December 5-12, 2006 - A week in Las Vegas. No, I was not gambling, but being hosted by SlaveMaster and His slaves william and nick. What a week! The purpose of the trip was the celebration of the 60th Birthday of SlaveMaster. An incredible group of Masters and slaves from all around the country gathered over the weekend to be with SlaveMaster for this very special occasion. This birthday was a blast. We gather for dinner at the MGM Grand, followed by the show Ka! and a gathering hosted by Master Steve of Butchmanns at his suite. Our gift to SlaveMaster was a Master/slave flag, sawn by girl nancy and similar to all the original flags unveiled during the last Master/slave Conference.

An awesome experience to spend time with dear friends like Master Steve and His slaves kirk and robert from Tucson, Master Skip and slave rick from Los Angeles, Master Z and slaves tony and bill, from Dallas, Master Bert and slave nadine from Phoenix, and Master Mike and slave steve from Seattle. Also great to see again Master Dennis and Master Warren, as well as to meet Master Frank and see again Mr. Holland, previously known as slave #5.

A bonus in this trip was a short trip to Los Angeles where we were able to visit Sir Ian, a member of our Leather Family, and His slave mikey. Sir Ian also was celebrating His birthday and we gathered at a local restaurant for dinner. And it was great to see again slave denny, a graduate from our Academy who joined us for dinner.

To SlaveMaster, and slave william and slave nick, my gratitude for all your hospitality during the whole week. You all make me feel at home. What a great feeling when we are among family.

November 30,, 2005 - Today I learned that I have been nominated for the Man of the Year Award, the Community Choice Award and the Mid Atlantic Regional Award to be selected during Pantheon of Leather 2006. This Man of the year Award is one of the highest awards that Pantheon grants every year and this Master feels very humble to be included in this year list alongside so many good friends and Leather folks from our community. Also, the Master/slave Conference 2005 that we produced was nominated for Small Event of the Year Award.

November 15-23, 2005 - The trip to Buenos Aires was a blast. Not only a great vacation but an opportunity to meet our leather brothers from the Buenos Aires Leather Club (BALC), as well as others leather folks in the capital of this great South American country.

Master Halcon, Master In Boots, Marcelo and others from the BALC were just great, from the moment they picked me up at the Airport to the moment I board the taxi to return.

Some of the highlights were:

-- My participation in the Buenos Aires Gay Pride March as part of the Leather Contingent t hat BALC put together.

-- My presentation on my philosophy on Mastery and slavery before members of the Club, the first time I do make a presentation on this subject in Spanish, my mother tongue. Also was able to do a flogging demo with boy eric from San Francisco, California.

-- The opportunity to meet writer Pablo Perez, the author of the book "A Year Without Love", in which a film of the same name was produced.

-- The opportunity to personally teach and train some novices in the lifestyle.

-- And last but not least, the opportunity to meet slave mauri, an incredible college student that came to me as a total novice and made his first baby steps under my arm. What a slave boy! What a slave heart! We spent a lot of time together and connected very well. You all will hear more from this slave boy.

Once more, thanks to all of you guys for your hospitality. Thanks for your friendship. WOOF!

November 14, 2005 - This afternoon, I will fly to Buenos Aires for a well-deserved ten day vacation. But this will be a very special one as I will get to know the growing Leather Community of this South American country. I am on my way.

November 10-13, 2005 - Our Training Weekends continue to rock. We had a great class for this weekend's slave training. And the results were just awesome. Among the participants was my dear friend Sir Larry's trainee, slave boy chuck. And according to him, the event changed his life. Nothing top that. Just the opportunity to touch and make a difference in the life of these slaves is priceless. Good luck in your journeys, boys.

October 30, 2005 - Around 30 members of my Leather Family and our Master/slave community gathered at our home to celebrate my 55th Birthday. We had a great time and were blessed by the presence of so many family and friends. Thanks to all to join me in this special occasion.

October 24, 2005 - My 55th birthday ends with the collaring ceremony of slave david. That is always a great birthday gift: when a slave presents himself to the Owner as gift. It was a simple private ceremony but a very emotional one for slave david. Now he has his new and permanent collar... and he is a very happy OWNED slave.

