blackkat, American Leatherman 2005. The other panelists were slave mike and boy jose, both members of my Leather Family and slave ann. We have a great attendance of around 25 people.

In the evening we gathered at the DC Eagle for All Colors Nite, a super bar night with the participation of the eight clubs that are part of the Capital Area Board. It was a fun night with many friends and members of many clubs.

Sunday was the Block Party at the Washington Plaza Pool Area. MTTA, Inc, had a booth to promote the Master/slave Conference, the Training Academy and MAsT Washington. Master Tallen, my slave david and myself staffed the booth. We were gladly surprised by the interested of so many people in the Conference and the Academy.

Our congratulations to Michael Sessa and Glenda Rider for their leadership to put together this event, and we pledge our continuous support for the future.

Among the members of our Leather Family who attended the weekend events were Master Tallen and slave andrew, Sir Paul and boy jose, boys ricky and ken, slave mike, boy spencer, and Sir Travis.

April 18-25, 2006 - Madrid, Spain -- The second part of my trip to Europe and my second visit to the country of my ancestors.

The story in Madrid starts where the trip to Berlin ended: with slave jose maria. he was in my same flight to Madrid and when we landed in the new and huge terminal of Barajas Airport, he assisted me with my suitcases, he invited for coffee and we had a chance to know each other a bit better and finally he carried my luggage all the way to the bus that took me to the Metro for the trip to the center of Madrid.

When I arrived to the Hostal La Zona, a gay small hotel in Chueca, the gay and leather neighborhood in Madrid, I was received by Alex. He was great and went the extra mile to make me feel welcome and was very helpful in more ways that one. The owner and the rest of the staff were also very good and helpful. What a place to have hot boys working at!

As happened in my hotel in Berlin, my room was immediately known as the hot room where all those noises came from. In Madrid, I met many novices that jumped to the opportunity to have a SM scene with an experienced Master they can trust. And most of them did remarkable well.

I was able to meet Pedro, a young Master in Madrid with whom I have been in contact online for several years. We met one day for coffee and then on Saturday for dinner and then to the Madrid Eagle.

And talking about the Eagle. I met some great people at the bar including several in the staff, who made me feel welcome. A special memory for alex, the cute boy with a great smile that works the door of the bar.

The highlight was to meet Jorge, a young leatherboy from Madrid. We played at the bar, then met on Sunday for a flogging at my hotel and then for dinner. Finally, he drove me on Tuesday morning back to the Airport and made my life a lot easier to start the the long trip back home. Gracias!

The long 18-hour trip back home ended when my slave david picked me up at National Airport. A lot of fun, but always good to be back home.

April 12-18, 2006 - Berlin, Germany -- A great trip and a lot of fun. After many years in the making, finally I was able to visit Berlin for the Leather festivities over the Easter weekend.

First and foremost, slave michael - a member of our Extended Leather Family -- was just awesome in his service to this Master. he picked me up at the airport, got the tickets for most of the best parties, took me to all the parties, washed my clothes, went to dinner together several times and once at his home, and showed me the way around Berlin, a city I last visited in 1998 and that has changed a lot since.

The Art Connection hotel was great and in the center of the Leather life of Berlin. My Room #13 with the sling, cross and small dungeon was used properly.

And more important, the list of slaves, subs and boys who I met and play with was just awesome. slave ruud from Amsterdam spent the full Friday afternoon under this Master, as we planned for several weeks. Good boy!

One special person I met and spent some time together was Catherinus from the Netherlands. Handsome man and a great kisser. WOOF!

Friday evening was a huge party called "Perverts" at a former power company in what used to be East Berlin. That was a wild night.

Another unforgettable evening was at the Qualgeist SM Club on Saturday nite where got the chance to play at the same time with slave michael and slave julian, a nice boy from London.

The last of the big parties was on Sunday: the Fetish Party and Contest at the Matrix, a building part of the subway system. There I met many hot guys, among them Johnny from the UK, and robbie, a cute little Spaniard boy who has been living in Berlin for 5 years.

On Monday, slave michael showed me places in the city particularly the new memorial for those killed in the Holocaust, erected in the place of the old chancellery and the infamous bunker during World War II. After that we met at slave michael's apartment for dinner cooked by his partner.

