1 Happy New Year 2015
7 Defenders Holiday Party - Member's home
13-16 Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend Washington, DC
15 Defenders LLC 25tj Anniversary - Leather Mass, St. Margaret Church, DC
19 Master J's Birthday
19-24 Master Taíno end slave paul in Phoenix, AZ
20-23 Southwest Leather Conference - Phoenix, AZ
30- February 27 Master Taíno in San José, Costa Rica

January 30- February 27 Master Taíno in San José, Costa Rica
TBA Escena CR, San José, Costa Rica - Presenting
14 slave mike's Birthday
28 Sir Fuego’s Birthday


3 Lady Lynette’s 2nd anniversary of her passing
5 MTTA Board of Directors Meeting
9-13 Master Taíno in Dallas, Texas Dallas, Texas
10-12 SPLF - International Master / slave Contest, Dallas, Texas
31 Master David’s Birthday


5 + slave aaron’s 2nd Anniversary of this passing
9 MTTA Academy - slave Training Weekend for females
21-23 M/s Gathering, New Castle, Delaware
27-30 CLAW 17 - Cleveland, OH


6 MTTA CommunityFest III - Baltimore Playhouse
13 Conversation with Master Taino - Springfield, VA (tentative)
25 Sir Greg’s 2nd Anniversary of his passing


10-11 Capital Pride Weekend Washington, DC
17-19 Master Taíno in New York City
18 Folsom Street East Fair
22-25 South East LeatherFest - Atlanta GA


1-4 TES Fest
3 Sir Ross 35th Birthday
13-16 MTTA Academy; slave Training Weekend (males) Northern Virginia
27 slave tara’s 29th Birthday
30 Up Your Alley Fair (Dore Alley) San Francisco, CA


1 slave jenna’s 48th Birthday
2 slave neil's 56th Birthday
2 Herr Wes’ 38th Birthday
2 Late slave david’s 53nd Birthday
2 Late Lady Lynette’s 62th Birthday
8 MAsT Washington Summer Social
23 Master Francis’ Birthday
29 Gypsie’s 59th Birthday
31 Boo’s 47th Birthday


August 31 - September 4 Master/slave Conference 2017, Baltimore, MD
1 slave david’s 3rd Anniversary of his passing
21 slave paul's 52nd Birthday
21-28 Master Taíno visiting San Francisco, California
22 slave tommy's 156h Anniversary of his passing
24 Folsom Street Fair San Francisco, CA


2 slave celia’s 29th Birthday
9 Late slave tommy's 54nd Birthday
24 Master Taíno's 667h Birthday


2-5 MTTA Academy - Master Training Weekend
7 Election Day - Vote for Sexual Freedom . Vote Against Hate!
16 Sir Robert’s 50th Birthday


TBA Master Taíno visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico 1 World AIDS Day
17 MAsT Washington - MTTA Holiday Party - Master Taíno's home
31 Master Taíno's Leather Family New Year's Eve Dinner & Party