October 21-23, 2005 - Together in Leather (TIL) took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our family delegation included My slave david and Master Tallen and His slave andrew. From DC area, Master Jack and His slaves raven and justin also were there as well as Ms. Angela.

I was the Head Judge of the Southeast Master/slave Contest, won by Mistress Susan and slave ziggy, a great Lesbian couple from western North Carolina.

Our hosts Master Scott and slavette put together another great event.

The event was highlighted by Vi Johnson and her Leather History Library that includes books of the 19th Century all the way to memorabilia from the last Master/slave Conference this year. Kudos for Vi.

Always great to see so many good friends as Master Steve of Butchmanns and His slaves kirk and randy, Master Skip Chasey and His slaves rick and alia, Master Z and His slave boy tony, Master Jim and slave marsha, Master Bert and slave nadine, Master Guardian and slave sugar, and so many others. It was so good to see K and carisa again, after a very tough year for them.

There was Jack Rinella with his new book "Becoming a slave" that included a blurb by this Master in the back cover.

This was the first event of this kind for slave david and it was quite an experience for him. As well, he seems overwhelmed by meeting so many people in such a short time.

October 14, 2005 - A group of our Leather Family and friends gathered at the Lincoln Theater in DC for the Gay Film Festival "Reel Affirmations". We saw the Argentine film "A year without love", based on the diary written by a slave in Buenos Aires that was put together as a book. slave david and myself were joined by Sir Paul and boy jose and Master Jim and boi kim.

The film -- that was won several awards including the Teddy Award as the best Gay & Lesbian Feature at the Berlin International Film Festival - was very interesting and very real. I have been in contact with two of the characters of the movie and will meet the others in my trip to Buenos Aires next month. Quite an experience!

October 1-5, 2005 - slave tony, an Asian slave from British Columbia, Canada, visited us for five days. Very nice boy who enjoyed hard play and discovered the ways of this Master. I took him to the Eagle on Saturday and to the SigMa Dungeon on Sunday afternoon. he loved to be in heavy steel shackles most of his time at the house, as well as the CB-2000. Not only was a fun visit, but quite a learning experience for slave tony. I already miss him.

September 21-28, 2005 - San Francisco! What a week! My annual trip to the Gay and Leather Mecca was a blast.

Thanks to Marques for hosting me this time. He was wonderful and went the extra mile to make my stay the best.

The highlight of the week was of course Folsom Street Fair on Sunday. And this one was very special as a very nice slave boy from Germany was at the end of my leash all day. slave franky - a college student who spent the summer in the US - agreed to be my boy during the event. I got him in iron shackles, and a CB-2000 that call the attention of way too many folks. Then another local boy, pup spike, joined us an the other end of the leash.

At the Fair, we ran into so many friends: Master Guardian and slave sugar, Master Bert and slave nadine, Sir Ian and slave mikey, Master Mick and his great family of slaves, Tyger and his two slaves, some of my Defenders brothers from San Francisco (Mario, Jim R. and bill), Dave Rhodes from the Leather Journal, spike from San Jose, among many others.

We had the opportunity to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner with many friends including Master Kurt and slave john, Phillip, Marques, and slave franky.

The play party sponsored by the Men of Discipline on Friday at the Citadel was a blast. I was able to do three great flogging scenes. scott, great to see you again and that flogging was even more special than your first one six years ago!

On Saturday, the traditional play part at the 15th Association, where I was able to flog Marques. WOOF!

Good to see Steve D. again and doing well after his long battle with cancer.

September 15-18, 2005 - Master Training Weekend! What a class. Very diverse and extremely interesting.

Good to have slave buck back here helping out. he was my demo boy for the flogging and those Masters got an eye-opening experience.

September 9, 2005 - This week, I received an invitation from Master Halcon, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He leads the Buenos Aires Leather Club in that South American city and they want me to be part of their Leather Pride Weekend celebration this coming November. I readily accepted and am very excited about having the opportunity to interact with fellow Latin American leather folks.

I offered to present a workshop to their group and to be part of the Leather Pride celebration. They are going the extra mile to make my stay the best one and I really appreciate their hospitality. I feel very honored to be considered their "Guest of Honor" and I look forward to make new friends and to be able to make a difference in the Masters and slaves from the capital city of Argentine.