On Tuesday morning, slave michael took me back to the Airport for my flight to Madrid. At the airport, one of the most unforgettable anecdotes happened. After going through security, I sat down to put my boots back on, when a man offered to help with the boots. Before I blinked my eyes, he was on his knees helping with my boots. When done, he gave me thanks for the opportunity to serve me and declared that he recognized me from my website, that he has follow and read for years. His name was slave jose maria, from Bilbao of the Basque Country (Spain). he spotted me at that moment and jumped to the occasion to be in service. WOOF! Good for you boy!

April 11, 2006 - I left this afternoon for my two-week trip to Europe. I should arrive to Berlin tomorrow Wednesday and will be participating in the Leather events over Easter weekend. slave michael, a member of the extended family, will be waiting for me at the Berlin Airport at take me to the Art Connection Hotel. For the first time, I will stay in a room with a sling in it. WOOF!

My trip will then take me on April 18 to Madrid, Spain, "la Madre Patria" (the Mother Land), where all my ancestors came from. I will stay in Chueca, the gay and Leather neighborhood in the Spanish Capital. I will return home on April 25.

This will be my second trip to both cities as I visited Madrid in 1994 and Berlin in 1998.

March 31, 2006 - Very special day. The Leatherman who opened the doors for me in the Leather Community 15 years ago, came to visit. I met Ted at the Eagle when I was an outsider, and he invited me to his "club". His club was the Defenders and he began to talk about how the goal of the club was to help leather folks to reconcile our sexuality with our spirituality. And that was a big struggle for me at the time. He invited me to the meeting and within few months, I was a pledge, attended my first Leather event in Richmond, and the rest is history. But I never forget Ted and what he did for me at the time. And I never will. What a thrill to have him visit after an absence of three or so years.

March 30, 2006 - Master Shack, formerly from Frederick, MD and now in San Antonio, Texas, is visiting town. We had dinner at Dakota Cowgirl and had a great time talking about our journeys, Mastery and the slaves. Always good to reconnect with friends.

March 23-26, 2006 - The 25th slave Training Weekend was held this weekend. Another wonderful event with six participants from New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Chicago, Texas and Florida.

A very special weekend for me as my former slave neil - an alumni from the second slave training ever back in November 2001 - returned home to assist at the Academy with his new owner, Master Vince. It was slave neil first trip to this Master's house since he was uncollared in November 2003. Master Vince was wonderful at joining the Faculty for the whole weekend. It was really a thrill.

March 18, 2006 - The Fourth Annual Leather Flea Market held at Titan Bar was a great success and a great gathering of leather folks from different clubs. The event began in 2003 during my presidency of the Defenders Club, and I had remained as its organizer. This year, besides the Defenders, the following clubs and individuals participated: Spartans MC, DC boys of Leather, Highwaymen TNT, Centaurs, SigMa, DC Bear Club, MAsT Washington and Jose Ucles. Thanks to all for you support.

February 24-26, 2006 - SPLF - International Master/slave Weekend. For the fourth consecutive year, South Plains Leather Fest hosted the International Master/slave Weekend and Contest. Another great event that brought the opportunity to reconnect with so many good friends in the Master/slave Community.

slave david joined me at this event. This was his second Master/slave event since he was collared last year. Sir Ian from Los Angeles was the other family member in attendance.

One of the personal highlights was when tom stice, International slave 1995, surprised me as one of the nominees for this year's Jack Stice Memorial Award, together with Master Steve of Butchmanns and Master Jim and slave marsha. The award went to Master Jim and slave marsha, but just being part of that selected group was an honor that I accepted very humbly. The words of tom stice when announcing my nomination were extremely moving when he recognized my love and care for my slaves and all the boys that come to me for help. Thanks, tom. That was very nice from you.

Another personal highlight was to finally meet slave matt, a boy i have been in contact on and off for about five years since he was a student in South Carolina. To finally be able to meet him and spend such a great time with that boy was amazing. Love his energy and his natural submissiveness.