"Muchas gracias a todos".

September 1, 2005 - On Tuesday, we got a call from slave jody. he was very sick and weak. We picked him up at his new home and took him to the Emergency Room of a local hospital. he was severely dehydrated and with a high fever of 103. he was admitted that evening after the fever did not go down. he was released today after two days in the hospital. he is feeling much better

Also today, slave david returned to Florida to pick up his car and computer. he will be back by Tuesday.

August 28, 2005 - We held today a great gathering for members of the Executive Committee and staff of the Master/slave Conference, as a small way to say thanks to all those who made MsC a great success.

August 23, 2005 - After a successful meeting with several females from our Master/slave Community, the Academy decided to go ahead with the plans to offer the first slave Training Weekend Program exclusively for females of any sexual orientation. This event will take place February 9-12, 2006. Thanks to Master J, Lady Hugs, Master Carmen and slave raven for committing to this effort. Information has been posted already in the Academy section of this website.

August 14, 2005 - The slave Training Weekend was an eye opener for slave david. After 20 years as a slave being treated as sub-human, slave david discovered over all that slaves are human beings. As planned, I collared slave david as a trainee. During his probationary period, slave david will live in the household as a 24/7 domestic slave.

August 11-14, 2005 - slave Training Weekend XXII -- What a class. Five awesome slaves made this weekend a memorable one. Congratulations to all of you for your hard work and your honesty in finding your true heart. The sad note was the announcement of Daddy Ed who retired from the program after over three years of presenting the "Spanking" class. His heart, knowledge, wisdom and energy will be missed. Thanks for all of your hard work.

August 11, 2005 - slave david arrived early this morning from St. Petersburg, Florida. he will attend the slave Training that starts tonight and then he will stay as a slave-in-training for two or three months, as a try-out period that can lead to full ownership.

August 10, 2005 - slave andy from Michigan arrived today to spend ten days with our Leather Family. he will be attending the slave Training this weekend as well.

August 3, 2005 - After eight days as our guests, SlaveMaster and His slaves william and nick left tonight back home to Las Vegas. It was an honor and a joy to have this Leather Family in our house. SlaveMaster is as genuine as they come and His slaves are the ultimate. The slaves invited Me to Las Vegas in December, so I am making plans already. For more information about SlaveMaster go to

August 1, 2005 - After a month living with our Leather Family, slave buck returned to New Jersey. This big boy did a terrific job, both at home as working day and night for the Conference. Master Taino rewarded him by inviting him to be part of His Extended Family. slave buck accepted. Welcome boy!

July 29-31, 2005 - Master/slave Conference 2005.

Over 250 Masters and slaves gathered in a local hotel in DC to attend the second Master/slave Conference. What a weekend! 46 workshops and discussion groups by a great number of great presenters from all around the country, a great Opening Ceremony with the launching of a Master/slave Flag and a powerful keynote address by Vi Johnson. It was so good to have so many friends in our hometown.

Master Alex, Executive Director of MAsT, was honored with the "Master's Heart Award" and Vi Johnson with with "slave Heart Award".

Master Jack M and slave raven are the new Northeast Master/slave 2005. Thanks to the great panel of judges for the time and dedication.

A great number of members of our Household, Immediate and Extended Family participated as presenters (Master Tallen and slave andrew, and Master David); Staff, volunteers and/or participants: Daddy Don, slave jody, Sir Paul and boy jose, slave neil, slave dave, Sir Brad, Sir Ian, Sir Travis and boy spencer.

Remembering Robert Davolt during the Candles Memorial was a very special personal moment.

The Staff and Volunteers were awesome and most things ran smoothly.

The Academy Reunion brought 35 people together for dinner Saturday evening. It was great to see so many people from the faculty, staff, alumni and their Masters or slaves together.

And being among so many good old and new friends was just amazing. Being able to touch so many people's hearts through this education efforts is really a blessing.

Master Skip made good on his promise of getting me a kilt and I did enjoy the moment as it was an act of sincere friendship. Still, I keep hating kilts.

July 28, 2005 - Tragedy struck. slave hugh had to return to Canada for the funeral of one of his best friends and brother in Leather who passed away tragically in Toronto this week. he will be missed at the Conference as he had all the registration machine well oiled and ready to go.

July 27, 2005 - The house is no full with the arrival of slave troy from San Diego, who will be helping us at the Conference.

July 26, 2005 - Our Leather Family is honored to host SlaveMaster and His slaves william and nick, from Las Vegas, Nevada. They are staying for a full week and SlaveMaster will be one of our featured presenters at MsC 2005. We met SlaveMaster at Butchmanns Academy in February 2005 when we were invited to be a guest instructor. Great man and Master! He has been associated to Butchmanns and Master Steve for many years.

July 21, 2005 - slave hugh from Vancouver, Canada - an alumni from the Academy - arrived tonight to take over the registration process for the Master/slave Conference. The team is working now at full pace getting ready for the big event, just one week away. The house is crowded and that is always a good thing.

July 16, 2005 - Today we had the annual Defenders' Summer Pool Party at our brother Jim's house. Well, it was a great gathering but ended up being inside because of the rain, thunder and lightening during most of the day. I am very proud of my slave jody as well as slave buck and Daddy Don for their help. Dusk -- a potential pledge -- was in attendance as well. Defenders opened the door of the Leather Community for me 13 years ago and I keep this brotherhood in a special place.

July 14, 2005 - Daddy Don arrived today to assist us in the preparations for the Master/slave Conference. This is really a Family project as many members of the immediate and extended family are helping us in this annual event.

July 10, 2005 - Today was a first. I was invited to speak to a group of leather dykes at the DC Eagle in a program called "Sunday School". We addressed the topic "Mastery and slavery from the heart" and it was well received. Good energy, good questions. Thanks very much for the opportunity. Dusk was there as well as boy dre among many others. After that, we enjoy the Sunday BBQ and Beer Blast with the DC Boys of Leather. Good to see boy ricky and the new member of DCBOL, boy spencer, both members of our family.

July 4, 2005 - We had a small group of Masters and slaves over to celebrate the Fourth: Master Tallen and slave andrew, Master Jim and boi kim, and Dusk joined slave jody, slave buck and me for a great BBQ and celebration.

June 29, 2005 - slave buck, an alumni from the Academy, arrived this afternoon to spend he next five weeks in service to this Master. he will be also helping with the preparations for the Master / slave Conference. slave jody is happy to have a slave brother in the house and sharing the slave quarters. Welcome boy!

June 18-19, 2005 - Leather Pride Night & Folsom Street East in New York City. A great weekend. And an opportunity to see so many members of the Extended Family (Sir Brad, Sir Jeff, Master David, boi kobi) and so many good friends at the Big Apple: Master Tip, slave david stein, Vi Johnson, Sir Larry and His adorable slave barbara, Sir Stephen and slave catherine, slave amit, and some alumni from the Academy as Master Robert, slave bill and slave wayne, all the guys from MAsT NYC and MAsT NY Metro, among so many others that it is impossible to name.

To Sir Larry and slave barbara: Thanks again for the belt! That was so nice from both of you.

At the auction on Saturday night, I ended up with another flogger, this one autographed by author and dear friend Laura Antoniou. Another one for the collection. slave jody was the first one to feel the new flogger when I flogged him at the Fair. That was his first time ever to be flogged on the street, just three weeks after being flogged in a hotel lobby during IML in Chicago.. The slave is learning fast... and having fun!

We staffed a booth to promote our educational endeavors: the Master/slave Conference and the Training Academy. So many people approached and talked with us.

Met again slave jay, a nice boy that we met briefly at MAL. Good energy, boy. Look forward to hear from you soon!

And just before we left, that awesome boy from Long Island, gerald, showed up with his beautiful smile and bright eyes. you got a lot to learn about yourself, and this Master can teach you a couple of things... well, maybe a lot more!

To Bob Wingate, Lee and all the guys from Bound and Gagged: your contribution for the Conference was way beyond our expectations. It is sad to see the magazine closing. We will miss all of you and wish all of you all the best.

To the guys of TES: thanks also for your contribution to the Conference.