Mistress Suzan and slave ziggy from North Carolina are the new International Master / slave 2006. The couple from our region, Master Jack and slave raven, did a great job but unfortunately could not bring the title home.

slave david stein, the director of MAsT New York City and author of "Carried Away" offered an excellent Keynote Speech during the brunch on Sunday morning.

February 9-12, 2006 - The Academy hold its first slave Training Weekend for females. An incredible experience! Nine female slaves from the 20s to 50s attended... our largest class ever. Those girls rocked! Awesome energy and open hearts. Thank to all the girls for making this event a great success... your tears and laughs were just awesome. you all are genuine and real and should be very proud of yourselves. The faculty and staff did a remarkable job to deal with the new challenge. The event was a success and the first of many more to come.

February 5, 2006 - slave david and I went to see "Brokeback Mountain" this afternoon. An awesome movie that brings to the big screen the reality of so many people that cannot or decide not to live authentic lives and can only be themselves in short periods of times while being dishonest with the people in their lives. It reminds me of people who come to me for advice or mentoring: married folks or gays in LTR who cannot follow their true slave or Master heart because of those commitments and responsibilities in their lives. It is a sad reality but the pressure of our society and its institutions put a burden on people lives that ends up living a lie and internally craving for their truth.

Jan 20-22, 2006 - Southwest Leather Conference - We traveled this weekend to Phoenix, Arizona for this awesome event. This is our first year in a row and the event just gets better. Congratulations to Master Steve of Butchmanns, his Board and the triumvirate that puts it together: slave robert, slave alia and slave girl rhonda. Master Jack M. and slave raven, the current Northeast Master/slave as well as slave justin, made the trip with us.

Again, another opportunity to see so many of our friends from the Master/slave Community. It was great to see the panel of Master/slave Titleholders from 2000 to present.

Sir Ian from Los Angeles and Sir Paul from DC were the members of our Leather Family that were able to make it. Thanks, Sir Ian, for allowing me to flog your wonderful slave mikey. WOOF... That boy was great! Both of the boys I flogged over the weekend were so proud as they show their marks to everyone.

The event was full of energy and activity. Sunday was a remarkable day with the Keynote Address of Master Z from Dallas, Texas. WOOF. You rock, Sir! And the icing was the Dance of Souls in the late afternoon. This is the third time I am able to participate. It was great to be there for boy byron from Phoenix and Tia from South Carolina while they were pierced for the dance. The dancing, the drums, the energy... What an experience.

It was very special to meet slave andrew and his Guardian Tia from South Carolina. We want to hear more from both of you.

The Sunday dinner at Friday's was a very nice to say goodbye. There were Mistress Susan and slave ziggy from North Carolina, Master Jazz and his slave from Florida, Tia and slave andrew, Miss Susan and ed from Atlanta, among others.

Jan 18, 2006 - Responding to a petition made during MAL by a slave I care for a lot, this Master has accepted in our Extended Family a new slave: slave wayne from Penndel, Pennsylvania. slave wayne attended the Academy's slave Training Weekend and became very fond of this Master. he always had the goal of being part of the family, but did not make the request until his Master Bill encourage him to do so. he did that during MAL weekend and today, I welcome him to our family.

Jan 17, 2006 - slave jody visited for his farewell dinner. he will be moving back this weekend to Kansas City where he got a job as Vice President of a bank. The move will also allow him to be closer to his mother, who has been diagnosed with cancer. slave david prepared a great dinner. We wish slave jody the best in his new job as well as we pray for his mother's health.

Jan 13-15, 2006 - Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend, the premier event for the Washington DC Leather community. Another great event where we had the opportunity to meet so many of our Leather Family and friends... and then meet some new ones.

On Friday evening, we started by attending a small celebration for Master Mick and slave bill from San Francisco, California. They were celebrating the tenth anniversary of Master Mick collaring slave bill during MAL 1996. Congratulations to both of you again!

Then, we moved to the Residence Inn where slave mike had a surprise Birthday Party for his Master John. A good group of our Leather Family as well as both Defenders and MOD members were present. And Master John was really surprised.