June 11-12, 2005 - Saturday evening was the Gay Pride Parade in DC. This year the Leather Contingent was impressive. This was the first Pride event for slave jody and he helped to raise funds for Brother Help Thyself by helping to carry the Pride Flag. After the parade, it was a dinner at Hamburger Mary's where slave mike joined us. Always good to see you, slave mike.

Sunday was the Capital Pride Festival. Very hot in town, but always a good opportunity to see many friends.

June 8-10, 2005 - Another member of the Extended Family, Daddy Don, visited our home. Although He was planning to stay for a week, He had to cut it short when a family member passed away Friday morning in Upstate New York.

June 7, 2005 - We presented a workshop on Leather Families before a good group of folks from Black Rose. It keeps amazing me more and more how the heterosexual Master/slave Community are blending so nice with their gay counterpart. They were genuinely interested in the topic. Thanks for having me again. This was the second time in there weeks that we presented on that topic. Just two weeks ago, Master Jack M. and myself talked about the topic as a panel before the same Black Rose group.

June 3-6, 2005 - slave michael, a member of the Extended Family , was visiting from Berlin this weekend. This has been his third visit since 2001. We met in 1995 at the San Francisco Eagle, and again in Berlin in 1998. he always cherishes his visits to this Master. This time, he left back to Berlin with a red back and butt from heavy spanking and floggings.

June 1, 2005 - After living a month in the house as a slave-in-training, john boy moved to downtown DC. he was very service oriented and loved the family but, as many others, still struggling to find his own identity. john boy was a great cook and we will miss that as well. Wish you well, boy.

May 26-31, 2005 - International Mr. Leather 2005 in Chicago

IML was a lot of fun this year. slave jody accompanied me and we had a blast. On Friday evening, a Memorial for Robert Davolt was held. It was good to see so many friends remembering a great leatherman. On Saturday evening, the traditional dinner at Master Jack Rinella's home. Great gathering and great food. Thanks Jack and Master Lynn for the hospitality and Patrick and Matt for such great food. Bound and Gagged had their hospitality suite where they did some shooting with hot boys attending IML. slave jody joined. Good to see Bob and Lee as well as Master Jeff and the rest of the staff.

There were several members of the Immediate and Extended Family: slave neil, Sir Paul and boy jose, Sir Ian and his slave mikey, Master David and slave dave, Sir Travis and boi kobi. MAsT Washington's delegation included both of us, Master Kurt and slave john and Master Jim and boy kim.

And slave tommy was always in my heart and memories and his picture was in our room. IML was his favorite event and where he kneeled before me for the first time.

Always great to see friends like Guy Baldwin, Master Skip, Lolita Wolf, slave boy tony, Master Rick from the Leather Archives and Dave Rhodes from the Leather Journal, among so many others. Good to see again slave neil and Master Vince and have lunch with them. Sir Byron from Phoenix, our paths crossed again, WOOF. Also good to see some alumni from our Academy; Sir Daniel, uli, rod, richard, among others.

troyboy, great to meet you. That massage was awesome, and you did great with my flogging. boy chad, you are a special boy with a great heart. Glad you got your first pair of boots. you looked awesome. Master Chris and and slave amit, great to see you together and happy. boy brian was flogged twice, Friday at the parties area and Monday at the Bar. Third year in a row that I have flogged that hot boy. And, Pedro, you will never forget who flogged you for the first time. Ray Hall - the boy who founded the boys movement - you look terrific. It was really good to see you again and to talk extensively. slave pug, you always sweet and beautiful, girl. Robert, you are a fucking hot kisser (and more!).

For slave jody, it was his first IML and he had an awesome time, making new friends and having good fun. his flogging Sunday night at the Sky Walk, was admired by a great crowd. Good job, my slave!

May 16, 2005 - Robert Davolt passed away after a very short fight with cancer. During his last few months, he was the editor of Bound and Gagged and I had the opportunity to work with him. We talked for the last time in mid April when I sent him my column. He was about to turn 47. We will miss him and we will miss what he would have contributed to our community. For those that does not know him, he was the last editor of Drummer Magazine. And he just published last year his book "Painfully Obvious".

May 11, 2005 - Master Tallen and slave andrew, who are close collaborators in our family educational endeavors, have been added to the Extended Family. This Master is very happy to mentor them and to be instrumental in their growth and see how their relationship has develop in the last year. Welcome Master Tallen and slave andrew.

April 30, 2005 - After a 16-hour drive from Missouri, slave john boy arrives to the Master's home and receives his collar as a slave-in-training. Welcome, boy!

April 15-24, 2005 - slave eduardo was in town for a business conference and spent some days at home. he and slave jody were able to attend the slave Training Weekend. The Academy now surpassed the first 100 participants milestone since its foundation in October 2001.

April 4-11, 2005 - A special trip of 1,900 miles! slave jody and I went to NYC to pick up slave neil and take him all the way to Chicago, to his new Master and his new home. Good to meet Master Vince, his new owner. We stayed at Master Jack Rinella's home. Master Jack, slave Patrick and slave Matt: thanks for all your hospitality. We were also able to visit the Leather Archives and Museum and spend some time with its Executive Director, Master Rick Storer. We also attended the meeting of MAsT Chicago and a play party at the Chicago Hellfire Club.

March 21, 2005 - 7:00 PM - A very special day! slave jody arrived to the Master's home to start a new life. Welcome boy!

March 19, 2005 - Defenders Leather Flea Market at Titan. What a success! Thanks to al the clubs that participated. That to Skip and Titan Bar for the support. It was great to see all the clubs together at the same event. And special thanks to the anonymous donor of so much leather. That made a great difference!
Paul has made his transition from boy to Sir and just collared boy jose, a member of our Extended Family. WOOF! I am proud of you!

Feb 25-17, 2005 - International Master/slave 2005 in Dallas.

This year's event was the best ever!

Master Jim, slave marsha and Mark Frazier: Congratulations for a job well done! Sir Stephen and slave catherine, the new International Master and slave 2005: We are very proud of both of you! SlaveMaster: WOOF! So good to see you again! Master Z and slave boy tony: Thanks for a great year! Laura Antoniou: That speech was great... fucking great! Thanks for being real! To all who attended my workshop: Thanks for sharing. Master Guardian and slave sugar: Love you... Keep the good work! Sir Larry: WOOF! Look forward to get to know you better. john: Want to hear from you, boy! pupboy justin from Texas: Good to see you again. you look great! WOOF! To the fellow judges: Great working with you all.

Feb. 2005 - I started writing a column in the Bound and Gagged WIRED edition of the popular bondage magazine.

Also, I began my new duties as Dungeon Master of Club SALO, a Monday fetish night at the Tool Shed. Those nites has become a lot of fun. Master Tallen has been a great help in putting together the demos.

Jan 14-17, 2005 - Another Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend. boy paul spent the weekend with Me. The Reception for Masters and slaves at Titan was another success. Always good to run into so many friends. Memories were awesome when this Master was able to flog again boy lars. I trained him several years ago and now he is back to DC after few years in San Francisco.

The Defenders Reception at our suite was very well attended and another success. Good to see brothers from the Defenders from all around the country. The Leather Mass on Sunday was special, and as my last act as President, we delivered another $10,000 to several charities, the product of all our fund raising events during 2004.

The Hotel's lobby was always crowded with so many friends and acquaintances.

Jan 8, 2005 - slave eduardo spent few days in New York City before he returned to Europe. On Thursday night, we were able to return for the first time where we met in May 6, 2004: The NYC Eagle. It was good to be in the same place where our path crossed. On Friday we also attended the NY Bondage Club where slave eduardo experience the body bag for the first time. We met a karlo, a Puerto Rican boy who spent the evening with us as well. It was good to see Sir Brad and Sir Jeff. Slave neil, as always. hosted us in his Chelsea apartment.
Jan 1, 2005 - The Family gathering for New Year's Eve was as usual a great time to be together. It was very special that slave eduardo was able to come from Europe for the gathering. We have a good group of friends, mostly Masters and their slaves. The Puerto Rican Dinner was always great and boy spencer, a musician himself, lead the gathering singing some Holiday Carols. The tradition continues.

On New Year's Day, we were invited by Master Kurt and slave john to spend the days at their house in the Shenandoah. Daddy Don and boy spencer did the trip with slave eduardo and Me