Saturday began with the seventh annual reception for Masters and slaves attending MAL at Titan Bar and sponsored by MAsT Washington. Over 80 people gathered at Titan Bar for a great gathering. Great to see so many of you. Thanks to Master Kurt and slave john, Master Tallen and slave andrew, Master Wes, Master Jim and boi kim, Master Jack and slave justin and the rest of the membership of MAsT Washington for their attendance, hosting and helping to put everything together.

Another reception marking the 14th Anniversary of the Defenders LLC followed. Thanks to Skip Mlaker, the owner of Titan Bar, for sponsoring both receptions.

During the weekend, a great number of our Leather Family was present at the event including slave rene, boy ricky, boy spencer, slave mike, slave jody, Master Tallen and slave andrew, Master David and slave dave, Sir Paul and boy jose, Sir Brad, Sir Jeff and boi kobi from New York City, Daddy Mauro from Fort Lauderdale, boy andrew, from Baltimore, Sir Travis and boy rick.

And the list of alumni from our Academy present at MAL was long. So great to see so many of you guys.

My slave david had to work Friday and Saturday, but was able to make it by Saturday late afternoon and evening as well as Sunday. he enjoyed his first MAL particularly his time with Lady Hugs and Master Loki.

On Sunday, the Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather Contest also was memorable as the winner was scott, Mr. Double L. I met that boy and his late partner/Sir several years ago at the SigMa Dungeon and later on at my home. It was so good to see him triumphant with the MAL title. Way to go, boy!

On Sunday evening, my club, the Defenders, hold its annual anniversary Leather Mass followed by a dinner at a nearby restaurant in Dupont Circle. At the end of the Mass, the Defenders distributed close to $9,000 to local gay and AIDS charities, the product of our fund-raising efforts during 2005.

Always good to see good friends like Lou and Shannon from Dallas, Texas, Dave Rhodes from The Leather Journal, author Tim Brough from Pennsylvania, Master Mark and slave eric from Boston, slave pug from Los Angeles, Master Tip and Master Ron from New York City, Master Lynn from Chicago, nytemare and kimberly, and Michael from Norfolk, among so many others. Thanks to all of you who approached and said hello. Spent a great time with a couple of boys: andrew from New York City and alan from Philadelphia. And joey, the rubber boy from Kentucky. WOOF! you did great while we played at the hotel lobby while being filmed for an HBO documentary... and just steps away, the officers from the Gay Liason Unit of the Metropolitan Police. There was a lot of screaming from joey, but this time they did not have to intervene. The boy was having a blast!

Finally, the icing on the cake. I was able to meet Sunday evening an amazing boy from Pittsburgh, george, who drove this Master crazy with those sparkling color-changing eyes and constant smile in addition to his amazing energy. Look forward to see you soon, boy.

Jan 8, 2006 - The Defenders annual Holiday Party was held today in my house. A grat opportunity to share time and laughs with our club brothers and also some of the Board members of Dignity Washington who joined us. My slave david, as always, did a great job preparing the house and serving the attendees.

Jan 6, 2006 - slave chris, a boy from Chicago in the area for work, visited and stayed overnight. We did attend the presentation of new recruits of the Men of Discipline at the Tool Shed. It was a gun evening. On Saturday morning, slave chris received a "memorable" flogging. WOOF!

Jan 3, 2006 - The new website for the Training Academy was launched today. It is another step forward in our commitment to the education of the Master/slave Community. Visit the website at

Jan 1, 2006 - For the fifth consecutive year, a group of Masters and slaves from my Leather Family and associated of the Academy and the Master/slave Conference gathered in my house for a dinner and celebration of New Year's Eve.

This year group was an awesome one, 14 people total. The guests included Master Kurt and slave john, Master Jack and slave justin, Master Tallen and slave andrew, Lady Hugs, Master Wes, and three members of my Immediate Family, ken and boy ricky, and slave rene with his partner Joe.

slave david did a great job in getting the house ready for our guests and assisting me in preparing a Puerto Rican Holiday Dinner highlighted by the traditional roast pork.

We all had a great time and welcomed the 2006 with great hope and happiness.

Today also I send my traditional New Year's letter to all my Leather Family and friends.

Happy New Year to all of you! WOOF!